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  • Bacterial Pathogenesis
    Bacterial Pathogenesis (English, Paperback) Abigail A. Salyers, Brenda A. Wilson

    *Completely revised and updated *Reflects the new face of pathogenesis research with coverage of microbial ecology and pathobiology of different bacterial diseases *Snapshots of each organism appear at the beginning of the chapter in which it is covered *Summary sections are presented as outlines and tables.

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  • Principles of Virology
    Principles of Virology (English, Paperback) S. Jane Flint, Lynn W. Enquist

    Principles of Virology is the leading virology textbook because it does more than collect and present facts about individual viruses. Instead, it facilitates an understanding of basic virology by examining the shared processes and capabilities of viruses. This fully updated edition represents the rapidly changing field of virology.

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  • Molecular Biotechnology
    Molecular Biotechnology (English, Hardback) Bernard R. Glick, Jack J. Pasternak

    Acclaimed by students and instructors, Molecular Biotechnology: Principles and Applications of Recombinant DNA is now in its fourth edition, bringing it thoroughly up to date with the latest findings and the latest industrial, agricultural, pharmaceutical, and biomedical applications.

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  • Laboratory Notebook, Student
    Laboratory Notebook, Student (English, Loose-leaf) Macademix

    Designed by microbiologists for use in a student laboratory environment.

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  • Germ Theory
    Germ Theory (English, Paperback) Robert P. Gaynes

    Just as the economists and policy makers are looking back to the depression to develop policies to relieve us from our current economic woes, we should examine the history of infectious diseases. This historical review details the lives of 12 men and one woman who were pioneers of our current conceptual framework of infectious diseases.

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  • Principles of Microbial Diversity
    Principles of Microbial Diversity (English, Paperback) James W. Brown

    Fills an empty niche in microbiology teaching materials, and provides a practical guide to microbial diversity from a phylogenetic perspective, from construction and interpretation of evolutionary trees to explorations of the current literature, basic methods, and future areas of "real-world" exploration.

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  • Molecular Biotechnology
    Molecular Biotechnology (English, Hardback) Berhard R. Glick, Chery L. Patten

    A unique, adaptable textbook for upper-level undergraduate and graduate courses emphasizing particular aspects of modern biotechnology. - Allows instructors to easily tailor the content to courses focusing on the fundamentals of biotechnology as well as courses dedicated to medical, agricultural, environmental, or industrial applications.

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  • Medically Important Fungi
    Medically Important Fungi (English, Hardback) Davise H. Larone

    * Provides a step-by-step procedure that helps laboratory workers readily identify fungi * Provides the preeminent bench-side guide and teaching aid for the identification of clinically encountered fungi. * Covers material in a relatively elementary manner designed for a microbiologist or student of pathology.

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  • Diagnostic Medical Parasitology
    Diagnostic Medical Parasitology (English, Hardback) Lynne S. Garcia

    Covers all aspects of human medical parasitology and provides detailed, comprehensive, relevant diagnostic methods in one volume. The sixth edition incorporates newly recognized parasites, discusses new and improved diagnostic methods, and relevant regulatory requirements.

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  • Origins of Molecular Biology
    Origins of Molecular Biology (English, Hardback) Agnes Ullmann

    Offers a history of molecular biology through personal anecdotes. This book is intended for both students and established scientists.

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  • Bacteriophages in the Control of Food- and Waterborne Pathogens
    Bacteriophages in the Control of Food- and Waterborne Pathogens (English, Hardback) Parviz M. Sabour, Dr. Mansel W. Griffiths

    Interest in bacteriophages as alternative antibacterial agents in food grown considerably, in response to increasing rates of antibiotic resistance, heightened concern with food safety, and consumer demand for 'natural' and organic food products.

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  • Revenge of the Microbes
    Revenge of the Microbes (English, Paperback) Abigail A. Salyers, Dixie D. Whitt

    Offers the scientific information that helps readers to form opinions and make informed decisions regarding the use of antibiotics. This book covers topics including the issues of economics, politics, health, safety, and the environment. It examines the specific antibiotics and controversies in a real-life context.

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  • Microbes and Evolution
    Microbes and Evolution (English, Paperback) Roberto Kolter, Stanley Maloy

    Explore the fundamental role of microbes in the natural history of our planet... Inspired by a 2009 colloquium on microbial evolution convened at the Galapagos Islands, Microbes and Evolution continues to celebrate Charles Darwin and his landmark book On the Origin of Species.

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  • Twelve Diseases That Changed Our World
    Twelve Diseases That Changed Our World (English, Paperback) Irwin W. Sherman

    Diseases have significantly shaped the course of the world's history. From the fourteenth-century plague to HIV/AIDS today, diseases have fundamentally altered the shape of society, politics, and culture.

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  • Laboratory Notebook, Research
    Laboratory Notebook, Research (English, Loose-leaf) ASM Press

    Designed by microbiologists for use in a research or government laboratory.

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  • Clinical Virology
    Clinical Virology (English, Hardback) Douglas D. Richman

    Clinical Virology, Fourth Edition, has been extensively revised and updated to incorporate the latest developments and relevant research. Chapters written by internationally recognized experts cover novel viruses, pathogenesis, epidemiology, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention,

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  • Urinary Tract Infections
    Urinary Tract Infections (English, Hardback) Matthew Mulvey

    This comprehensive and authoritative volume on infections of the urinary tract covers the range of the field, from molecular pathogenesis to the host response to clinical diagnosis and management. Written for microbiologists, clinical microbiologists, urologists, and pathologists interested in UTIs.

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  • The Dark Art of Blood Cultures
    The Dark Art of Blood Cultures (Multiple languages, Paperback) Michael Dunne Jr.

    Understanding the diagnostic methods necessary to identify bloodstream infections

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  • A Guide to Specimen Management in Clinical Microbiology
    A Guide to Specimen Management in Clinical Microbiology (English, Paperback) J. Michael Miller

    Provides complete, concise information on the unique needs of the microbiology laboratory regarding specimen management and is the only single source for the specimen management policies required for laboratory results that are accurate, significant, and clinically relevant.

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  • Tuberculosis and the Tubercle Bacillus
    Tuberculosis and the Tubercle Bacillus (English, Hardback) William R. Jacobs,Jr

    Can today's innovative practices and molecular tools tame this ancient disease?

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