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Allan Massie

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  • Witch Wood by John Buchan
    Witch Wood (English, Paperback) John Buchan

    Deals with the hypocrisy that can lie beneath god-fearing respectability. This book is set in the terrifying times of the first half of the seventeenth century when the Church of Scotland unleashed a wave of cruelty and intolerance.

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  • End Games in Bordeaux by Allan Massie
    End Games in Bordeaux (English, Paperback) Allan Massie

    The fourth and final chapter of the 'Bordeaux' novels, Allan Massie's acclaimed crime series featuring Superintendent Lannes.

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  • The Ragged Lion by Allan Massie
    The Ragged Lion (English, Paperback) Allan Massie

    A fictional memoir of Sir Walter Scott, written by an acclaimed author and journalist; combines fact and fiction into a unique and fascinating portrait of one of Scotland's greatest writers.

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  • The Royal Stuarts by Allan Massie
    The Royal Stuarts (English, Paperback) Allan Massie

    A concise history of the Stuart family traces their centuries-long rule over Scotland, Britain, and Ireland in the aftermath of the Tudor era, providing coverage of key events and such figures as Mary Queen of Scots, Charles I, and Bonnie Prince Charlie.

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  • Dark Summer in Bordeaux by Allan Massie
    Dark Summer in Bordeaux (English, Paperback) Allan Massie

    There are days, even in the bad times, even the worst, when you can still believe in the future, like that six o'clock in the morning three weeks ago when the bell rang and Dominique was there. Dominique, pale, wretchedly thin, exhausted, his hair cropped, but nevertheless Dominique. Lannes held him in his arms, neither able for a moment to speak.

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  • Cold Winter in Bordeaux by Allan Massie
    Cold Winter in Bordeaux (English, Paperback) Allan Massie

    The third instalment in Allan Massie's acclaimed crime series continues the story of dogged detection in a world seemingly gone mad.

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  • Death in Bordeaux by Allan Massie
    Death in Bordeaux (English, Paperback) Allan Massie

    Death in Bordeaux is the first in a trilogy that will take Lannes through the war and up to the grisly, but inevitable purge of those found guilty of German collaboration. However, this is also a novel that explores the moral complexity of France's time of trial, and the reasons why it has taken its people so long to emerge from the shadow of war.

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  • Life & Letters by Allan Massie
    Life & Letters (Paperback) Allan Massie

    Regular readers of the Spectator will need no introduction to these seductive literary musings from one of Great Britain's finest literary minds, in the famous 'back-end' of that most prestigious publication.

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  • Klaus and Other Stories by Allan Massie
    Klaus and Other Stories (English, Paperback) Allan Massie

    Klaus, the core work in this collection, is a a novella that recounts the last days of Klaus Mann's life, while referring back to the trials of the Mann family and Klaus's own autobiographical novel, Mephisto. The other stories from Massie's long writing career have been published under one cover for the first time.

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  • Klaus by Allan Massie
    Klaus (English, Paperback) Allan Massie

    This is novella recounts the last days of Klaus Mann's life, while referring back to the trials of the Mann family and Klaus's own autobiographical novel, Mephisto. It is the story of courage and isolation.

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  • Surviving by Allan Massie
    Surviving (English, Paperback) Allan Massie

    Set in nineties Rome, Surviving tells the story of a group of English-speaking ex-patriot alcoholics whose fragile existences are kept together by a network of friendships. This book has been widely reviewed and always appreciated for its depth, simplicity, economy of language and understanding.

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  • The Sins of the Father by Allan Massie
    The Sins of the Father (English, Paperback) Allan Massie

    The crimes and betrayals of the Second World War leave a corrosive legacy for the next generation, which never quite comes to terms with a past they were not part of. Allan Massie fully exploits his craft as a novelist to explore all the complexities of this situation.

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  • Edinburgh by Donald Campbell
    Edinburgh (English, Paperback) Donald Campbell

    Part of the Cities of the Imagination series, this is an in-depth cultural, historical, and literary guide by a lifelong native to Scotland's vibrant capital and home to one of the world's greatest arts festivals.

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  • The Death Of Men by Allan Massie
    The Death Of Men (English, Paperback) Allan Massie

    Corrado Dusa is head of Italy's Christian Democrat Party and the country's senior minister. He is also considered to be the key figure in resolving the crisis of dissent and violence that permeates political life. But Dusa has been kidnapped and now his son, a member of a militant extremist group, has disappeared.

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  • A Question Of Loyalties by Allan Massie
    A Question Of Loyalties (English, Paperback) Allan Massie

    Was Lucien de Balafre a patriot who served his country as best he could in difficult times, or a treacherous collaborator in the Vichy government? This book explores the ties between fathers and sons and the pains of love and duty in a period of European history that is still characterised by wilful denial and hatred.

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  • The Novel Today by Allan Massie
    The Novel Today (English, Hardback) Allan Massie

    This is a survey of contemporary British fiction. Focussing primarily on the distinctive achievement and personality of each writer, the author also discusses the contribution of British fiction to such genres as women's writing, the political novel, spy and crime fiction. It addresses questions such as the rise of mass market publishing and the emergence of an international readership in...

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