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Alain Surget

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  • Escape from Veracruz by Alain Surget
    Escape from Veracruz (English, Paperback) Alain Surget, Annette Marnat

    Determined to free their father, Captain Roc, from prison, Louise and Benjamin set sail for Veracruz on Red Mary's ship. But they'd better stay alert, because Mary has her own scheme! Featuring an explosive battle, a dangerous flood, and the much-anticipated meeting between the twins and the Captain, this is a most exciting story in a fantastic series.

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  • The Ghost Ship by Alain Surget
    The Ghost Ship (English, Paperback) Alain Surget, Annette Marnet

    This second book in the Jolly Roger series is chock-full of thrills and chills. After being thrown aboard a ghost ship, Benjamin and Louise hope someone will save them from the spooky crew of skeletons. When a British frigate finally rescues them, it takes the twins all the way to Jamaica. There they meet Red Mary?a beautiful female pirate who may just know something about their father  . . .

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  • Danger At The Circus! by Alain Surget
    Danger At The Circus! (English, Paperback) Alain Surget, Fabrice Parme

    Children of the Nile is a fun-packed historical adventure series filled with quirky characters and vile villains. Set in the time of Cleopatra, this series tells the story of three 10 year old children, the Egyptians Imeni and Cleo, and the Greek Antonios. When the children travel to Rome, they must find the person responsible for a plot to assassinate Cleopatra and Caesar.

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  • The Pirate's Legacy by Alain Surget
    The Pirate's Legacy (English, Paperback) Alain Surget, Annette Marney

    When orphaned twins Benjamin and Louise learn that their long-lost father is the legendary pirate Captain Roc, they run away from the Parisian orphanage where they live to seek their destiny. But when a mysterious old man realizes who they are, and that they hold the key to buried treasure, the twins' lives are in danger. Can they escape his clutches?

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  • Cleopatra Must Be Saved! by Alain Surget
    Cleopatra Must Be Saved! (English, Paperback) Alain Surget, Fabrice Parme

    Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt, is in danger! But how can you save her when you're only 10 years old and living far from Egypt's capital? This doesn't stop the Egyptian boy Imeni, his Greek friend Antinios and their fearless new friend Cleo from doing all they can to save their queen. However, it won't be easy, for those plotting against Cleopatra are hot on their heels...Children of the Nile is a...

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  • Prisoners of the Black Octopus by Alain Surget
    Prisoners of the Black Octopus (English, Paperback) Alain Surget, Annette Marnat

    After reuniting with their dad, Louise and Benjamin dream of a pirate's life?only Captain Roc has other plans for them. Goodbye swordfights, hello dull landlubber chores! But not for long: if adventure won't come to the twins, they'll go to it! With fresh revelations about their father, plus new characters, this sixth Jolly Roger book is a blast.

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  • People of the Caves by Alain Surget
    People of the Caves (English, Paperback) Alain Surget, Julien Hirsinger

    See how people lived 20,000 years ago!

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