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Alan Goldhamer

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  • The Pleasure Trap by Douglas J Lisle
    The Pleasure Trap (English, Paperback)

    The authors offer unique insights into the factors that make us susceptible to dietary and lifetyle excesses, and present ways to restore the biological processes designed by nature to keep us running at maximum efficiency and vitaltiy.

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  • The Pleasure Trap by Douglas J. Lisle
    The Pleasure Trap (English, CD-Audio) $24.92 $29.95
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  • The Health Promoting Cookbook by Alan Goldhamer
    The Health Promoting Cookbook (English, Paperback)

    If you feel you need to make a transition to health-promoting diet and you want to eat a variety of tasty, easy-to-prepare, good-for-you meals, this book is for you.It deals with the "what to do" aspect of diet, providing a week of integrated menus to help you make the most out of your pantry supplies, deal with leftovers, and please your palate, as well. All the recipes are uncomplicated and...

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  • Fast Your Way to Health by Lee Bueno
    Fast Your Way to Health (English, Paperback)

    From her own and others' experiences, as well as sound scriptural and medical guidelines, Lee Bueno-Aguer discusses many instances where prayer and fasting bring miraculous results.

    $14.25 $15.99
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