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  • A Tale Of Love And Darkness
    A Tale Of Love And Darkness (English, Paperback) Amos Oz

    OVER 2 MILLION COPIES SOLD WORLDWIDELove and darkness are just two of the powerful forces that run through Amos Oz's extraordinary, moving story.

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  • How to Cure a Fanatic
    How to Cure a Fanatic (English, Paperback) Amos Oz

    Includes a new interview with Amos Oz.Internationally acclaimed novelist Amos Oz grew up in war-torn Jerusalem, where as a boy he witnessed first-hand the poisonous consequences of fanaticism.In How To Cure a Fanatic Amos Oz analyses the historical roots of violence and confronts truths about the extremism nurtured throughout society.

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  • My Michael
    My Michael (Paperback) Amos Oz

    WITH A NEW INTRODUCTION FROM THE AUTHOR'My Michael is a beautiful work of great depth and lingers in the mind as a lyric song to his country's people as much as a moving love story' Arthur Miller1950s Jerusalem.

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  • Panther in the Basement
    Panther in the Basement (English, Paperback) Mr Amos Oz

    A twelve-year-old boy is prepared to give his life for the creation of a Jewish state and vows to his father that he will take a stand against the British, but when he is befriended by a British soldier, his feelings are altered, and he is seen as a traitor. Reprint. 15,000 first printing.

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  • To Know A Woman
    To Know A Woman (Paperback) Amos Oz

    Following the bizarre accidental death of his wife, Israeli secret service agent Yoel Ravid retires to the suburbs with his daughter, mother and mother-in-law. After a lifetime of uncovering other people's secrets he is forced to look back at the lies he has told himself; his years of service to the state and the riddle of his daughter's behavior.

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  • Panther In The Basement
    Panther In The Basement (Paperback) Amos Oz

    British soldiers patrol the streets, and bullets and bombs are a nightly occurrence. Caught up in the fervour and unrest against the occupying forces, 12-year old Proffy dreams of being an underground fighter. But some of his dreams are less heroic. Temptation lurks everywhere for the youth who wants to be a man - and betrayal not far behind.

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  • Judas
    Judas (English, Paperback) Amos Oz

    Winner of the International Literature Prize, the new novel by Amos Oz is his first full-length work since the best-selling A Tale of Love and Darkness.

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  • A Perfect Peace
    A Perfect Peace (Paperback) Amos Oz

    What he leaves behind stays behind. What's left behind has nothing to stare at but his back.'In the winter of 1965, Yonaton Lifshitz decided to leave the kibbutz on which he was born, and his sterile marriage, to start a new life.

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  • Scenes from Village Life
    Scenes from Village Life (English, Paperback) Amos Oz

    A teenage son shoots himself under his parents' bed. As each story unfolds, Amos Oz, builds a portrait of a village in Israel. In this powerful, hynotic work Amos Oz peers into the darkness of our lives and gives us a glimpse of what goes on beneath the surface of everyday existence.

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  • Israel, Palestine and Peace
    Israel, Palestine and Peace (English, Paperback) Mr Amos Oz

    An important testimony as well as a moving portrait of a divided land is revealed in this collection of provocative essays and speeches on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict (variously composed before and after the peace initiatives). Preface by the Author. Translated by Nicholas de Lange. A Helen and Kurt Wolff Book

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  • Scenes from Village Life
    Scenes from Village Life (English, Paperback) Mr Amos Oz

    A novel in stories by acclaimed Israeli author Amos Oz.

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  • The Same Sea
    The Same Sea (English, CD-Audio) Mr Amos Oz $50.76
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  • To Know a Woman
    To Know a Woman (English, Paperback) AMOS OZ

    In a psychological and metaphysical study of a man, Yoel Ravid, a retired Israeli secret service agent who lives a simple life at home, questions his life and his relationships with women

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  • Touch the Water, Touch the Wind
    Touch the Water, Touch the Wind (English, Paperback) Mr Amos Oz

    Pomeranz, a Jewish mathematician and musician struggles for both physical and spiritual survival in Nazi-occupied Poland

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  • Black Box
    Black Box (English, Paperback) Mr Amos Oz

    After seven years with no communication, a divorcee writes a letter to her ex-husband begging for help with their rebellious son. That single epistle opens a flood gate of correspondence that leads to her ex- and current husband rivaling not only for her loyalty but for her son's as well.

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  • Under this Blazing Light
    Under this Blazing Light (English, Paperback) Amos Oz

    The first publication in English of political and personal writings by Israel's most famous living author.

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  • The Slopes of Lebanon
    The Slopes of Lebanon (English, Paperback) Mr Amos Oz

    From one of Israel's preeminent writers comes a superb collection of essays offering Oz's cogent views on Israel's offensive into Lebanon in 1982; fanaticism of all stripes; the PLO; Israeli terrorism; the new militarism and the growing intolerance toward the Arab population in Israel; the dream of Zionism, and its failures; and much more.

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  • The Amos Oz Reader
    The Amos Oz Reader (English, Paperback) Mr Amos Oz

    A rich and varied selection of writings--from the early 1960s to the present--by Amos Oz, one of Israel's leading novelists, public intellectuals, and political activists.

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  • Painted in Words
    Painted in Words (English, Hardback) Samuel Bak

    Narrates the stories of the author's life - as a child in Nazi-occupied Vilna, as a youth in European refugee camps, and as a maturing artist in Israel, France, Italy, Switzerland, and the United States.

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  • How to Cure a Fanatic
    How to Cure a Fanatic (English, Paperback) Amos Oz

    Offers insights into the true nature of fanaticism and proposes an approach to resolve the Israeli Palestinian conflict. This book comments on contemporary issues - the Gaza pullout, Yasser Arafat's death, and the war in Iraq. It argues that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not a war of religion or cultures or traditions.

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