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  • Shattered
    Shattered (English, Paperback) April Wilson

    Beth and Shane's story continues in this new installment of the McIntyre Security Bodyguard series. After the death of Beth's childhood abductor, Howard Kline, Beth and Shane are free to begin their life together.?Beth's future is looking bright. She's loving her new job at the bookstore and she has an engagement ring on her finger. Everything is perfect until Shane's former girlfriend, Luciana...

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  • Broken
    Broken (Paperback) April Wilson $19.21
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  • Imperfect
    Imperfect (Paperback) April Wilson $20.45
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  • Maze Games for Adults
    Maze Games for Adults (English, Paperback) April Wilson

    Maze Games for Adults...

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  • Fearless
    Fearless (English, Paperback) April Wilson

    The eagerly anticipated sequel to Vulnerable is here! Fearless is a full-length contemporary romance novel. No cliffhanger! A guaranteed HEA. This novel is a direct continuation of my first novel, Vulnerable. While Fearless can be read alone, it will be enjoyed more if you've already read Vulnerable. Beth Jamison Since childhood, I've lived under a shadow of fear and anxiety, afraid to trust...

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  • Vulnerable (Paperback) April Wilson $18.38
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  • My Recipe Favorite Menu
    My Recipe Favorite Menu (English, Paperback) April Wilson

    My Recipe Favorite Menu...

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  • Shane (English, Paperback) April Wilson

    Shane McIntyre will do anything to protect the love of his life. Even kill a monster. When convicted kidnapper Howard Kline comes after Beth Jamison to exact revenge for his two decades spent in prison, Shane will be waiting for him, ready to put an end to Beth's nightmare once and for all. This novella, written from Shane's point of view, is book 2.5 in the McIntyre Security Bodyguard Series....

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  • German Quickly
    German Quickly (English, Paperback) April Wilson $53.57
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