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Anna Yudina

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  • HomeWork by Anna Yudina
    HomeWork (English, Hardback) Anna Yudina

    Innovative design solutions for incorporating workspaces into the home

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  • Furnitecture by Anna Yudina
    Furnitecture (English, Hardback) Anna Yudina

    As the definition of designer expands and architects today create everything from jewelry to urban masterplans, a new wave of objects ranging from furniture to small-scale architectural inventions is transforming our interior spaces. This book offers examples of this new design typology, by renowned architects and designers from around the globe.

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  • Garden City by Anna Yudina
    Garden City (English, Hardback) Anna Yudina

    A spectacular global survey of some of the world's most inventive buildings--increasingly relevant in the face of climate change--which bring architecture and horticulture into a sustainable whole

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  • Lumitecture by Anna Yudina
    Lumitecture (English, Hardback) Anna Yudina

    Light makes an architectural space livable, shapes it and guides us within it. The role of light reaches well beyond practical needs and can create environments, emotions and spatial illusions. This publication captures the most imaginative ideas.

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  • Multiverse - Art, Dance, Design, Technology - The Emergent Creation by Anna Yudina
    Multiverse - Art, Dance, Design, Technology - The Emergent Creation (English, Hardback) Anna Yudina

    Featuring visionary creators from various fields, from art and contemporary dance to architecture and robotics, this lavishly illustrated book reports from the forefront of the cross-disciplinary synthesis that creates new forms of art.

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