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American Football books

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  • The Blind Side by Michael Lewis
    The Blind Side (English, Paperback) Michael Lewis

    "Lewis has such a gift for storytelling... he writes as lucidly for sports fans as for those who read him for other reasons."--Janet Maslin, New York Times

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  • From Darkness to Dynasty by Jerry Thornton
    From Darkness to Dynasty (English, Paperback) Jerry Thornton, Michael Holley

    The wild, zany, and forgotten history of the NFL's now-premier franchise

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  • Complete Linebacking by Lou Tepper
    Complete Linebacking (English, Paperback) Lou Tepper

    Focuses on American football's most important defensive position. In this book, players and coaches receive a clinic on fundamentals, pre-snap keys and techniques used by inside and outside linebackers in specific defenses, including the 32, 31, 52, 51 and 33. It also includes four key linebacker diagnostic tests.

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  • Five Rings by Jerry Thornton
    Five Rings (English, Hardback) Jerry Thornton

    Five rings to rule them all! A history of the modern Patriots as seen through the lens of their Super Bowl games, by the bestselling author of From Darkness to Dynasty

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  • Above The Line: Lessons in Leadership and Life from a Championship Program by Wayne Coffey
    Above The Line: Lessons in Leadership and Life from a Championship Program (English, Paperback) Wayne Coffey, Urban Meyer

    The head football coach of the Ohio State Buckeyes draws on examples in the 2014 season to outline lessons in leadership and team building that can be applied in sports, business, and family scenarios.

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  • Friday Night Lights by H. G. Bissinger
    Friday Night Lights (English, Paperback) H. G. Bissinger

    He lived with the students, coaches and townspeople who dedicate their lives to their team, sharing their joys and triumphs, their pains, injuries and bitter disappointments.

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  • Complete Wide Receiver by Jay Norvell
    Complete Wide Receiver (English, Paperback) Jay Norvell

    In the complex game that is American Football the wide receiver must be strong, fast, powerful, intelligent and focused - the total package of physical and mental skills in order to excel at the position. This book covers it all, from the fundamental skills to how to read the game and make appropriate adjustments.

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  • The Pro Football Hall of Fame 50th Anniversary Book by Joe Horrigan
    The Pro Football Hall of Fame 50th Anniversary Book (English, Hardback) Joe Horrigan

    A highly illustrated, celebratory book that will be a cornerstone of any football fan's library.

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  • Grade by Miller
    Grade (English, Paperback) Miller

    The incredible story of the maverick American Football League to life through the words of the players, coaches, owners and others who lived it. This story of the AFL is filled with legendary names such as Bob Griese, Joe Namath, Lamar Hunt, Jack Kemp, Len Dawson and more.

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  • Not for Long by Robert Turner
    Not for Long (English, Hardback) Robert Turner

    Drawing on personal experience as a former pro and interviews with over 120 current and former NFL players, Robert Turner gets behind the bravado to reveal what it means to be an athlete in the NFL and why so many players struggle with life after football.

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  • Communicating Plays in a No Huddle Offense Using Numbers by Bill Renner
    Communicating Plays in a No Huddle Offense Using Numbers (English, Paperback) Bill Renner

    You cannot run a no huddle offensive system without a communication method that is simple for the players to understand, easy to signal in to the players and yet disguised enough that your opponent won't figure it out. With 13 years of experience running a successful no huddle offense, and 30 years of experience coaching and calling plays, Coach Bill Renner shares with you the sideline method he...

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  • Dave Campbell's Favorite Texas College Football Stories by Dave Campbell
    Dave Campbell's Favorite Texas College Football Stories (English, Hardback) Dave Campbell

    Gathers columns and articles by Dave Campbell about those college contests he considers the all-time greatest over the course of his career, from 1953 and continuing to 2016. Accounts of storied players, classic rivalries, revered coaches, and unforgettable games are illustrated with historic photographs.

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  • Gridiron Genius by Michael Lombardi
    Gridiron Genius (English, Hardback) Michael Lombardi

    The author, a former NFL general manager and three-time Super Bowl winner, describes what makes a football team successful and what makes an organization fail by explaining how the best leaders evaluate, acquire, and utilize personnel.

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  • Snake by Mike Freeman
    Snake (English, Paperback) Mike Freeman

    The first in-depth biography of one of the most talented and infamous legends to play in the National Football League?the life and times of pro football's first bad boy, famed Oakland Raiders quarterback Ken Stabler....

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  • Take Your Eye Off the Ball 2.0 by Pat Kirwan
    Take Your Eye Off the Ball 2.0 (English, Mixed media product) Pat Kirwan, David Seigerman

    Renowned NFL analysts' tips to make football more accessible, colorful, and compelling than ever before...

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  • In the Locker Room by Tunch Ilkin
    In the Locker Room (English, Paperback) Tunch Ilkin, Scott Brown

    As a Steelers broadcaster, analyst, and former offensive tackle, Tunch Ilkin has lived and breathed Pittsburgh football for the better part of the last four decades. With In the Locker Room: Tales of the Pittsburgh Steelers from the Playing Field to the Broadcast Booth, Ilkin provides insight into the Steelers' inner sanctum as only he can. Featuring conversations with players past and present as...

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  • Their Life's Work by Gary M Pomerantz
    Their Life's Work (English, Paperback) Gary M Pomerantz

    Drawn from personal interviews with the players themselves, a chronicle of the 1970s Pittsburgh Steelers, who won an unprecedented and unmatched four Super Bowls in six years, tells a story of victory, fortitude, and the brotherhood of players.

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  • Believe It by Nick Foles
    Believe It (English, Hardback) Nick Foles, Joshua Cooley

    The author describes how he separates himself from his football career and how his past mistakes have shaped him into the man he is today.

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  • American Football's Forgotten Kings by Alex Cassidy
    American Football's Forgotten Kings (English, Paperback) Alex Cassidy

    In 1991, their first year of existence, the London Monarchs won the first World Bowl title at Wembley; though just seven years later the team had folded and swiftly disappeared from the sporting public's consciousness. American Football's Forgotten Kings recounts the story of the only professional American football team to ever exist in England.

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  • If These Walls Could Talk -- New England Patriots by Jeff Howe
    If These Walls Could Talk -- New England Patriots (English, Paperback) Jeff Howe, Scott Zolak

    The New England Patriots are one of the most successful teams in the NFL, with five Super Bowl championships and a perpetual playoff presence. Author Scott Zolak, as a broadcaster and former player for the Patriots, has gotten to witness more than his fair share of that history up close and personal. Through singular anecdotes only Zolak can tell, as well as conversations with current and past...

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