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Ambulance Rescue Services books

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  • Hero Dogs by Wilma Melville
    Hero Dogs (English, Hardback) Wilma Melville, Paul Lobo

    The incredible memoir of how Wilma Melville turned a band of shelter dogs into one of America's foremost disaster-response assets in catastrophes from 9/11 to Katrina.

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  • The RAF Air Sea Rescue Service in the Second World War by Norman Franks
    The RAF Air Sea Rescue Service in the Second World War (English, Paperback) Norman Franks

    Acquaints the reader with the history of the ASR service during this conflict and the ways in which rescue techniques were developed in response to the increasingly perilous challenges of the war.

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  • K9 Teams by Vi Hummel Shaffer
    K9 Teams (English, Paperback) Vi Hummel Shaffer

    K9 Teams is for all levels of K9 detection handlers and anyone who works with K9 search and rescue and recovery teams. If you're looking to maximize the operational performance of your SAR/R team, this book is for you.

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  • Emergency Admissions by Kit Wharton
    Emergency Admissions (English, Paperback) Kit Wharton

    A glimpse into the extraordinary world of ambulance driving from the man behind the wheel. `Heart-stopping, eye-opening and jaw-dropping. Sometimes painful, sometimes sad, often very, very funny' Craig Brown

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  • Retrieval Medicine by Dr. Charlotte Evans
    Retrieval Medicine (English, Paperback) Dr. Charlotte Evans

    Retrieval Medicine requires medical practitioners to function in highly variable and resource limited environments, in transport settings and in the field. This core text for retrievalists provides evidence-based management and serves as an accessible resource for practical, clinical guidance in the field and in the hospital environment.

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  • In the Shadow of Ben Nevis by Ian Sykes
    In the Shadow of Ben Nevis (English, Paperback) Ian Sykes

    In the Shadow of Ben Nevis is the autobiography of Ian 'Spike' Sykes. It tells his story from growing up during WWII, to his time with the RAF Kinloss mountain rescue, a stint with the British Antarctic Survey, before a return to Scotland where he set up the Nevisport shops and was a key player in the Nevis Range ski and MTB centre development.

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  • The Avalanche Handbook by David McClung
    The Avalanche Handbook (English, Paperback) David McClung, Peter Schaerer

    Discusses the effects of avalanches and includes chapters on weather patterns, snow characteristics, types and properties of avalanches, safety and rescue, and protection

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  • Emergency Ambulance Response Driver Handbook 3rd Ed by Association of Ambulance Chief Executives
    Emergency Ambulance Response Driver Handbook 3rd Ed (English, Paperback) Association of Ambulance Chief Executives, Driver Training Advisory Group

    The third edition of the Emergency Ambulance Response Driver's Handbook is the essential resource for all professional drivers of ambulances. It provides drivers with a safe and effective basis for their driving practice as well as an understanding of how to minimise any risk to ambulance drivers, passengers and other road users.

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  • Modern British Ambulances by Peter Murphy
    Modern British Ambulances (English, Paperback) Peter Murphy

    Peter Murphy explores the world of British ambulances.

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  • Call-out by Hamish MacInnes
    Call-out (English, Paperback) Hamish MacInnes

    Call-out is the definitive collection of tales about early mountain rescue in the Highlands of Scotland from Hamish MacInnes - Everest pioneer and arguably the most famous Scottish mountaineer of the twentieth century.

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  • Carry On Ambulance by Allan Dawson
    Carry On Ambulance (English, Paperback) Allan Dawson

    In the early 1960s, the main qualifications for acceptance into the ambulance service were the possession of a clean driving licence and a strong back. Anyone after a minimal amount of training, could all assume the role of ambulance driver/attendant. This book provides a hilarious look at the ambulance service over the last 50 years!

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  • Wildlife Search and Rescue by Rebecca Dmytryk
    Wildlife Search and Rescue (English, Paperback) Rebecca Dmytryk

    Rescuing wild animals in distress requires a unique set of skills, very different from those used in handling domestic animals. The equipment, degree of handling, the type of caging and level of care a wild animal receives can mean the difference between life and death.

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  • Biopreparedness and Public Health by Iris Hunger
    Biopreparedness and Public Health (English, Paperback) Iris Hunger

    "Published in cooperation with NATO Emerging Security Challenges Division."

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  • Paramedic Principles and Practice ANZ by Matt Johnson
    Paramedic Principles and Practice ANZ (English, Paperback) Matt Johnson, Leanne Boyd

    Paramedic Principles and Practice ANZ: A Clinical Reasoning Approach explores the principles of clinical practice for paramedics working in Australia and New Zealand today. The text is an invaluable resource for both students and paramedics working in the emergency environment where critical decisions must be made quickly and confidently....

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  • Friends in Flanders by Linda Palfreeman
    Friends in Flanders (English, Paperback) Linda Palfreeman

    The Friends' Ambulance Unit (FAU) was created shortly after the outbreak of war. The idea of the unit's founder, Philip J. Baker, was that it would provide young Friends (Quakers) with the opportunity to serve their country without sacrificing their pacifist principles. The first volunteers went to Belgium on October 31, 1914, under the auspices of the Joint War Committee of the British Red Cross...

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  • Mayday! Mayday! by Karen Farrington
    Mayday! Mayday! (English, Hardback) Karen Farrington, Nick Constable

    Lifeboats occupy a particular place in people's hearts as unpaid volunteers regularly take to their boats often in extremely adverse conditions to rescue others from the sea.

    $26.19 $32.95
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  • Rapid Response by Lysa Walder
    Rapid Response (English, Paperback) Lysa Walder, Jacky Hyams

    These are the fascinating real life stories of heartbreak and hope, direct from the frontline.

    $11.16 $12.95
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  • Cairngorm John by John Allen
    Cairngorm John (English, Paperback) John Allen, Robert Davidson

    The autobiography of the former Leader of the Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team.

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  • Paramedics On and Off the Streets by Michael K. Corman
    Paramedics On and Off the Streets (English, Paperback) Michael K. Corman

    In Paramedics On and Off the Streets, Michael K. Corman embarks on an institutional ethnography of the complex, mundane, intricate, and exhilarating work of paramedics in Calgary, Alberta.

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