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Chris Gleason

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  • Make Your Own Knife Handles by Chris Gleason
    Make Your Own Knife Handles (English, Paperback) Chris Gleason

    If you've ever wanted your own custom knife to take along on that camping, hunting, or fishing trip, or to give to a family member or a friend as the perfect gift, Make Your Own Knife Handles has you covered. All you need is the knife blade of your choice, easily picked up at any woodworking store or knife shop, and Chris Gleason's new book, and you'll soon be customizing your own beautiful knife....

    $22.12 $24.95
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  • Wood Pallet Projects by Chris Gleason
    Wood Pallet Projects (English, Paperback) Chris Gleason

    Combines sound woodworking techniques with a hip designer's sensibility to unleash the limitless possibilities of the common skid. This title shows how anyone who can upcycle salvaged pallet wood to create truly one-of-a-kind projects.

    $13.87 $19.99
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  • Building Projects for Backyard Farmers and Home Gardeners by Chris Gleason
    Building Projects for Backyard Farmers and Home Gardeners (English, Paperback) Chris Gleason

    A guide to transforming an ordinary backyard into a productive farm. It provides step-by-step instructions for 10 projects including green houses, beehives, rabbit hutches, raised beds, potting sheds, trellises, fences, and more.

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  • The Versatile Shed by Chris Gleason
    The Versatile Shed (English, Paperback) Chris Gleason

    Whether it's a teahouse, art studio, music room or even a guest house, Outdoor Abodes shows how to best achieve functionality in any wooden shed. The possibilities are many: this book offers the how-to, case studies, and design direction for suped-up sheds.

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  • Perfected on the Farm by Mike Gleason
    Perfected on the Farm (Paperback) Mike Gleason $18.95
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  • The Reclaimed Woodworker by Chris Gleason
    The Reclaimed Woodworker (English, Paperback) Chris Gleason

    The Reclaimed Woodworker provides inspiration and easy-to-follow, step-by-step instruction for beginning and intermediate woodworkers who want to make well-built, stylish furniture and furnishings from reclaimed lumber. Featuring 21 projects ranging from the ever-popular sliding barn door to modern desks to chairs with vintage charm, each project is designed to use upcycled materials without...

    $22.53 $24.95
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  • Art of the Chicken Coop by Chris Gleason
    Art of the Chicken Coop (English, Paperback) Chris Gleason

    Provides modern farmer with plans and construction techniques for making seven different chicken coops, along with interesting chicken facts and recipes for eggs. This book includes practical information such as how to properly size a coop and how to source reclaimed materials.

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