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Anthony Stevens

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  • Jung: A Very Short Introduction by Anthony Stevens
    Jung: A Very Short Introduction (English, Paperback) Anthony Stevens

    Explains the basic concepts of Jungian psychology, and examines Jung's views on such disparate subjects as myth, religion, alchemy, 'sychronicity', and the psychology of gender differences. This book also discusses the stages of life, Jung's theory of psychological types, the interpretation of dreams, and the practice of Jungian analysis.

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  • Private Myths by Anthony Stevens
    Private Myths (English, Paperback) Anthony Stevens

    Rich in symbolic and scientific insight, Private Myths traverses the course of dream interpretation from distant hunter-gatherer times to the present. Stevens makes the principles of dream interpretation accessible to scientists, the findings of dream science accessible to analysts, and the discoveries of both available to lay readers.

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  • Living Archetypes by Anthony Stevens
    Living Archetypes (English, Paperback) Anthony Stevens

    Anthony Stevens has devoted a lifetime to modernizing our understanding of the archetypes within us, relating them to conceptual developments in a variety of scientific disciplines, such as the patterns of behaviour of behavioural ecology, the species-specific behavioural systems of Bowlby's attachment theory, the deep structures of Chomskian linguistics, and the modules of evolutionary...

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  • Archetype Revisited by Anthony Stevens
    Archetype Revisited (English, Paperback) Anthony Stevens

    Rev. ed. of: Archetypes, a natural history of the self, 1982.

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  • You Just Can't Make This Stuff Up...: v. 1 by Rebs!
    You Just Can't Make This Stuff Up...: v. 1 (English, Paperback) Rebs!, Tiny Cotterill

    Funny, revealing, illuminating, and gross, "Honest" is a collection of comic shorts.

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  • To Hell and Back by Errol Anthony Stevens
    To Hell and Back (Paperback) Errol Anthony Stevens Currently Unavailable More details
  • On Jung by Anthony Stevens
    On Jung (English, Paperback) Anthony Stevens

    Jung's life experience made him a profound, stimulating, and immensely influential writer on various aspects of human behavior. This title examines various stages of Jung's personal and professional development to throw light on his theories of the life cycle, dream symbolism, and the collective unconscious.

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  • The Two Million-Year-Old Self by Anthony Stevens
    The Two Million-Year-Old Self (English, Paperback) Anthony Stevens

    For the ecologically concerned, this book offers a perspective on our future relations with our planet. The author examines ways in which the contemporary world fulfills and frustrates its basic needs and intentions. He evokes dreams and psychiatry to reveal a view of the two million-year-old self as embodying no less than the will of nature.

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  • Evolutionary Psychiatry by Anthony Stevens
    Evolutionary Psychiatry (English, Paperback) Anthony Stevens, John Price

    Evolutionary Psychiatry was first published in 1996, the second edition followed in 2000. This ground breaking book challenged the medical model which supplied few effective answers to long-standing conundrums. A comprehensive introduction to the science of Darwinian Psychiatry, the second edition included important fresh material on a number of disorders, along with a chapter on research....

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  • Archetype Revisited by Anthony Stevens
    Archetype Revisited (English, Paperback) Anthony Stevens

    In this revised, updated edition, Anthony Stevens considers the enormous cultural, social and intellectual changes that have taken place in the past 20 years.

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