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  • Very Heath Robinson
    Very Heath Robinson (Hardback) Adam Hart-Davis

    Adam Hart-Davis explores the delightful work of William Heath Robinson, the prolific artist and humorist.

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  • Inventions: A History of Key Inventions That Changed the World
    Inventions: A History of Key Inventions That Changed the World (Hardback) Adam Hart-Davis, Nishant Choksi

    Discover how the world's greatest inventions work in this funny and accessible novelty book by inventions expert, Adam Hart-Davis.

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  • The String Book
    The String Book (English, Paperback) Adam Hart-Davis

    The popular BBC TV science broadcaster presents an informative history of the technology of string over the ages, with knot instruction, facts and trivia and magic tricks.

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  • History
    History (English, Hardback) Adam Hart-Davis

    History tells the story of mankind from prehistory to the present day using a unique visual approach, filled with timelines, images of artifacts, photography, graphics, and more. Now in its third edition, this much-loved classic has been revised and updated to bring today's current events into wider context and includes all new material on the global recession, green technologies, and the Internet...

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  • Ingenieure
    Ingenieure (German, Hardback) Adam Hart-Davis

    Vom Aquädukt bis zur Weltraumtechnik: ...

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  • Mathematics in Victorian Britain
    Mathematics in Victorian Britain (English, Hardback) Raymond Flood

    With a foreword by Adam Hart-Davis, this book constitutes perhaps the first general survey of the mathematics of the Victorian period. It charts the institutional development of mathematics as a profession, as well as exploring the numerous innovations made during this time, many of which are still familiar today.

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  • The Book of Time
    The Book of Time (English, Paperback) Adam Hart-Davis

    Everything you need to know about the greatest mystery in the universe.

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  • Mathemagic
    Mathemagic (Paperback) Raymond Blum, Adam Hart-Davis

    A volume of maths puzzles that will test how sharp readers are with numbers and provide hours of fun. It includes mind bogglers of every type - from amazing 'magic' number tricks to beautiful geometric designs. It starts with puzzles that are fairly easy and builds up to ones that are really challenging.

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  • The Cosmos
    The Cosmos (Paperback) Adam Hart-Davis, Paul Bader

    How close are we to finding extraterrestrial life in our own solar system? What is the ultimate fate of the universe? Using sketches and photos, it demonstrates what we could do to prevent an asteroid smashing into Earth. It takes us on a mind-bending journey to the edge of the Universe and the frontier of our understanding of our Cosmos.

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  • Science
    Science (Hardback) DK

    Reveals the story of scientific progress from the invention of the wheel to 21st-century climate solutions, including everything from ancient Greek geometry to the worldwide web. This title helps you explore every key moment of scientific discovery and find out how the concepts, inventions and the individuals behind them have changed our world.

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  • Why Does A Ball Bounce?
    Why Does A Ball Bounce? (Hardback) Adam Hart-Davis

    Why does a ball bounce? Why does a balloon burst? How can a stone move on its own? Television scientist and historian Adam Hart-Davis brings you the answers to 100 essential questions about life, the universe and everything, fully illustrated with his own superb colour photographs.

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  • Talking Science
    Talking Science (English, Paperback) Adam Hart-Davis

    Adam Hart Davis has interviewed some of the most influential scientists and thinkers of our time. In this fascinating insight into modern science he presents the stories behind the science, the difficulties behind the discoveries and the future of the findings, as explained by the people themselves.

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  • Engineers
    Engineers (Hardback) Adam Hart-Davis

    A visual guide to the great engineers who have built our world. Including great tales of achievement and ingenuity, it celebrates 80 of the greatest engineers that ever lived and the stamp they have left on the world. It is suitable for those who are intrigued by the power of the pioneering mind.

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  • Very Heath Robinson
    Very Heath Robinson (English, Hardback) Adam Hart-Davis

    Adam Hart-Davis explores the delightful work of William Heath Robinson, the prolific artist and humorist.

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  • What the Past Did for Us
    What the Past Did for Us (Hardback) Adam Hart-Davis

    From the Egyptians to the Romans, Babylonians to the Arabs, this work takes us on an epic history of the world, looking at some of the great legacies left to us by ancient cultures. It tells the story of the Chinese inventors who came up with the mariner's compass, paper money and gunpowder right through to the Ancient Indians.

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  • Amazing Math Puzzles
    Amazing Math Puzzles (English, Paperback) Adam Hart-Davis, Jeff Sinclair

    If you've got six pairs of pink gloves and six pairs of yellow gloves in your drawer, how many do you have to take out before you've got a pair? This book of 80 mathematics puzzles with cartoons seeks to prove that numbers can be fun!

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  • Science
    Science (English, Hardback) Adam Hart-Davis

    Covers all major scientific disciplines and highlights key thinkers, scientists, engineers, and inventors from the earliest times to the present day, in a book with detailed entries and illustrated explanations of key theories, including the significance of each subject and its impact on history.

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  • Adam Hart-Davis Presents the Eureka Years
    Adam Hart-Davis Presents the Eureka Years (CD-Audio) Adam Hart-Davis

    Tells the story of unique moments in four particular years - 1965, 1866, 1628 and 1905 - when great leaps were made in our understanding of astronomy, medicine, biology, space and time.

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  • Das Buch der Zeit
    Das Buch der Zeit (German, Hardback) Adam Hart-Davis

    Wir können sie nicht sehen, nicht hören, nicht fühlen und auch nicht riechen, und dennoch bestimmt sie unser gesamtes Leben und alles um uns herum. Die Uhr sagt, wann wir aufstehen sollen, wann der Zug fährt oder wann wir uns verabredet haben. Doch was ist Zeit eigentlich? ...

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