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  • Illustrated Norse Myths by Alex Frith
    Illustrated Norse Myths (Hardback) Alex Frith, Louie Stowell

    A brand-new collection of Viking myths that tell the story of the Norse gods from creation to the story of how the world will end, including Odin's quest for wisdom, the battles of Thor the thunder god, and the tale of Sigurd the Dragonslayer and the curs. Beautifully bound with head and tail bands and a ribbon marker.

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  • Lift the Flap Atlas by Alex Frith
    Lift the Flap Atlas (English, Hardback) Alex Frith

    Lets children explore the world one flap at a time. This atlas features a page for each continent. It allows children to discover the animals, buildings, foods and cultures that they would find there.

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  • Look Inside Trains by Alex Frith
    Look Inside Trains (Board book) Alex Frith, Colin King

    From traditional steam trains to super-fast bullet trains, this fact-filled information book allows children to look inside locomotives and find out how they work. Young readers can lift-the-flaps to discover fun facts and find out about the history of train travel.

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  • What's Happening To Me? by Alex Frith
    What's Happening To Me? (Paperback) Alex Frith, Nancy Leschnikoff

    This volume is a detailed and sensitive guide to male puberty. It tackles key subjects from the physical changes that occur at this time to the emotional upheaval this can cause.

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  • See Inside Planet Earth by Katie Daynes
    See Inside Planet Earth (English, Hardback) Katie Daynes, Alex Frith

    Includes double page spreads on mountains, deserts, the oceans, the atmosphere and icy landscapes such as Antarctica, each one with flaps to lift to reveal scientific and natural history information. This title contains a feature on how climate change is affecting our planet, and what can be done to reduce its effects.

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  • Growing up for Boys by Alex Frith
    Growing up for Boys (Paperback) Alex Frith

    Growing Up for Boys


    1 stars

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  • See Inside Rubbish and Recycling by Alex Frith
    See Inside Rubbish and Recycling (English, Hardback) Alex Frith

    A fun and fascinating flap book that follows rubbish on a journey from the bin to the sorting factories and recycling centres. Over 60 flaps reveal how glass, metal, plastics and paper are recycled and what happens to the rubbish that can't be recycled.

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  • See Inside the World of Dinosaurs by Alex Frith
    See Inside the World of Dinosaurs (English, Hardback) Alex Frith

    A fabulous flap book with over 50 flaps to lift, offering a glimpse into the prehistoric world of the dinosaurs. Stunning illustrations show how dinosaurs lived, hunted and how they died out. Flaps reveal extra facts, information and surprises.

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  • See Inside Inventions by Alex Frith
    See Inside Inventions (English, Hardback) Alex Frith

    Tells the wonderful, mysterious and often funny stories behind famous inventions. This title features flaps revealing detailed artwork to show the hidden workings inside inventions. It explains the differences between discovery, invention and innovation, and how these three aspects unite.

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  • See Inside the Universe by Alex Frith
    See Inside the Universe (English, Hardback) Alex Frith

    What's the universe made of? Where did everything come from? Lift the flaps in this fascinating book to reveal some of the amazing discoveries that astronomers and physicists have made in their quest to unlock the mysteries of the Universe.

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  • Lift-the-Flap General Knowledge by Alex Frith
    Lift-the-Flap General Knowledge (English, Board book) Alex Frith, James MacLaine

    Contains over 135 flaps and hundreds of facts. This title shows you how many seeds a pomegranate has, how fast a woodpecker pecks, how many plays Shakespeare wrote, which is the warmest sea in the world, when the Eiffel Tower was built, what type of snack is the heaviest, and more.

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  • Pocket Puzzle Book by Sarah Courtauld
    Pocket Puzzle Book (Paperback) Sarah Courtauld, Alex Frith

    A portable puzzle book that is suitable for school bags, car seats and even pockets. Presenting bendable spine for easy-opening and easy-to-write-in pages, it features illustrations that bring life to mazes, word searches, number puzzles and logic problems of all kinds. It also includes answers to all the puzzles.

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  • Holiday Pocket Puzzle Book by Alex Frith
    Holiday Pocket Puzzle Book (English, Paperback) Alex Frith

    Featuring mazes and logic problems to solve, wordsearches, codes to crack, number puzzles and more, this book is the boredom-buster, ready to use any time you have a spare few moments.

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  • Whats Chemistry All About by Alex Frith
    Whats Chemistry All About (Paperback) Alex Frith, Lisa Jane Gillespie

    Explaining chemistry in an informal, fun and informative way, this book offers children an approachable source of information on key subjects such as the periodic table, atom structure and radiation. It describes the chemistry of everyday life - from the chemical processes that break down food while eating to the atmosphere.

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  • See Inside Science by Alex Frith
    See Inside Science (English, Hardback) Alex Frith

    How are plants and animals related? What is the Universe made of? And just what is the big secret behind it all? Find out all about the mysteries which scientists have been exploring for thousands of years.

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  • 1001 Things to Spot at Christmas Sticker Book by Alex Frith
    1001 Things to Spot at Christmas Sticker Book (English, Paperback) Alex Frith

    An interactive sticker book full of busy, illustrated festive scenes. Items to spot within the main picture are shown in the border as silhouettes and each has a corresponding sticker which children can find, match and add in the correct place. With over a thousand things for children to find, count and talk about.

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  • Hercules The World's Strongest Man by Alex Frith
    Hercules The World's Strongest Man (Hardback) Alex Frith

    A retelling of the action-packed story of Heracles as he completes his most famous set of challenges: the Twelve Tasks. It is a new title in "Young Reading Series Two", part of the Usborne Reading Programme. Aimed at children whose reading ability and confidence allows them to tackle longer and more complex stories.

    $9.62 $11.25
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  • The Greedy Dog by Alex Frith
    The Greedy Dog (Hardback) Alex Frith

    Part of the "First Reading" series, this title motivates children as they learn to read. It is suitable for children who are beginning to read.

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  • King Midas and the Gold by Alex Frith
    King Midas and the Gold (Hardback) Alex Frith

    When good King Midas helps an elderly man find his way home he is granted his fondest wish to turn anything he touches into pure gold. At first, this gift seems like the most wonderful thing to have ever happened but he soon learns that you should be careful what you wish for.

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  • Prehistoric Britain by Alex Frith
    Prehistoric Britain (English, Paperback) Alex Frith, Ian McNee

    Tells the story of Britain from the age of the dinosaurs to the Roman invasion. Full of facts, illustrations, photographs, maps and timelines, this title also includes internet links to websites with further information, video clips and animations.

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