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  • Love Your Skin by Abigail James
    Love Your Skin (Hardback) Abigail James

    Renown throughout the beauty industry for her `healing hands', Abigail draws on a decade of practical expertise to provide real solutions to skincare issues.

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  • Teddy by Abigail James
    Teddy (Paperback) Abigail James, James Arbaje $11.31
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  • The Massa Conspiracy by Abigail James
    The Massa Conspiracy (English, Paperback) Abigail James

    Shortly after her arrival in the Middle East, Prudence Pennypacker, PhD stumbles into an international conspiracy and meets the charming but enigmatic stranger who is known throughout the Middle Eastern world as Al-Qadr-also called the Powerful One. She discovers that all is not as it should be in the academic world and soon finds that she is immersed in what has been labeled by the Israeli...

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  • The Powerful One Al-Qadr by Abigail James
    The Powerful One Al-Qadr (English, Paperback) Abigail James

    The Damascus Gate in Jerusalem became Prudence Pennypacker’s portal to a life of adventure. Prudie’s life actually began at the age of thirty-five when her father passed away, and she was left alone in the world except for her cousin Beth and a fifteen-pound cat named Mister. Due to Beth’s imminent divorce, the cousins decided to escape by indulging in an extended vacation in the land of...

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  • Know to Affiliate by Abigail James
    Know to Affiliate (English, Paperback) Abigail James

    In this day and age, the biggest problem most advertisers have is Ifinding a way to reach the right people with that carefully targetedadvertisement so that it will do good for the business. And that is whereso many of the new advertising schemes and techniques began whichwere considered effective if they had a 1% return, and then as the webgrew and people became more sophisticated online banner...

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