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Algebraic Topology books

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  • Morse Theory and Floer Homology by Michele Audin
    Morse Theory and Floer Homology (English, Paperback) Michele Audin, Mihai Damian

    Based on a graduate course, this introduction to modern methods of symplectic topology explains the solution of an important problem originating from classical mechanics: the 'Arnold conjecture'. Presents building blocks of Floer homology and more.

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  • Algebraic Geometry and Arithmetic Curves by Qing Liu
    Algebraic Geometry and Arithmetic Curves (English, Paperback) Qing Liu

    This new-in-paperback edition provides an introduction to algebraic and arithmetic geometry, starting with the theory of schemes, followed by applications to arithmetic surfaces and to the theory of reduction of algebraic curves. Clear explanations of both theory and applications, and almost 600 exercises are included in the text.

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  • Homotopical Topology by Anatoly Fomenko
    Homotopical Topology (English, Hardback) Anatoly Fomenko, Dmitry Fuchs

    This textbook on algebraic topology updates a popular textbook from the golden era of the Moscow school of I. a deeper and broader treatment of topics in comparison to most beginning books on algebraic topology;

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  • Knots and Primes by Masanori Morishita
    Knots and Primes (English, Paperback) Masanori Morishita

    This book offers a foundation for arithmetic topology, a new branch of mathematics focused upon the analogy between knot theory and number theory. The coverage includes background information and theory, along with numerous useful examples and illustrations.

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  • Introduction to Topological Manifolds by John M. Lee
    Introduction to Topological Manifolds (English, Hardback) John M. Lee

    Extensively revised and updated, this volume provides an introduction to manifolds at the beginning graduate level. It contains the essential topological ideas involved with further study of manifolds, particularly in the context of differential geometry, algebraic topology, and related fields.

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  • A Primer on Hilbert Space Theory by Carlo Alabiso
    A Primer on Hilbert Space Theory (English, Hardback) Carlo Alabiso, Ittay Weiss

    This introduction to Hilbert space will equip the reader for more demanding further study. It builds a pedagogic bridge between the rigorous style of mathematics and the more practical perspective of physicists.

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  • Homotopy Theory of Higher Categories by Carlos Simpson
    Homotopy Theory of Higher Categories (English, Hardback) Carlos Simpson

    Develops a full set of homotopical algebra techniques dedicated to the study of higher categories.

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  • The Homotopy Theory of ( ,1)-Categories by Julia E. Bergner
    The Homotopy Theory of ( ,1)-Categories (English, Paperback) Julia E. Bergner

    An introductory treatment to the homotopy theory of homotopical categories, presenting several models and comparisons between them.

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  • Introduction to Experimental Mathematics by Soren Eilers
    Introduction to Experimental Mathematics (English, Hardback) Soren Eilers, Rune Johansen

    This text introduces students to an experimental approach to mathematics, using Maple to systematically investigate and develop mathematical theory.

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  • A Primer on Mapping Class Groups (PMS-49) by Benson Farb
    A Primer on Mapping Class Groups (PMS-49) (English, Hardback) Benson Farb, Dan Margalit

    The study of the mapping class group Mod(S) is a classical topic that experiences a renaissance. It lies at the juncture of geometry, topology, and group theory. This book explains the main group-theoretical properties of Mod(S), from finite generation by Dehn twists and low-dimensional homology to the Dehn-Nielsen-Baer theorem.

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  • A Cp-Theory Problem Book by Vladimir V. Tkachuk
    A Cp-Theory Problem Book (English, Hardback) Vladimir V. Tkachuk

    This third volume in Vladimir Tkachuk's series on Cp-theory problems applies all modern methods of Cp-theory to study compactness-like properties in function spaces and introduces the reader to the theory of compact spaces widely used in Functional Analysis.

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  • Higher Topos Theory (AM-170) by Jacob Lurie
    Higher Topos Theory (AM-170) (English, Paperback) Jacob Lurie

    Higher category theory is generally regarded as technical and forbidding, but part of it is considerably more tractable: the theory of infinity-categories, higher categories in which all higher morphisms are assumed to be invertible. This title presents the foundations of this theory.

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  • Introduction to Algebraic Topology by A. H. Wallace
    Introduction to Algebraic Topology (English, Paperback) A. H. Wallace

    This self-contained treatment of algebraic topology assumes only some knowledge of real numbers and real analysis. The first three chapters focus on the basics of point-set topology, offering background to students approaching the subject with no previous knowledge. Readers already familiar with point-set topology can proceed directly to Chapter 4, which examines the fundamental group as well as...

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  • Introduction to Compact Riemann Surfaces and Dessins d'Enfants by Ernesto Girondo
    Introduction to Compact Riemann Surfaces and Dessins d'Enfants (English, Paperback) Ernesto Girondo, Gabino Gonzalez-Diez

    An elementary account of the theory of compact Riemann surfaces and an introduction to the Belyi-Grothendieck theory of dessins d'enfants.

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  • The Theory of Fusion Systems by David A. Craven
    The Theory of Fusion Systems (English, Hardback) David A. Craven

    The first book to deal comprehensively with the theory of fusion systems.

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  • A Combinatorial Introduction to Topology by Michael Henle
    A Combinatorial Introduction to Topology (English, Paperback) Michael Henle

    Excellent text covers vector fields, plane homology and the Jordan Curve Theorem, surfaces, homology of complexes, more. Problems and exercises. Some knowledge of differential equations and multivariate calculus required. Bibliography. 1979 edition.

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  • Knots And Physics (Fourth Edition) by Louis H. Kauffman
    Knots And Physics (Fourth Edition) (English, Paperback) Louis H. Kauffman

    Provides an introduction to knot and link invariants as generalized amplitudes for a quasi-physical process. This title covers frictional properties of knots, relations with combinatorics, and knots in dynamical systems. It includes articles Khovanov Homology.

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  • Sheaves in Geometry and Logic by Saunders MacLane
    Sheaves in Geometry and Logic (English, Paperback) Saunders MacLane, Ieke Moerdijk

    Sheaves also appear in logic as carriers for models of set theory. Beginning with several examples, it explains the underlying ideas of topology and sheaf theory as well as the general theory of elementary toposes and geometric morphisms and their relation to logic.

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  • Categories for the Working Mathematician by Saunders Mac Lane
    Categories for the Working Mathematician (English, Hardback) Saunders Mac Lane

    This second edition includes a number of revisions and additions, including new chapters on topics of active interest: symmetric monoidal categories and braided monoidal categories, and the coherence theorems for them, as well as 2-categories and the higher dimensional categories which have recently come into prominence.

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  • Algebraic K-Theory by Hvedri Inassaridze
    Algebraic K-Theory (English, Hardback) Hvedri Inassaridze

    Algebraic K-theory is a modern branch of algebra which has many important applications in fundamental areas of mathematics connected with algebra, topology, algebraic geometry, functional analysis and algebraic number theory.

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