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  • Topos Theory
    Topos Theory (English, Paperback) P. T. Johnstone

    Focusing on topos theory's integration of geometric and logical ideas into the foundations of mathematics and theoretical computer science, this volume explores internal category theory, topologies and sheaves, geometric morphisms, and other subjects. 1977 edition.

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  • Distributed Computing Through Combinatorial Topology
    Distributed Computing Through Combinatorial Topology (English, Paperback) Maurice Herlihy, Dmitry Kozlov

    Describes techniques for analyzing distributed algorithms based on award winning combinatorial topology research. This book presents a theoretical foundation relevant to many real systems reliant on parallelism with unpredictable delays, such as multicore microprocessors, wireless networks, distributed systems, and Internet protocols.

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  • Differential and Complex Geometry: Origins, Abstractions and Embeddings
    Differential and Complex Geometry: Origins, Abstractions and Embeddings (English, Hardback) Raymond O. Wells

    Differential and complex geometry are two central areas of mathematics with a long and intertwined history. This book, the first to provide a unified historical perspective of both subjects, explores their origins and developments from the sixteenth to the twentieth century....

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  • Differential Geometry and Mathematical Physics
    Differential Geometry and Mathematical Physics (English, Hardback) Gerd Rudolph, Matthias Schmidt

    The book is devoted to the study of the geometrical and topological structure of gauge theories. It consists of the following three building blocks:- Geometry and topology of fibre bundles,- Clifford algebras, spin structures and Dirac operators,- Gauge theory.Written in the style of a mathematical textbook, it combines a comprehensive presentation of the mathematical foundations with a discussion...

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  • Homotopical Topology
    Homotopical Topology (English, Hardback) Anatoly Fomenko, Dmitry Fuchs

    This textbook on algebraic topology updates a popular textbook from the golden era of the Moscow school of I. a deeper and broader treatment of topics in comparison to most beginning books on algebraic topology;

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  • Banach Spaces of Continuous Functions as Dual Spaces
    Banach Spaces of Continuous Functions as Dual Spaces (English, Hardback) H. Garth Dales, Fred Dashiell

    Thisbook gives a coherent account of the theory of Banach spaces and Banachlattices, using the spaces C_0(K) of continuous functions on a locallycompact space K as the main example. It gives severalnew constructions, some involving Boolean rings, of this space as well as many results on theStonean space of Boolean rings.

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  • Open Problems in the Geometry and Analysis of Banach Spaces
    Open Problems in the Geometry and Analysis of Banach Spaces (English, Hardback) Vicente Montesinos, Vaclav Zizler

    This is an collection of some easily-formulated problems that remain open in the study of the geometry and analysis of Banach spaces. Assuming the reader has a working familiarity with the basic results of Banach space theory, the authors focus on concepts of basic linear geometry, convexity, approximation, optimization, differentiability, renormings, weak compact generating, Schauder bases and...

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  • Categorical Homotopy Theory
    Categorical Homotopy Theory (English, Hardback) Emily Riehl

    This categorical perspective on homotopy theory helps consolidate and simplify one's understanding of derived functors, homotopy limits and colimits, and model categories, among others.

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  • Algebraic Geometry and Arithmetic Curves
    Algebraic Geometry and Arithmetic Curves (English, Paperback) Qing Liu

    This new-in-paperback edition provides an introduction to algebraic and arithmetic geometry, starting with the theory of schemes, followed by applications to arithmetic surfaces and to the theory of reduction of algebraic curves. Clear explanations of both theory and applications, and almost 600 exercises are included in the text.

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  • Finite Dimensional Algebras
    Finite Dimensional Algebras (English, Paperback) Yurj A. Drozd, V. V. Kirichenko

    Kirichenko Preface The theory of finite dimensional algebras is one of the oldest branches of modern algebra. Cartan described the semisimple algebras over the complex and real fields and paved the first steps towards the study of non-semi simple algebras.

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  • Local Homotopy Theory
    Local Homotopy Theory (English, Hardback) John Frederick Jardine

    Local Homotopy Theory

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  • Knots and Primes
    Knots and Primes (English, Paperback) Masanori Morishita

    This book offers a foundation for arithmetic topology, a new branch of mathematics focused upon the analogy between knot theory and number theory. The coverage includes background information and theory, along with numerous useful examples and illustrations.

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  • The Grassmannian Variety
    The Grassmannian Variety (English, Hardback) V. Lakshmibai, Justin Brown

    This book gives a comprehensive treatment of the Grassmannian varieties and their Schubert subvarieties, focusing on the geometric and representation-theoretic aspects of Grassmannian varieties. Research of Grassmannian varieties is centered at the crossroads of commutative algebra, algebraic geometry, representation theory, and combinatorics. Therefore, this text uniquely presents an exciting...

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  • Introduction to Topological Manifolds
    Introduction to Topological Manifolds (English, Hardback) John M. Lee

    Extensively revised and updated, this volume provides an introduction to manifolds at the beginning graduate level. It contains the essential topological ideas involved with further study of manifolds, particularly in the context of differential geometry, algebraic topology, and related fields.

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  • Cubical Homotopy Theory
    Cubical Homotopy Theory (English, Hardback) Brian A. Munson, Ismar Volic

    A modern, example-driven introduction to cubical diagrams and related topics such as homotopy limits and cosimplicial spaces.

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  • Differential Characters
    Differential Characters (English, Paperback) Christian Baer, Christian U. Becker

    Providing a systematic introduction to differential characters as introduced by Cheeger and Simons, this text describes important concepts such as fiber integration, higher dimensional holonomy, transgression, and the product structure in a geometric manner.

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  • Graphs on Surfaces
    Graphs on Surfaces (English, Paperback) Joanna A. Ellis-Monaghan, Iain Moffatt

    Graphs on Surfaces: Dualities, Polynomials, and Knots also provides a self-contained introduction to graphs on surfaces, generalized duals, topological graph polynomials, and knot polynomials that is accessible both to graph theorists and to knot theorists.

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  • Equivariant Ordinary Homology and Cohomology
    Equivariant Ordinary Homology and Cohomology (English, Paperback) Stefan Waner

    Filling a gap in the literature, this book takes the reader to the frontiers of equivariant topology, the study of objects with specified symmetries. Aimed at advanced graduate students and researchers in algebraic topology and related fields, the book assumes knowledge of basic algebraic topology and group actions.

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  • Differential Geometry
    Differential Geometry (English, Paperback) Clifford Henry Taubes

    Bundles, connections, metrics & curvature are the lingua franca of modern differential geometry & theoretical physics. Supplying graduate students in mathematics or theoretical physics with the fundamentals of these objects, & providing numerous examples, the book would suit a one-semester course on the subject of bundles & the associated geometry

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  • Towards the Mathematics of Quantum Field Theory
    Towards the Mathematics of Quantum Field Theory (English, Hardback) Frederic Paugam

    This book introduces the mathematical methods of theoretical and experimental quantum field theory, emphasizing coordinate-free presentations of the objects in play. Offers examples of classical field theories, discusses renormalization methods and more.

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