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50 Cent

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  • The 50th Law by 50 Cent
    The 50th Law (English, Paperback) 50 Cent, Robert Greene

    The ultimate hustle is to move freely between the street and corporate worlds, to find your flow and never stay locked in the same position. This is a manifesto for how to operate in the twenty-first century, where everything has been turned on its head.

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  • The 50th Law by 50 Cent
    The 50th Law (English, Leather / fine binding) 50 Cent, Professor Robert Greene

    A hip hop icon joins forces with the best-selling author of The 48 Laws of Power to write a ?bible? for success in life and work?living by one simple principle: fear nothing. 150,000 first printing.

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  • From Pieces to Weight by 50 Cent
    From Pieces to Weight (English, Paperback) 50 Cent, Kris Ex

    In the New York Times bestseller From Pieces to Weight, rap mogul 50 Cent, lifts the veil on his complicated life, from the murder of his mother when he was twelve, to hustling on the streets; from the assassination attempt that nearly finished him to his meteoric rise to the top of hip hop royalty....

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  • Baby Brother by Noire
    Baby Brother (English, Paperback) Noire, 50 Cent

    Following up on his New York Times bestselling memoir, hip hop kingpin 50 Cent has created his own line of short novels featuring bestselling urban fiction authors in a line called G-Unit books.

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  • Formula 50 by 50 Cent
    Formula 50 (English, Paperback) 50 Cent, Jeff O'Connell

    Get fit like 50 Cent: The phenomenally fit superstar rapper reveals his strategic six-week workout plan for achieving a ripped body?and developing the mental toughness to stay in shape for a lifetime....

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  • Blow by K'wan
    Blow (English, Paperback) K'wan, 50 Cent

    Bestselling author K'Wan brings his signature style to 50 Cent's G-Unit books in this gritty tale of life on the streets.

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  • The 50th Law by 50 Cent
    The 50th Law (English, CD-Audio) 50 Cent, 50 Currently Unavailable More details
  • Playground by 50 Cent
    Playground (English, Paperback) 50 Cent, Lizzi Akana

    After beating up Maurice on the playground, Butterball is forced to see the school therapist.

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  • 50 x 50 by 50 Cent
    50 x 50 (Hardback) 50 Cent

    Rap superstar and bestselling author 50 Cent is back to tell his own story in this interactive autobiography.

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  • The 50th Law by 50 Cent
    The 50th Law (English, Paperback) 50 Cent, Professor Robert Greene Currently Unavailable More details
  • The 50th Law by 50 Cent
    The 50th Law (English, Hardback) 50 Cent, Robert Greene

    Drawing on the lore of gangsters, hustlers, and hip-hop artists, as well as 50 Cent's business and artistic dealings, this book reveals how to become a master strategist and supreme realist. It offers advice on how to win in business - and in life.

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