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  • Principia Humanitas
    Principia Humanitas (English, Paperback) Abhijit Naskar

    “There are two kinds of people in this modern society. First and the majority are those fools who think they are wise, and second are the few wise individuals who know that they are fools.”In this seminal work, the celebrated humanitarian Scientist Abhijit Naskar, makes a breath-taking attempt to rekindle the spark of Humanism in the heart of thinking humanity. In Principia Humanitas, Naskar,...

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  • Neurons, Oxygen & Nanak
    Neurons, Oxygen & Nanak (English, Paperback) Abhijit Naskar

    One of twenty-first century’s most influential minds in Brain Science investigates the molecular underpinnings of one of the youngest religions of the world - Sikhism.With the tools of modern Neuroscience at his disposal, Abhijit Naskar, a globally acclaimed author delves deep into the neuronal basis of the origin of Sikhism. He coaxes us to look behind the curtain of a legendary divine...

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  • Rowdy Buddha
    Rowdy Buddha (English, Paperback) Abhijit Naskar

    “Sapiens doesn't mean being smart - it means being smart enough to know the most suitable, productive and progressive combination of intellect and emotions in a certain situation and to make that combination manifest most graciously through behavior.”Abhijit Naskar, a globally acclaimed author delves deep into the neuronal realm of one of humanity’s most glorious teachers—Buddha. Naskar...

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  • Love, God & Neurons
    Love, God & Neurons (English, Paperback) Abhijit Naskar

    Love, God & Neurons is a hair-raising tale of a naive college dropout from Bengal becoming one of twenty-first century's most influential minds in Neuroscience.Called "a self-trained scientist and thinker" (Michael Persinger) and "a prolific, imaginative neuroscientist" (Ronald Cicurel), Abhijit Naskar cheerfully looks back on years of philosophical, spiritual and scientific adventures, while...

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  • What Is Mind?
    What Is Mind? (English, Paperback) Abhijit Naskar

    We the humans pride ourselves to be the most intelligent species of all. Our vanity is in our uniqueness. Our vanity is in our unpredictability. Our vanity is in our rich, vivid and unique mental lives.Naskar’s What is Mind? is a breathtaking investigative odyssey that attempts to resolve the fundamental distinction between Mind and Matter, with which the philosophers have struggled for...

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  • The Art of Neuroscience in Everything
    The Art of Neuroscience in Everything (English, Paperback) Abhijit Naskar

    The Art of Neuroscience in Everything is an amazing exploration of scientific revelation through the surreal and enigmatic experiences of human being. All human experiences, behaviors, beliefs and feelings like love, faith, attraction, lust, kindness, empathy, god, good and evil are the creation of various intricate and inexplicable molecular interactions within the brain. The book opens up the...

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  • Illusion of Religion (English, Paperback) Abhijit Naskar

    “The world needs the kind of religion that sets humanity free, not the kind that binds it with textual fanaticism. The world needs the kind of religion that humanizes the society, not the kind that dehumanizes it.”One of twenty-first century’s most influential thinkers gives us a beautiful work of scientific philosophy where we get to rediscover the true humane essence of religion. Here the...

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  • Wise Mating
    Wise Mating (English, Paperback) Abhijit Naskar

    “A relationship is not just about sex – it is much more than that. Sex is only a tool in love, not love itself.”One of twenty-first century’s most influential thinkers rises with a breath-taking work of scientific philosophy in the path of a healthy relationship. Here the celebrated Scientist Abhijit Naskar makes a spell-binding attempt with his sharp insight of the molecular realm of the...

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  • Either Civilized or Phobic
    Either Civilized or Phobic (English, Paperback) Abhijit Naskar

    “Love has no gender - compassion has no religion - character has no race.”After giving the world three distinct works on humanism, one of twenty-first century’s most influential thinkers Abhijit Naskar rises with his fourth humanizing work of egalitarianism, in the “Humanism Series”. Here once again in his philosophical hands Biological Sciences come to the termination of the society’s...

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  • The Bengal Tigress (English, Paperback) Abhijit Naskar

    “What a hundred caring, courageous and conscientious women can achieve in ten years, would take a thousand men a hundred years.”One of twenty-first century’s most influential thinkers Abhijit Naskar makes an exuberant attempt with his sharp insight of the molecular realm of the mind, to unite all of humanity with the thread of humane oneness, beyond the primeval evil of gender discrimination....

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  • We Are All Black (English, Paperback) Abhijit Naskar

    “If origin defines race, then we are all Africans – we are all black. No matter how fascinatingly white one’s skin is, or how classy one’s accent of English is, the fact remains, the whole of humanity comes from the land of Africa. It is the cradle of our species.”In this scientific literature, the celebrated Scientist Abhijit Naskar makes a humanitarian attempt with his sharp insight of the...

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  • Homo
    Homo (English, Paperback) Abhijit Naskar

    HOMO: A Brief History of Consciousness is Abhijit Naskar’s yet another scientific work of adventure. In this book he turns the clock back millions of years for the readers to witness the evolution of the most mysterious living mechanism on planet earth - The Human Consciousness.Here he takes a broader approach of scientific investigation and dives deep into the abyss of history to reveal the...

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  • The Krishna Cancer
    The Krishna Cancer (English, Paperback) Abhijit Naskar

    “In the ancient times, when ignorance was the default mode of thinking, Krishna may have proven to be a glorious figure to be adored and relied on in times of distress, but in the modern world of conscientious humans, no Krishna is higher than the Human Self.”Abhijit Naskar, a globally acclaimed author comes to the investigation of a divine character of the Eastern religious philosophy—Krishna....

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  • The Education Decree
    The Education Decree (English, Paperback) Abhijit Naskar

    “A healthy and ideal system of education would be where a teacher would patiently impart knowledge, instead of curriculum, upon the students, only after assessing their acceptability – where a student would acquire knowledge in order to learn, not to earn – where the parents would be willing to make necessary sacrifices in order to adorn their child with curiosity and thereafter nourish that...

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  • Neurons of Jesus
    Neurons of Jesus (English, Paperback) Abhijit Naskar

    “All of Christ’s philosophical ideas can be compressed into one simple phrase – Love thy neighbor. It elucidates the innate human kindness in the simplest manner. No creed, no institution, no book can claim the exclusive possession of this simple yet magnificent phrase of human excellence. It does not come from any book. It was born from the crying urge of humanity to break free from the...

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  • The Islamophobic Civilization
    The Islamophobic Civilization (English, Paperback) Abhijit Naskar

    “Muslims are just as peace-loving as the Christians, Hindus, Jews or Buddhists. Religions are not good or bad, neither are the books that apparently represent them. Whether a religion is of peace or violence should be defined by the actions of its people, not by some books.”In The Islamophobic Civilization, one of twenty-first century's most influential minds in Neuroscience and International...

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  • In Search of Divinity
    In Search of Divinity (English, Paperback) Abhijit Naskar

    “Theoretical Religion is easy. Even a chimpanzee can get it. What the world needs is Practical Scientific Religion.” “Once upon a time, there was a frog that lived in a well. It was born there and brought up there, and yet was a little, small frog. One day another frog that lived in the sea came and fell into the well. "Where are you from?" "I am from the sea." "The sea! How big is that? Is it...

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  • Biopsy of Religions
    Biopsy of Religions (English, Paperback) Abhijit Naskar

    Two Hundred Thousand years ago, we the sapiens were just a newly evolved species in a corner of Africa. Eventually we transformed ourselves into the master of the entire planet. We tamed our surroundings, increased food production, built civilizations and established empires. Unfortunately, despite all our astonishing achievements whenever it comes to religion, we humans become primitively...

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  • Autobiography of God
    Autobiography of God (English, Paperback) Abhijit Naskar

    Often we humans wonder, what it is like to be inside God’s head. Many of us experience the divine presence of God in our lives, but what would happen if by some magical means we get to peek inside the mystical domain of this apparently supernatural consciousness! What if God personally tells us how does he/she/it impact over our lives and our very existence? What if this inexplicable divine...

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