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  • Heart Of Oak
    Heart Of Oak (Paperback) Alexander Kent

    Onward, a new 38-gun frigate whose first mission is not war but diplomacy, as consort to the French frigate Nautilus. It is only when Nautilus becomes a sacrificial offering on the altar of empire that every man discovers the brotherhood of the sea is more powerful than the bitter memories of an ocean of blood and decades of war.

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  • Success to the Brave
    Success to the Brave (Paperback) Alexander Kent

    Success to the Brave is the fifteenth Richard Bolitho story and chronologically it follows the events covered by A Tradition of Victory. In the little sixty-four-gun Achates Bolitho sails West for Boston, and thence to the Caribbean where he must hand over the island of San Felipe to the French.

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  • The Only Victor
    The Only Victor (Paperback) Alexander Kent

    FEBRUARY 1806The frigate carrying Vice-Admiral Sir Richard Bolitho drops anchor off the shores of southern Africa. Outside Europe few have yet heard of the battle of Trafalgar, and Bolitho's news is met with both optimism and disappointment as he reminds the senior officers that, despite the victory, Napolean's defeat is by no means assured.

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  • Beyond the Reef
    Beyond the Reef (Paperback) Alexander Kent

    In March 1808, as Napoleon holds Portugal and threatens his old ally Spain, Vice-Admiral Sir Richard Bolitho is dispatched once more to the Cape of Good Hope to establish a permanent naval force there. Beyond the tortured hell of the reef, Bolitho's battle begins - to summon the survivors' last reserves of courage and of hope.

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  • With All Despatch
    With All Despatch (English, Paperback) Alexander Kent

    A troubled peace with France means that in the harbours and estuaries around England, the royal fleet has been left to rot. So when a King's ransom is in peril and Bolitho is ordered to proceed 'with all despatch' to recover it he will need all the loyalty and courage of his three gallant cutters if he is to fulfil his mission.

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  • Passage To Mutiny
    Passage To Mutiny (Paperback) Alexander Kent

    OCTOBER 1789, NEW SOUTH WALESInto Sydney, capital of Britain's infant colony, sails the frigate Tempest. She is one of His Majesty's ships employed in policing the new southern trade routes.Instead he is despatched on a mission to the islands of the Great South Sea, where he must face hazards of fickle winds, pirates and savage islanders.

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  • A Tradition of Victory
    A Tradition of Victory (English, Paperback) Alexander Kent

    This fourteenth Bolitho novel has the epic scenes of action, the powerful characterization and the authentic period detail that have made Alexander Kent a bestseller wherever sea stories are read.

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  • Colours Aloft!
    Colours Aloft! (English, Paperback) Alexander Kent

    Colours Aloft!, the sixteenth Richard Bolitho novel, bears all the hallmarks of its best-selling predecessors.September 1803Vice-Admiral Sir Richard Bolitho finds himself the new master of the Argonaute, a French flagship taken in battle.

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  • Relentless Pursuit
    Relentless Pursuit (Paperback) Alexander Kent

    But all efforts of the British anti-slavery patrols to curb a flourishing trade in human life are hampered by unsuitable ships, by the indifference of a government more concerned with old enemies made distrustful allies, and by the continuing belligerence of the Dey of Algiers, which threatens to ignite a full-scale war.

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  • In the King's Name
    In the King's Name (English, Paperback) Alexander Kent

    Filled with high-seas intrigue and sharp tensions, this nautical novel takes an intense voyage into the heart of Napoleonic-era Africa. The year is 1819 and Captain Adam Bolitho has been sent on an urgent but risky mission to make a fast passage from Plymouth to Freetown, West Africa, with secret orders for the senior officer stationed there. Due to the slave trade being declared illegal, ships in...

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  • Cross Of St George
    Cross Of St George (Paperback) Alexander Kent

    February 1813With convoys from Canada and the Caribbean falling victim to American privateers, Sir Richard Bolitho returns to Halifax to pursue a war he knows will not be won, but which neither Britain nor the United States can afford to lose.

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  • Man Of War
    Man Of War (Paperback) Alexander Kent

    Antigua 1817Every harbour and estuary is filled with ghostly ships, the famous and the legendary now redundant in the aftermath of the war. In this uneasy peace, Adam Bolitho is fortunate to be offered the seventy-four gun Athena, and as flag captain to Vice-Admiral Sir Graham Bethune once more follows his destiny to the Caribbean.

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  • The Inshore Squadron
    The Inshore Squadron (Paperback) Alexander Kent

    The Inshore Squadron is the twelfth Richard Bolitho story and chronologically it follows the events covered by Signal - Close Action! An old hatred steps from the past to pose a personal threat to him, but at the gates of Copenhagen, where his flag flies admidst the fury of battle, Bolitho must put all private hopes and fears behind him.

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  • Sloop Of War
    Sloop Of War (Paperback) Alexander Kent

    For the young Richard Bolitho the spring of 1778 marked a complete transformation for himself and his future. It was the year in which the American War of Independence changed to an all-out struggle for freedom from British rule - and the year when Bolitho took command of the Sparrow, a small, fast and well-armed sloop of war.

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  • In the King's Name
    In the King's Name (Paperback) Alexander Kent

    A searing and gripping tale of trouble on the high seas, and of the weakness of the human spirit, In the King's Name heralds the return of our greatest living maritime writer and the legendary Adam Bolitho.

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  • The Complete Midshipman Bolitho
    The Complete Midshipman Bolitho (English, Paperback) Alexander Kent

    Three novels in one! Sixteen-year-old Richard Bolitho joins the British Royal Navy as a young midshipman. Follow his adventures as he undergoes a severe initiation into the dangerous world of the great sailing warships! 1. Richard Bolitho: Midshipman 1772: a young Richard Bolitho joins the 74-gun Gorgon. Naive and untested, Bolitho must learn the ways of the navy quickly if he is to survive. 2....

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  • Heart of Oak
    Heart of Oak (English, Paperback) Alexander Kent

    The war with France ended in 1818 and Captain Adam Bolitho is given command of the newly commissioned frigate Onward. He is sent to North Africa on a diplomatic mission to accompany the French frigate Nautilus in a show of solidarity. He knows he is lucky?the voyage should be easy?but Adam longs for a chance to marry the beautiful Lowenna and settle down on the Bolitho estate in Cornwall. Instead...

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  • The Flag Captain
    The Flag Captain (English, Paperback) Alexander Kent

    Captain Richard Bolitho is placed in charge of the flagship of a squadron attempting to force Britain's entry into the Mediterranean during the late eighteenth century

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  • The Darkening Sea
    The Darkening Sea (Paperback) Alexander Kent

    Returning safely to England after the dramatic capture of Martinque, Vice-Admiral Sir Richard Bolitho finds an all too brief respite from war and politics in the arms of his mistress Catherine Somervell. Although ordered immediately to the Indian Ocean, for the first time Bolitho's thoughts are not of glory but his own - and the Navy's - past.

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  • Band Of Brothers
    Band Of Brothers (Paperback) Alexander Kent

    In this, the long awaited conclusion of Alexander Kent's midshipman trilogy, the new year of 1774 seems to offer Richard Bolitho and his friend Martyn Dancer the culmination of a dream.

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