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Anthony De Mello

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  • Awareness by Anthony de Mello
    Awareness (English, Paperback) Anthony de Mello

    De Mello's spiritual classic remains at the top of the Fount bestsellers more than five years after its original publication.

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  • The Heart of the Enlightened by Anthony de Mello
    The Heart of the Enlightened (English, Paperback) Anthony de Mello

    250 stories, whose purpose is to provide a high level of self-identity

    $11.63 $13.99
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  • Awareness by Anthony de Mello
    Awareness (English, Paperback) Anthony de Mello

    An inspirational course on the spiritual life focuses on the theme of awareness, discussing the issues of change, suffering, and loss, and explaining how to cope with one's emotions

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  • Rediscovering Life by Anthony De Mello
    Rediscovering Life (English, Paperback) Anthony De Mello

    Shares a new way to look at the world and God, by being aware of the circutitous and habitual nature of thought, allowing readers to find hope and release feelings of isolation, anger, depression, and saddness.

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  • The Way to Love by Anthony de Mello
    The Way to Love (English, Paperback) Anthony de Mello

    The Way to Love contains the final flowering of Anthony de Mello's thought. Here, more than ever before in his bestselling writing, he grapples with the ultimate question of love.

    $8.98 $9.99
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  • One Minute Wisdom by Anthony de Mello
    One Minute Wisdom (English, Hardback) Anthony de Mello

    Offers brief meditations on miracles, sensitivity, spirituality, harmony, prophecy, identity, dreams, nonviolence, responsibility, liberation, meaning, and serenity

    $13.45 $14.95
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  • Sadhana by Anthony de Mello
    Sadhana (English, Paperback) Anthony de Mello

    A series of spiritual exercises which combine Eastern meditation techniques with Christian prayer is designed to aid in achieving inner peace

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    5 stars

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  • Seek God Everywhere by Anthony De Mello
    Seek God Everywhere (English, Paperback) Anthony De Mello

    The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius is one of the great masterpieces of the Christian canon. A series of meditations and practices that guides seekers on a journey to spiritual perfection, this manual has been used by millions of religious and lay persons alike for centuries....

    $12.67 $15.00
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  • The Way To Love by Anthony De Mello
    The Way To Love (English, Paperback) Anthony De Mello

    Offers thirty-one meditations, each preceded by a Gospel quotation, providing insight on the ultimate question of love.

    $13.23 $14.00
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  • Song Of The Bird by Anthony de Mello
    Song Of The Bird (English, Paperback) Anthony de Mello

    Offers brief meditations and stories which teach lessons about grace, faith, truth, individuality, holiness, spirituality, perception, and fate

    $12.29 $14.00
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  • Contact with God by Anthony De Mello
    Contact with God (English, Paperback) Anthony De Mello

    With more than two million copies of his books in print, Anthony de Mello remains one of the world's most popular spiritual guides. InContact with God, he draws upon his persuasive lectures and personal parables to guide readers through their own spiritual retreats....

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  • Wellsprings by Anthony de Mello
    Wellsprings (English, Paperback) Anthony de Mello

    One of the most important inspirational writers of our time, and an internationally acclaimed spiritual guide, Anthony de Mello here presents a way toward peace of mind, inner power, and joy through simple spiritual exercises that blend the ancient traditions of the East with the psychological and philosophical perspectives of the West. Wellsprings is intended to guide us to a deeper appreciation...

    $11.78 $15.00
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  • Taking Flight by Anthony de Mello
    Taking Flight (English, Paperback) Anthony de Mello

    "Both what you run from -- and what you yearn for -- are within you." --Anthony de Mello, S.J....

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  • Awakening by Anthony De Mello
    Awakening (English, Paperback) Anthony De Mello

    From the bestselling author of Awareness and The Way to Love comes a classic reissue of lessons to inspire readers every day of the year....

    $12.88 $15.00
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  • Praying Body and Soul by Anthony de Mello
    Praying Body and Soul (English, Paperback) Anthony de Mello

    Never before published in English, this is a step-by-step exercise book integrating the Christian tradition of contemplation and the Eastern wisdom of meditation. Fr. de Mello's stories and spiritual guidance are provocative, filled with humour, and grounded in everyday experiences.

    $14.88 $16.95
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  • Anthony De Mello by Anthony de Mello
    Anthony De Mello (English, Paperback) Anthony de Mello

    Essential writings provide a penetrating introduction to the Indian Jesuit who bridged East and West with his stories and parables.

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  • Autoliberacion Interior by Anthony de Mello
    Autoliberacion Interior (Multiple languages, Paperback) Anthony de Mello Currently Unavailable More details
  • Sadhana - Un Camino de Oracion by Anthony de Mello
    Sadhana - Un Camino de Oracion (Multiple languages, Paperback) Anthony de Mello

    Escrito desde la fe, y enlazando una rigurosa tradición cristiana oracional con la milenaria sabidiría oriental, Sadhana desarrolla la misión contemplativa del hombre en un horizonte insospechado de búsqueda de Dios. Pero el método no se dirige a una "elite" de místicos, sino al pueblo de Dios. Mi experiencia de la enorme diversidad de gentes que han accedido...

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  • Walking on Water by Anthony De Mello
    Walking on Water (English, Paperback) Anthony De Mello

    Drawing on stories of monks, rabbis, and soldiers; fairy tales and legends; gentle jokes and Zen sayings; Anthony de Mello awakens us to a practical, direct connection with the divine. His exercises encourage a relinquishing of the ego, an acceptance of people as they are, and a freedom from fear and anxiety.

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