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Al Chalabi

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  • The Brain by Ammar al-Chalabi
    The Brain (English, Paperback) Ammar al-Chalabi, Martin Turner

    A ground-breaking and lively exploration of the latest research on the brain.

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  • Juvenescence by Jim Mellon
    Juvenescence (English, Paperback) Jim Mellon, Al Chalabi

    This new book by Jim Mellon and Al Chalabi is a layman's guide to longevity. It investigates the new technologies and explains how to benefit from the life extending technologies both personally and professionally. It helps readers unravel the science, offers ideas on potential investment and reveals the views of the Key Opinion Leaders.

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  • Top Ten Investments to Beat the Crunch! by Jim Mellon
    Top Ten Investments to Beat the Crunch! (English, Paperback) Jim Mellon, Al Chalabi

    Everyone has it within them to become a successful investor. Right here's where you start. Ignore the doom and gloom merchants - now is the time to start investing for the future.

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  • Cracking the Code by Jim Mellon
    Cracking the Code (English, Hardback) Jim Mellon, Al Chalabi

    Everything you need to know about the most important trend in the history of the world Within most people's lifetimes, the developments in the biotechnology sector will allow us to live increasingly long and healthy lives, as well as provide us with technological innovations that will transform the way we live.

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  • Wake Up! by Jim Mellon
    Wake Up! (English, Paperback) Jim Mellon, Al Chalabi

    The West is sitting on a time bomb destined to bring radical change to each and every one of us. This is a wake up call for anyone in the West thinking that the prosperity of the past 50 years will continue into the future.

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  • Clinical Case Studies in Neurology by Ammar al-Chalabi
    Clinical Case Studies in Neurology (Paperback) Ammar al-Chalabi, Zita-Rose Manjaly

    This book collects some fifty clinical cases presented at the King's College Hospital Neurology Grand Round, summarizing individual case histories, differential diagnosis, examination and finally discussing and analyzing the actual diagnosis in each case.

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