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Anatol Lieven

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  • Pakistan: A Hard Country by Anatol Lieven
    Pakistan: A Hard Country (English, Paperback) Anatol Lieven

    In the wake of Pakistan's development of nuclear weapons, unpoliceable border areas, shelter of the Afghan Taliban and Bin Laden, there is a clear need to look further than the simple image of a failed state so often portrayed in the media. This title offers an understanding of this remarkable and highly contradictory country.

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  • America Right or Wrong by Anatol Lieven
    America Right or Wrong (Paperback) Anatol Lieven

    Renowned contemporary commentator Anatol Lieven anatomizes American nationalism - its roots, its defining features, and its recent radicalization - and just how greatly this is contributing to the paralysis of effective government in what remains the world's most powerful and important country

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  • Russia (TM)s Restless Frontier by Dmitri V. Trenin
    Russia (TM)s Restless Frontier (English, Paperback) Dmitri V. Trenin, Alexey Malashenko

    The conflict in Chechnya, going through its low- and high-intensity phases, has been doggedly accompanying Russia's development. In the last decade, the Chechen war was widely covered, both in Russia and in the West.

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  • Pakistan by Anatol Lieven
    Pakistan (English, Paperback) Anatol Lieven

    "Lieven's eye for detail, command of subcontinental history, and old-fashioned shoe-leather reporting make excellent primer on Pakistan."--Wall Street Journal

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  • Ethical Realism by Anatol Lieven
    Ethical Realism (English, Paperback) Anatol Lieven

    Two senior policy analysts representing both sides of the political spectrum provide an incisive critique of the problems with American foreign policy and what can be done to solve them, arguing that the nation has lost its moral compass and calling for a return to a policy of ethical realism. Reprint.

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  • Ukraine and Russia by Anatol Lieven
    Ukraine and Russia (English, Paperback) Anatol Lieven

    An exploration of the complex ethnic and political relationship of Ukraine and Russia. Based on interviews, the book provides a portrait of the diversity that is contemporary Ukraine and of its efforts to forge a national identity after three centuries of Russian rule.

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