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  • Doctor Placebo by Alan Wall
    Doctor Placebo (English, Paperback) Alan Wall

    Doctor Placebo finds himself at the end of the western intellectual tradition, and on certain mornings feels almost as old. He broods about his patients; he broods about his poems. Sometimes the two intermingle and he can't remember whether he is a doctor moonlighting as a poet, or a poet moonlighting as a doctor.

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  • Badmouth by Alan Wall
    Badmouth (English, Paperback) Alan Wall $16.86
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  • Walter Benjamin by Alan Wall
    Walter Benjamin (Paperback) Alan Wall $14.63
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  • Radar and ARPA Manual by W. O. Dineley
    Radar and ARPA Manual (English, Paperback) W. O. Dineley, Andy Norris

    Provides essential information for professional mariners and seagoing marine engineers, including those undertaking electronic navigation system courses and marine operations qualifications internationally. This title serves as the comprehensive reference on equipment and techniques for radar observers using older and newer systems.

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