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  • Love
    Love (English, Paperback) Hanne Orstavik

    A mother and son move to a village in northern Norway, each ensconced in their own world. Their distance has fatal consequences....

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  • A Useless Man
    A Useless Man (English, Paperback) Sait Faik Abasiyanik

    Sait Faik Abasiyanik wrote 12 books of short stories, two novels and a book of poetry. Many stories are loosely autobiographical and deal with his frustration with social convention, the relentless pace of westernisation, and the slow but steady ethnic cleansing of his city. His fluid surfaces might seem to be in keeping with restrictions that the architects of the new Republic placed on language...

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  • Moving Parts
    Moving Parts (English, Paperback) Magdalena Tulli

    A feckless, comical narrator struggles against all odds to tell a story for which he is responsible, but which he neither controls nor understands. His characters multiply, repeat, and go astray; his employer pays no attention, asleep in a drunken stupor. The increasingly desperate narrator clambers over rooftops and through underground passages, watching helplessly as his characters reappear in...

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  • Questions Asked
    Questions Asked (English, Hardback) Jostein Gaarder, Akin Duezakin

    A picture book with fundamental philosophical questions, posed in a way only Jostein Gaarder is capable of. The illustrator has made an independent visual narrative that underscores the existential aspect of Jostein Gaarder's philosophical questions. Questions Asked shows confidence in a child's capacity to think deeply and read between the lines. The book follows a little boy traveling alone in...

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  • The First Wife
    The First Wife (English, Paperback) Paulina Chiziane

    In this, a ground-breaking publication in the canon of non-Western women's literary history, Paulina Chiziani - the first woman from Mozambique ever to publish a novel - lifts the lid on her country's values and its hypocracies. After 20 years of marriage, Rami discovers that her husband has been living a double - or rather, a quintuple - life. After Tony is forced to marry the four other women -...

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  • Incest
    Incest (English, Paperback) Christine Angot

    A daring novel that made Christine Angot one of the most controversial figures in contemporary France recounts the narrator's incestuous relationship with her father. Tess Lewis's forceful translation brings into English this audacious novel of taboo....

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  • Greetings From Angelus
    Greetings From Angelus (English, Paperback) Gershom Scholem

    A bilingual collection of poetry from pioneering scholar in Kabbalah and Jewish Mysticism, Gershom Scholem....

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  • In the Presence of Absence
    In the Presence of Absence (English, Paperback) Mahmoud Darwish

    From the incomparable, award-winning Mahmoud Darwish: a stunning book of prose poetry that recalls the Palestine of his youth.

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  • My Struggle, Book One
    My Struggle, Book One (English, Hardback) Karl Ove Knausgaard

    Almost ten years have passed since Karl Ove Knausgaard's father drank himself to death. Vulnerable and assailed by doubts, he is now embarking on a new novel. With an uncanny eye for detail, Knausgaard breaks down his own life story to its elementary particles, reliving memories, reopening wounds, and examining with candor the turbulence and the epiphanies that emerge from his own experience of...

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  • Tranquility
    Tranquility (English, Paperback) Attila Bartis

    Oppressive brilliant comic downward spiral from one of Hungary's most acclaimed and daring young authors.

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  • Our Lady Of The Nile
    Our Lady Of The Nile (English, Paperback) Scholastique Mukasonga

    For her most recent work and first novel - Notre-Dame du Nil, originally published in March 2012 with Gallimard in French - Mukasonga immerses us in a school for young girls, called 'Notre-Dame du Nil.' The book is a prelude to the Rwandan genocide and unfolds behind the closed doors of the school, in the interminable rainy season. Friendships, desires, hatred, political fights, incitation to...

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  • For Isabel: A Mandala
    For Isabel: A Mandala (English, Paperback) Antonio Tabucchi

    A metaphysical detective story about love and existence from the Italian master, Antonio Tabucchi. When Tadeus sets out to find Isabel, his former love, he soon finds himself on a metaphysical journey across the world, one that calls into question the meaning of time and existence and the power of words....

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  • Cockroaches
    Cockroaches (English, Paperback) Scholastique Mukasonga

    Imagine being born into a world where everything about you?the shape of your nose, the look of your hair, the place of your birth?designates you as an undesirable, an inferior, a menace, no better than a cockroach, something to be driven away and ultimately exterminated. Imagine being thousands of miles away while your family and friends are brutally and methodically slaughtered. Imagine being...

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  • Posthumous Papers Of A Living Author
    Posthumous Papers Of A Living Author (English, Paperback) Robert Musil

    Playful reflections on humanity and art. A quest for the essential and voyage into the minute.

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  • Job
    Job (English, Paperback) Joseph Roth

    A beautiful re-imagining of the Book of Job. One man's faith is tested, lost, and restored. A gem.

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  • A Treatise On Shelling Beans
    A Treatise On Shelling Beans (English, Paperback) Wieslaw Mysliwski

    Wieslaw Mysliwski returns with another brilliant translation by Bill Johnston. From its opening invitation for the reader to 'please, come on in', the direct address from the narrator draws the reader into a conversational style that is highly amusing, perceptive and human. And in this unforgettable voice the narrator meditates upon the role of fate and chance in human lives, reflecting on how far...

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  • Translation Is a Love Affair
    Translation Is a Love Affair (English, Paperback) Jacques Poulin

    A daring young translator finds herself in a noirish yet heartwarming Quebecois fairy tale mystery.

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  • Blinding
    Blinding (English, Paperback) Mircea Cartarescu

    Mircea Cartarescu's prize-winning, genre-crossing memoir-novel of hallucinatory Bucharest is a bestseller in Romania. Blinding follows the protagonist's childhood and teenaged hospitalisation, his family's migration from Bulgaria the century before, his parents' courtship and the installation of the Communist regime. Personal and political history forms a lush backdrop to an engrossing tale that...

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  • Mafeking Road
    Mafeking Road (English, Paperback) Herman Charles Bosman

    The Faulkner of South Africa: Transcendent glimpses into the human condition, of dreams and heartbreak, told with homespun wisdom.

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  • A Time for Everything
    A Time for Everything (English, Paperback) Karl Ove Knausgaard

    A stunning reimagining of man's relationship with angels. Utterly original, perceptive, and alive. A modern masterpiece.

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