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  • If from the Distance
    If from the Distance (English, Paperback) Christopher Middleton

    Cultural Writing. Essays. Menard Press is proud to publish two fine and contrasting essays by this singular figure and one of the most significant British poets " be found on that important frontier between mainstream and the experimental, flinging out messages in bottles into a sea of unknowing"--Anthony Rudlof. The poet, novelist and critic Alan Wall supplies an introduction at once both...

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  • Labyrinths and Clues
    Labyrinths and Clues (Paperback) Alan Wall $25.29
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  • Gilgamesh
    Gilgamesh (English, Paperback) Alan Wall

    Features two long pieces: the title work - a translation and partial transposition of the Gilgamesh epic - and the mixed work in verse and prose, Jacob, originally published in the 1990s.

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  • Badmouth
    Badmouth (English, Paperback) Alan Wall $19.65
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  • Alexander Pope at Twickenham
    Alexander Pope at Twickenham (English, Paperback) Alan Wall

    Accompanying "Gilgamesh", this is a collection of shorter poems and sequence. The centrepiece is the section in which the author inhabits the clothes of a number of word-masters who lived in London or nearby: Alexander Pope, Thomas More, Johnson, Coleridge, Keats, Burton, Rosenberg, Pound and others.

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  • Endtimes
    Endtimes (English, Paperback) Alan Wall

    From Roman tyrants to the persecuted Russian poet Osip Mandelstam, this sequence explores the dark side of our history, and the glories such darkness continues to provoke in art and literature. Between a dusty cellar in Patmos in the 1st century, and the streets of New York on 9/11, the distance can be measured in seconds rather than millennia.

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  • Doctor Placebo
    Doctor Placebo (English, Paperback) Alan Wall

    Doctor Placebo finds himself at the end of the western intellectual tradition, and on certain mornings feels almost as old. He broods about his patients; he broods about his poems. Sometimes the two intermingle and he can't remember whether he is a doctor moonlighting as a poet, or a poet moonlighting as a doctor.

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  • Radar and ARPA Manual
    Radar and ARPA Manual (English, Paperback) W. O. Dineley, Andy Norris

    Provides essential information for professional mariners and seagoing marine engineers, including those undertaking electronic navigation system courses and marine operations qualifications internationally. This title serves as the comprehensive reference on equipment and techniques for radar observers using older and newer systems.

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  • Sylvie's Riddle
    Sylvie's Riddle (Hardback) Alan Wall

    Sylvie Ashton spends her life pursuing images. In her work at the Signum Institute in Liverpool she stares for hours at images of stars, like the Beatles or Bob Dylan, or the sort provided by the Hubble Telescope. She is trying to understand the way we fashion the world through our lenses, and how the images we create become so embedded in our lives that we can no longer escape them. The author of...

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  • Writing Fiction
    Writing Fiction (Paperback) Alan Wall

    Lost the plot but feel there's a novel in you waiting to burst out? Need to Know? Writing Fiction is the perfect remedy for writer's block.

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  • Bendito Sea El Ladron (Multiple languages, Paperback) Alan Wall

    El padre de Tom Lynch, que se llamaba como

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  • Raven
    Raven (English, Paperback) Alan Wall

    One of five chapbooks published by Shearsman in the summer of 2012, Alan Wall's Raven is a single long poem-sequence.

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  • Radar and ARPA Manual
    Radar and ARPA Manual (English, Paperback) Alan Wall, Alan Bole

    Radar and ARPA (Automatic Radar Plotting Aids) are standard systems on all commercial vessels and are widely used in the leisure maritime sector. This title covers the radar/ARPA installation, including AIS (Automatic Identification System) and ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display & Information Systems).

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  • The School Of Night
    The School Of Night (Paperback) Alan Wall

    Sean Tallow has two desires in life. One is to step into the shoes of his glamorous friend Daniel Pagett and the other is to establish the truth about the School of the Night, a shadowy group of Elizabethans who clustered around Sir Walter Raleigh.

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  • China
    China (Paperback) Alan Wall

    Digby Walton was once the heir to an English pottery company. Now old, he contemplates the history of that company and reflects upon the modern world. His range of themes is vast: from the Somme to contemporary rock music; from the first world to the third; from the Battle of Britain to 9/11.

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