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Ann Laura Stoler

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  • Along the Archival Grain by Ann Laura Stoler
    Along the Archival Grain (English, Paperback)

    Offers a methodological and analytic opening to the affective registers of imperial governance and the political content of archival forms. This title identifies the social epistemologies that guided perception and practice, revealing the problematic racial ontologies of that confused epistemic space.

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  • Carnal Knowledge and Imperial Power by Ann Laura Stoler
    Carnal Knowledge and Imperial Power (English, Paperback)

    Investigates the matters of state in late 19th and early 20th century Indonesia, particularly the critical role played by sexual arrangements and affective attachments in creating colonial categories and distinguishing the ruler from the ruled. This work argues that social classification is not a benign cultural act but a potent political one.

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  • Tensions of Empire by Frederick Cooper
    Tensions of Empire (English, Paperback)

    Starting with the premise that Europe was made by its imperial projects as much as colonial encounters were shaped by events and conflicts in Europe, this volume investigates metropolitan-colonial relationships. It shows how "civilizing missions" often provided new sites for a bourgeois order.

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  • Duress by Ann Laura Stoler
    Duress (English, Paperback)

    In Duress Ann Laura Stoler traces how imperial formations and colonialism's presence shape current inequities around the globe by examining Israel's colonial practices, the United State's imperial practices, the recent rise of the French right wing, and affect's importance to governance.

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  • Imperial Debris by Ann Laura Stoler
    Imperial Debris (English, Paperback)

    Imperial Debris redirects scholarly focus away from ruins as evidence of the past to "ruination" as the processes through which imperial power occupies the environment, and bodies and minds, in the present.

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  • Haunted by Empire by Ann Laura Stoler
    Haunted by Empire (English, Paperback)

    An innovative collection that brings postcolonial critiques to bear on North American history and draws on that history to question the analytic conventions of postcolonial studies

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  • Race and the Education of Desire by Ann Laura Stoler
    Race and the Education of Desire (English, Paperback)

    Why is the colonial context absent from Michel Foucault's history of a European sexual discourse that for him defined the bourgeois self? This book challenges Foucault's tunnel vision of the West and his marginalization of empire.

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  • Political Concepts by Adi Ophir
    Political Concepts (English, Paperback)

    Essays by major contemporary figures in political philosophy, anthropology, and cultural studies presenting an original reflection on the question what is a particular concept (classic concepts in politics as well as newly politicized concepts) and asking what sort of work a rethinking of that concept can do for us now.

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