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  • Hyperbole and a Half
    Hyperbole and a Half (English, Paperback) Alexandra Brosh

    Hyperbole and A Half is a blog written by a 20-something American girl called Allie Brosh. She tells stories about the mishaps of her everyday life, with titles like 'Why Dogs Don't Understand Basic Concepts Like Moving' and 'The God of Cake'. This book chronicles the "learning experiences" Brosh has endured as a result of her own character flaws.


    5 stars

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  • Rogues
    Rogues (English, Paperback) George R. R. Martin

    This thrilling collection of twenty-one all-original stories, by an all-star list of contributors, will delight and astonish in equal measure with their cunning twists and dazzling reversals. George Martin himself offers a brand-new A Game of Thrones tale. Also featuring stories from Gillian Flynn, Joe Abercrombie, Neil Gaiman, and more!

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  • Iraq+100
    Iraq+100 (English, Paperback) Hassan Blasim, Anoud

    Iraq + 100 poses a question to contemporary Iraqi writers: what might your home city look like in the year 2103 exactly 100 years after the disastrous American and British-led invasion of Iraq? How might that war reach across a century of repair and rebirth, and affect the state of the country its politics, its religion, its language, its culture and how might Iraq have finally escaped its chaos,...

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  • Out of the Wreck I Rise
    Out of the Wreck I Rise (English, Hardback) Neil Steinberg, Sara Bader

    Overcoming alcoholism or other addiction is often the hardest thing a person will ever try to do. But one central truth of addiction is as lonely as you feel, you are not really alone. Millions are struggling with the same problem, now and in the past. Among them are writers and philosophers, poets and playwrights who have thought about—and have struggled with— this fight for thousands of years. Their hard-won insights are the beating heart of Out of the Wreck I Rise. This book walks the reader through the stages of the path from the hell of addiction to the frequent bliss of recovery. Each chapter takes up a stage of the recovery process, beginning with a short commentary by Neil Steinberg—the nationally known Chicago Sun-Times columnist and author of Drunkard: A Hard-Drinking Life—followed by quotes that are, by turns, illuminating, bracing, and consoling. It draws upon the perspectives of writers from Seneca to Shakespeare to David Foster Wallace, and includes the voices of popular figures such as Billie Holiday, Keith Richards, and Patti Smith. Notorious drinkers—John Cheever, Charles Bukowski, Ernest Hemingway, Eugene O’Neill, and Raymond Carver, among others—share dearly paid for wisdom. The quotes not only inspire, individually, but are assembled to form a mosaic, fitted together to create a narrative of how recovery works, and the emotional, intellectual, and physical odyssey that people undertake when they get better.  Out of the Wreck I Rise is a unique and remarkably creative recovery guide designed to help those people—and their friends and families—to navigate and persevere on the path to recovery.

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  • Spring
    Spring (Paperback) Melissa Harrison

    A beautiful collection that captures the unfolding of springtime

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  • 1917
    1917 (English, Paperback) Boris Dralyuk

    1917: Stories and Poems from the Russian Revolution is a collection of literary responses to one of the most cataclysmic events in modern world history, which exposes the immense conflictedness and doubt, conviction and hope, pessimism and optimism which political events provoked among contemporary writers - sometimes at the same time, even in the same person. This dazzling panorama of thought,...

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  • The Best American Magazine Writing 2016
    The Best American Magazine Writing 2016 (English, Paperback) Sid Holt

    This year's Best American Magazine Writing features outstanding writing on contentious issues including incarceration, policing, sexual assault, labor, technology, and environmental catastrophe. Selections include Paul Ford's ambitious "What Is Code?" (Bloomberg Businessweek), an innovative explanation of how programming works, and "The Really Big One," by Kathryn Schulz (The New Yorker), which...

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  • Meditations
    Meditations (English, Paperback) Marcus Aurelius

    Meditations is a series of personal writings by Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor 161–180 CE, setting forth his ideas on Stoic philosophy.Marcus Aurelius wrote the 12 books of the Meditations in Koine Greek as a source for his own guidance and self-improvement. It is possible that large portions of the work were written at Sirmium, where he spent much time planning military campaigns from 170 to...

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  • A Sky Without Eagles
    A Sky Without Eagles (English, Paperback) Jack Donovan $15.12
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  • The Blind Owl
    The Blind Owl (English, Paperback) Sadegh Hedayat

    Widely regarded as Hedayat's masterpiece, "The Blind Owl" is the most important work of literature to come out of Iran in the past century. On the surface this work seems to be a tale of doomed love, but with the turning of each page, basic facts become obscure, and the reader soon realizes this book is much more than a love story.

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  • The Long Gaze Back
    The Long Gaze Back (Hardback) Sinead Gleeson $18.50
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  • Suck Me Dry
    Suck Me Dry (English, Paperback) Gemini Phoenix

    Tiffany has been with her loving fiancée, Amari, since she was fifteen years old. He was her first and will be her last if she doesn’t have some type of fun before they get married next year. The college life has done nothing but torment her of everything she’s missing sexually because Amari is an old fashion lover. When he leaves for a weekend business trip, Tiffany decides to let her hair...

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  • The Conquest of Happiness
    The Conquest of Happiness (English, Paperback) Bertrand Russell

    “Should be read by every parent, teacher, minister, and Congressman in the land.”—The Atlantic

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  • The Best Small Fictions 2015
    The Best Small Fictions 2015 (Paperback) Robert Olen Butler

    It takes many small things to make something big. Fifty-five acclaimed and emerging writers-including Emma Bolden, Ron Carlson, Kelly Cherry, Stuart Dybek, Blake Kimzey, Roland Leach, Bobbie Ann Mason, Diane Williams, and Hiromi Kawakami-have made the debut of The Best Small Fictions 2015 something significant, something worthwhile, and something necessary. Featuring spotlights on Pleiades journal...

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  • The Mistletoe Murder
    The Mistletoe Murder (English, Paperback) P D James

    Four previously uncollected stories from one of the great mystery writers of our time--swift, cunning murder mysteries (two of which feature the young Adam Dalgliesh) that together, to borrow the author's own word, add up to a delightful "entertainment." The newly appointed Sgt. Dalgliesh is drawn into a case that is "pure Agatha Christie." . . . A "pedantic, respectable, censorious" clerk's...

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  • The Mental Equivalent
    The Mental Equivalent (English, Paperback) Emmet Fox

    This unabridged edition is the substance of two lectures delivered by Emmet Fox at Unity School of Christianity, Kansas City, Mo., to include: The Mental Equivalent - Universal Polarity - Building a New Mental Equivalent - Maintaining the New Equivalent

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  • Bluets
    Bluets (English, Paperback) Maggie Nelson

    "Suppose I were to begin by saying that I had fallen in love with a color."

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