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Ann Quin

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  • The Unmapped Country by Ann Quin
    The Unmapped Country (English, Paperback) Ann Quin

    The lost stories of a remarkable writer who distinctively embodies the radical spirit of the 1960s

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  • Passages by Ann Quin
    Passages (English, Paperback) Ann Quin

    A poetic book of voices, landscapes and the passing of time, Ann Quin's finely wrought novel reflects the multiple meanings of the very word "passages." Two characters move through the book--a woman in search of her brother, and her lover (a masculine reflection of herself) in search of himself. The form of the novel, reflecting the schizophrenia of the characters, is split into two sections--a...

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  • Tripticks by Ann Quin
    Tripticks (English, Paperback) Ann Quin

    As innovative and abrasive as the very best of William Burroughs, Ann Quin's Tripticks offers a scattered account of the narrator's flight across a surreal American landscape, pursued by his "No. 1 X-wife" and her new lover. This masterpiece of pre-punk aesthetics critiques the hypocrisy and consumerism of modern culture while spoofing the "typical" maladjusted family, which in this case includes...

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  • Berg by Ann Quin
    Berg (English, Paperback) Ann Quin

    "A man called Berg, who changed his name to Greb, came to a seaside town intending to kill his father. . . ."

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  • Three by Ann Quin
    Three (English, Paperback) Ann Quin

    -- Ruth and Leonard's young female boarder, S., disappears under circumstances that suggest suicide. As the couple pours over her diary, audio tapes, and movies, their obsession with the enigmatic young girl takes over their relationship. Three combines laconic dialogue with poetic impressionism in an incisive exploration of the hidden emotions and sexual undercurrents of the British middle class.

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  • Berg by Ann Quin
    Berg (Paperback) Ann Quin

    The much-anticipated republication of Ann Quin's masterpiece of post-war British fiction: caustic, thrilling, unforgettable.

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