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Ann Quin

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  • The Unmapped Country by Ann Quin
    The Unmapped Country (English, Paperback) Ann Quin

    The lost stories of a remarkable writer who distinctively embodies the radical spirit of the 1960s

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  • Passages by Ann Quin
    Passages (English, Paperback) Ann Quin

    Two characters - a woman in search of her brother, and the woman's lover in search of himself - travel the Mediterranean landscape, co-dependently bound to one another in a hopeless relationship....

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  • Three by Ann Quin
    Three (English, Paperback) Ann Quin

    Three opens with the death of a young woman, identified only as S, possibly a suicide. Following her death, Ruth and Leonard - a middle-aged British couple whose marriage has devolved into pithy and bitter conversations - review the time S spent at their summer house. In a lyrical prose style likened to that of such diverse writers as Virginia Woolf and William Burroughs, Ann Quin presents the...

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  • Berg by Ann Quin
    Berg (English, Paperback) Ann Quin

    "A man called Berg, who changed his name to Greb, came to a seaside town intending to kill his father. . . ."

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  • Tripticks by Ann Quin
    Tripticks (English, Paperback) Ann Quin

    Ann Quin's Tripticks offers an episodic account of the narrator's flight across a surreal American landscape, pursued by his "No. 1 X-wife" and her new lover. This masterpiece of pre-punk aesthetics critiques the hypocrisy and consumerism of modern culture while spoofing the 'typical' maladjusted family, which in this case includes a father who made his money in ballpoint pens and a mother whose...

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