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Andy Clark

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  • Kingsblade by Andy Clark
    Kingsblade (English, Paperback) Andy Clark

    Imperial Knight Titans clash as an internecine war ravages the Knights of Adrastapol.

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  • Shroud of Night by Andy Clark
    Shroud of Night (English, Paperback) Andy Clark

    A band of elite Chaos Space Marines from the Alpha Legion undertake a deadly stealth mission to infiltrate a heavily defended Imperial world

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  • Supersizing the Mind by Andy Clark
    Supersizing the Mind (English, Paperback) Andy Clark

    In Supersizing the Mind , Andy Clark argues that the human mind is not bound inside the head but extends into body and environment.

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  • Mindware by Andy Clark
    Mindware (English, Paperback) Andy Clark

    Ranging across both standard philosophical territory and the landscape of cutting-edge cognitive science, Mindware: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Cognitive Science, Second Edition, is a vivid and engaging introduction to key issues, research, and opportunities in the field.

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  • Extended Epistemology by J. Adam Carter
    Extended Epistemology (English, Hardback) J. Adam Carter

    Extended Cognition examines the way in which features of a subject's cognitive environment can become constituent parts of the cognitive process itself. This volume explores the epistemological ramifications of this idea, bringing together academics from a variety of different areas, to investigate the very idea of an extended epistemology

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  • Surfing Uncertainty by Andy Clark
    Surfing Uncertainty (English, Hardback) Andy Clark

    Exciting new theories in neuroscience, psychology, and artificial intelligence are revealing minds like ours as predictive minds, forever trying to guess the incoming streams of sensory stimulation before they arrive.

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  • Natural-Born Cyborgs by Andy Clark
    Natural-Born Cyborgs (English, Paperback) Andy Clark

    In Natural-Born Cyborgs, Clark argues that what makes humans so different from other species is our capacity to fully incorporate tools and supporting cultural practices into our existence. A stunning new look at the human brain and the human self, Natural Born Cyborgs reveals how our technology is indeed inseparable from who we are and how we think.

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  • Being There by Andy Clark
    Being There (English, Paperback) Andy Clark

    Exploring the idea that brain, body and world are united in a complex and extended computational activity, this book addresses foundational questions concerning the tools and techniques needed to make sense of the embodied mind. Ideas from robotics, neuroscience and psychology are used.

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  • Associative Engines by Andy Clark
    Associative Engines (English, Paperback) Andy Clark

    Clark charts a fundamental shift from a static, inner-code-oriented conception of the subject matter of cognitive science to a more dynamic, developmentally rich, process-oriented view.

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  • Knightsblade by Andy Clark
    Knightsblade (English, Paperback) Andy Clark

    A Freeblade Imperial Knight must decide whether to abandon his quest to restore his honour in order to warn the planet that exiled him of an impending doom.

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  • Crusade by Andy Clark
    Crusade (English, Paperback) Andy Clark

    On the world of Kalides Prime, an Ultramarines strike force of Primaris Space Marines battles to thwart the machinations of the Death Guard.

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