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  • Monster
    Monster (Paperback) Alan Moore, John Wagner

    Twelve-year old Kenneth Corman buried his abusive father outside his creaky old family home. The thing that had killed him was inside, lurking in the darkness of the locked attic.

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  • Lost Girls
    Lost Girls (English, Hardback) Alan Moore, Melinda Gebbie

    For more than a century, Alice, Wendy and Dorothy have been our guides through the Wonderland, Neverland and Land of Oz of our childhoods. Now like us, these three lost girls have grown up and are ready to guide us again, this time through the realms of our sexual awakening and fulfilment. Using familiar fairy tales and drawing on the rich heritage of erotica, Lost Girls is the rediscovery of the...

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  • Do Design
    Do Design (English, Paperback) Alan Moore

    So much goes unnoticed. We multi-task, switch between screens, work faster. When was the last time you paused to consider a beautifully made object or stunning natural landscape? Yet this is when our spirits lift, our soul is restored. Designer Alan Moore invites us to rethink not only what we produce – whether it's a website, a handmade chair, or a business – but why. With examples including...

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  • Jerusalem
    Jerusalem (Hardback) Alan Moore

    An epic work from the author of "Watchmen, From Hell, The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen" and "V For Vendetta", about his hometown of Northampton. Includes a wide variety of styles, such as a poem and a play, and covers the lives of saints, kings, prostitutes and derelicts. Begun in 2008, it's long been speculated on by Alan Moore's fans.

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  • Watchmen
    Watchmen (English, Paperback) Alan Moore

    "Originally published in single magazine form in Watchmen 1-12."--Title page verso.

    $18.37 $19.99
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  • Alan Moore's Neonomicon
    Alan Moore's Neonomicon (English, Paperback) Jacen Burrows, Alan Moore

    Alan Moore, the best-selling graphic novelist of all time, delivers an original, chilling tale of Lovecraftian horror!Comic book legend Alan Moore (WATCHMEN, FROM HELL) and brilliant artist Jacen Burrows deliver a chilling tale of Lovecraftian horror! Brears and Lamper, two young and cocky FBI agents, investigate a fresh series of ritual murders somehow tied to the final undercover assignment of...

    $18.92 $19.99
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  • Batman the Killing Joke
    Batman the Killing Joke (English, Hardback) Brian Bolland, Alan Moore

    The acclaimed author of "V for Vendetta" offers his take on the disturbing relationship between The Dark Knight and The Joker, in this special 20th anniversary deluxe edition.

    $17.04 $17.99

    4 stars

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  • Saga of the Swamp Thing: Book 3
    Saga of the Swamp Thing: Book 3 (English, Paperback) Alan Moore

    "Originally published as The Saga of the Swamp Thing 35-38 and Swamp Thing 39-42."

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  • Saga of the Swamp Thing: Book 4
    Saga of the Swamp Thing: Book 4 (English, Paperback) Stephen Bissette, Stan Woch

    Brings Swamp Thing's quest for self-discovery with the mystic John Constantine to its shattering conclusion. A harbinger of doom has been released with the sole charge of waking an evil beyond comprehension, and Swamp Thing, John Constantine, Deadman, The Phantom Stranger, Etrigan the Demon, The Spectre, and other masters.

    $18.15 $19.99
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  • Jerusalem
    Jerusalem (Paperback) Alan Moore

    A special edition of the new, epic work from Alan Moore, this is three paperback volumes in a slipcase. Also available as a one volume hardback.

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  • Watchmen
    Watchmen (English, Paperback) Dave Gibbons, Alan Moore

    A title that begins as a murder-mystery, but soon unfolds into a planet-altering conspiracy. As the resolution comes to a head, the unlikely group of reunited heroes - Rorschach, Nite Owl, Silk Spectre, Dr Manhattan and Ozymandias - have to test the limits of their convictions and ask themselves where the true line is between good and evil.

    $21.82 $24.28

    5 stars

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  • V for Vendetta Book and Mask Set
    V for Vendetta Book and Mask Set (English, Mixed media product) David Lloyd, Alan Moore

    A graphic novel that defined sophisticated storytelling. It includes the famed V mask in PVC with white elastic band, and is presented in a window box.

    $23.12 $29.99

    5 stars

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  • V for Vendetta
    V for Vendetta (English, Paperback) David Lloyd, Alan Moore

    In an alternate future in which Germany wins World War II and Britain becomes a fascist state, a vigilante named "V" tries to free England of its ideological chains.

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  • Austin Osman Spare
    Austin Osman Spare (English, Paperback) Phil Baker

    Austin Osman Spare is the definitive biography of the controversial occultist and artist, an enfant terrible of the Edwardian art world whose work was both hailed as genius and decried as immoral decadence. As George Bernard Shaw reportedly said, "Spare's medicine is too strong for the average man." Trained as a draughtsman, Spare enjoyed early acclaim when, at the age of seventeen, his work was...

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  • Spawn Origins: Volume 2
    Spawn Origins: Volume 2 (English, Paperback) Todd McFarlane, Alan Moore

    Spawn Origins Vol 2 Tp.

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  • A Practical Guide to SysML
    A Practical Guide to SysML (English, Paperback) Sanford Friedenthal, Alan Moore

    A Practical Guide to SysML, Third Edition, fully updated for SysML version 1.4, provides a comprehensive and practical guide for modeling systems with SysML. With their unique perspective as leading contributors to the language, Friedenthal, Moore, and Steiner provide a full description of the language along with a quick reference guide and practical examples to help you use SysML.The book begins...

    $48.36 $59.95
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  • League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century Vol. III
    League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century Vol. III (English, Hardback) Alan Moore, Kevin O'Neill

    It is the early years of a new and unfamiliar century, and forces are emerging that appear to promise ruin for the Murray group, the nation and indeed the world, even were it to take a hundred years for this apocalyptic threat to come to its disastrous fruition. From the crime-haunted wharfs of 1910, through the criminal, mystical underworlds of 1969 to the desolated streets of 2009, the remnants...

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  • Providence Act 1 Final Printing
    Providence Act 1 Final Printing (English, Hardback) Jacen Burrows, Alan Moore

    Due to overwhelming demand, we offer one final printing of the Providence Act 1 Hardcover! Alan Moore’s quintessential horror series has set the standard for a terrifying reinvention of the works of H.P. Lovecraft. It is being universally hailed as one of Moore’s most realized works in which the master scribe has controlled every iota of the story, art, and presentation. The result has been...

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  • The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Nemo Trilogy
    The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Nemo Trilogy (English, Hardback) Kevin O'Neill, Alan Moore

    With a classic two-fisted spirit of adventure, Alan Moore & Kevin O'Neill explore stunning new horizons of their League of Extraordinary Gentlemen universe with the bestselling Nemo trilogy! These spinoff graphic novels follow the terrifying pirate queen Janni Nemo in her confrontations with unearthly Antarctic horrors (Heart of Ice), mechanical metropolitan monstrosities (The Roses of...

    $32.14 $39.99
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  • Batman: The Killing Joke
    Batman: The Killing Joke (German, Paperback) Alan Moore

    Eine grandiose Kollektion von Storys über den Mitternachtsdetektiv und seinen erbittertsten Erzfeind, den Joker! Neben dem neu kolorierten Klassiker The Killing Joke enthält dieser Band eine bislang auf Deutsch unveröffentlichte Kurzerzählung von Brian Bolland sowie eine nicht minder berühmte Batman/Clayface-Geschichte von Alan Moore. Als weitere Zugabe präsentieren wir dazu noch den...

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