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Abigail Wheatley

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  • Look Inside Living Long Ago by Abigail Wheatley
    Look Inside Living Long Ago (English, Board book)

    An interactive history book for young children, looking at life in a town travelling back in time from modern times to the stone age. With over 80 flaps to lift.

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  • Look Inside the Stone Age by Abigail Wheatley
    Look Inside the Stone Age (English, Board book)

    A lift-the-flap book packed with information about life from the Stone Age to the start of farming, early metal working and the Iron Age. Flaps to lift on every page reveal why prehistoric people made cave paintings, how they made their tools and where they lived. A fun and informative first look at a key UK curriculum topic.

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  • Anglo-Saxons and Vikings by Hazel Maskell
    Anglo-Saxons and Vikings (English, Paperback)

    A stylish new editon in the History of Britain series. Covering British history from the Early Middle Ages, children are introduced to the Anglo-Saxon society, through the invasion of the Vikings and right up to the Battle of Hastings. Also featured are internet links recommending websites for further reading about the period.

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  • Gardening for Beginners by Abigail Wheatley
    Gardening for Beginners (English, Spiral bound)

    Gardening is a great way for children to discover how plants grow - and where food comes from - by growing their own fruit and vegetables. An introduction for absolutely beginners, covering all the basics plus lots of hints, tips and ideas. No garden is required as there are lots of ways to grow plants in pots inside, on windowsills or balconies.

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  • Start to Cook by Abigail Wheatley
    Start to Cook (English, Paperback)

    Covers the basics of cooking. Featuring colour photographs, and step-by-step diagrams, this title shows what to do at each stage of a recipe. It includes dishes that range from simple sandwiches, salads, soups, stews and desserts through to classics such as roast chicken, homemade bread, sponge cake, chocolate chip cookies and even profiteroles.

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  • Story of Painting by Abigail Wheatley
    Story of Painting (English, Paperback)

    An history of Western Art from cave paintings through to modern times. It includes information about the artists and their lives and techniques. It is illustrated with a combination of full colour reproductions of the original works of art and line drawings.

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  • Georgian Doll's House Sticker Book by Abigail Wheatley
    Georgian Doll's House Sticker Book (English, Paperback)

    An elegant doll's house in sticker book form, based on a large family home from the Georgian era in the early 1800s. Children can have hours of fun arranging the luxurious furnishings, helping the cook prepare dinner in the kitchen and the groom in the stables. Includes over 260 stickers plus internet links to discover more about Georgian times.

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  • Little Cakes and Cookies to Bake by Abigail Wheatley
    Little Cakes and Cookies to Bake (English, Paperback)

    A simple, jargon-free cookbook packed with delicious recipes for little cakes and cookies that children will love to cook and eat. Each recipe is fully illustrated with mouth-watering colour photographs and clear step-by-step diagrams.

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  • The Middle Ages by Abigail Wheatley
    The Middle Ages (English, Paperback)

    The Middle Ages

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  • Christmas Wonderland to Colour by Abigail Wheatley
    Christmas Wonderland to Colour (English, Paperback)

    A stylish collection of festive scenes to colour in, perfect for keeping children occupied in the busy run-up to Christmas. Features beautiful drawings of traditions such as a Christmas market, gingerbread house and Santa's grotto.

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  • Children's Christmas Baking Kit by Abigail Wheatley
    Children's Christmas Baking Kit (English)

    A sturdy gift box containing two sets of biscuit cutters (two Christmas tree-shaped and two star-shaped), specially designed cupcake cases and an Usborne baking book which contains more than twenty illustrated, easy-to-follow recipes. Suitable for complete beginners, these tried-and-tested recipes will put the fun into festive baking.

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  • Castles Sticker Book by Abigail Wheatley
    Castles Sticker Book (English, Paperback)

    An illustrated sticker book that shows what it was like to live in a castle in the dangerous Middle Ages. With over 100 detailed stickers including photographs and illustrations of knights and castles, armour, weapons, shields and treasure, it is full of facts about castles and castle life, battles, coats of arms, tournaments and feasting.

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  • Castles Picture Book by Abigail Wheatley
    Castles Picture Book (English, Hardback)

    A richly illustrated book that takes readers back in time to the dangerous Middle Ages, and the castles that people built and lived in. Children can discover who built castles, the weapons used to defend them and how everyday life was conducted, from feasting to fun to religious ceremonies.

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  • The Anglo-Saxons and Vikings by Hazel Maskell
    The Anglo-Saxons and Vikings (English, Hardback)

    A fascinating account of how Britain emerged from the Dark Ages, from bloodshed on the battlefield and kings in crisis, to monks and murder. Full of intriguing facts, illustrations, photographs, detailed reconstructions, paintings, maps and timelines.

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  • Roman Britain by Ruth Brocklehurst
    Roman Britain (English, Hardback)

    A comprehensive history of the Romans in Britain, from Julius Caesar's first invasions and Boudicca's rebellion to the founding of Roman London and the building of Hadrian's Wall. Full of detailed illustrations, dramatic artwork, reconstructions, photographs of Roman mosaics, statues and other artefacts.

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  • The Idea of the Castle in Medieval England by Abigail Wheatley
    The Idea of the Castle in Medieval England (English, Paperback)

    A new way of looking at the medieval castle - as a cultural reflection of the society that produced it, seen through art and literature.

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  • Knights and Castles to Colour by Abigail Wheatley
    Knights and Castles to Colour (Paperback)

    Children will pick up lots of fascinating snippets of information about the history of knights and castles and life in the Middle Ages, as they complete the scenes in this sophisticated colouring book. An engaging and interactive way to learn about the past.

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  • Children's Chocolate Cookbook by Fiona Patchett
    Children's Chocolate Cookbook (Paperback)

    Packed with simple, delicious chocolate recipes including chocolate cinnamon fondue, rocky road, white chocolate cheesecake, truffles, chocolate cupcakes and more, this title includes clear instructions for altering recipes and swapping ingredients to adapt to personal taste, or for food preferences or allergies.

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  • Children's Cake Decorating Kit by Abigail Wheatley
    Children's Cake Decorating Kit

    Even beginners can make beautiful decorations, from royal icing roses to chocolate stars with this colourful cake decorating kit. The kit includes an icing gun with four nozzles, decorated cupcake cases and an Usborne book with over 50 recipes and decoration ideas. Every recipe is illustrated, with simple, step-by-step instructions and photographs.

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