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  • Imaginary Cities
    Imaginary Cities (English, Paperback) Darran Anderson

    Inspired by the surreal accounts of the explorer and 'man of a million lies' Marco Polo, Imaginary Cities charts the metropolis and the imagination, and the symbiosis therein.

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  • Manual of Section
    Manual of Section (English, Paperback) Paul Lewis, Marc Tsurumaki

    The first comprehensive book about section in architecture, containing 63 newly constructed, highly detailed cross-section perspectives of key buildings from the past 100 years

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  • Conditional Design
    Conditional Design (English, Paperback) Anthony Di Mari

    A sequel to Operative Design, this book intends to further explore the operative in design in a more detailed, intentional, and functional manner.

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  • English Medieval Embroidery
    English Medieval Embroidery (English, Hardback) Clare Browne

    In medieval Europe, embroidered textiles were indispensable symbols of wealth and power. Owing to their quality, complexity, and magnificence, English embroideries enjoyed international demand and can be traced in Continental sources as opus anglicanum (English work). This sumptuously illustrated book draws on new research and detailed photography to offer an introduction to their design,...

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  • Construction and Detailing for Interior Design
    Construction and Detailing for Interior Design (Paperback) Drew Plunkett

    Packed with professional, annotated drawings and explanatory photographs of techniques, materials and tools, this book includes revised diagrams to increase clarity, on sustainability and more.

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  • The Archidoodle
    The Archidoodle (English, Paperback) Steve Bowkett

    Provides an interactive way to learn about architecture. Filled with an array of beautiful and elegant drawings, this title poses all manner of architectural challenges for the user: from designing your own skyscraper, to drawing an island house or creating a Constructivist monument, and more.

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  • Be in a Treehouse
    Be in a Treehouse (English, Hardback) Pete Nelson

    Pete Nelson is back with more inspiring treehouses from around the world and a practical guide to designing and building them.

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  • Case Study Houses
    Case Study Houses (English, Hardback) Elizabeth A T Smith

    Modernism to the masses: Pioneering designs for affordable postwar homesThe Case Study House program (1945–1966) was a unique event in the history of American architecture. Sponsored byArts & Architecture magazine, the program sought to respond to the postwar building boom withprototype modern homes that could be both easily replicated and readily affordable to the average...

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  • Concretopia
    Concretopia (Paperback) John Grindrod

    Was Britain's postwar rebuilding the height of midcentury chic or the concrete embodiment of Crap Towns? Gindrod set out on a journey across the country to find out. This is a story of dazzling space-age optimism, ingenuity and helipads, tempered by protests, deadly collapses and scandals that shook the government, and will change the way you look at Arndale Centres, tower blocks and concrete...

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  • A Work of Beauty
    A Work of Beauty (Paperback) Alexander McCall Smith

    In this sumptuous new book, Alexander McCall Smith curates his own distinctive story of Edinburgh - combining his affectionate, incisive wit with a wealth of stunning imagery drawn from Scotland's national collection of architecture and archaeology.

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  • Abandoned Places
    Abandoned Places (English, Hardback) Kieron Connolly

    Children’s schoolbooks left open in a classroom, trees entangled in a rusting Ferris wheel, hulks of ships high and dry, miles from any water – seeing images like these we’re bound to wonder: what happened here? Ranging from the urban aquarium of a flooded shopping mall to majestic shipwrecks, from aircraft graveyards to forgotten railway stations, from leper colonies to radiation zones,...

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  • 100 Contemporary Houses
    100 Contemporary Houses (Multiple languages, Hardback) Philip Jodidio

    Looks at more than one hundred of the most interesting private homes designed by such architects as John Pawson, Richard Meier, and Zaha Hadid.

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  • Bitten by Witch Fever
    Bitten by Witch Fever (English, Hardback) Lucinda Hawksley

    Presents facsimile samples of 275 of the most sumptuous wallpaper designs ever created by designers and printers of the age, including Christopher Dresser and Morris & Co. In this title, interleaved with the wallpaper sections is a commentary that guides you through the story of the manufacture, uses and effects of arsenic.

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  • Relics of the Reich
    Relics of the Reich (English, Hardback) Colin Philpott

    This book will take an holistic view of Nazi architecture.

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  • Inside Venice
    Inside Venice (English, Hardback) Toto Bergamo Rossi, Jean-Francois Jaussaud

    The superb private interiors of Venice are revealed in this lavishly photographed book.

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  • Medieval Graffiti
    Medieval Graffiti (English, Hardback) Matthew Champion

    Drawing on examples from surviving medieval churches in England, the author gives a voice to the secret graffiti artists from the lord of the manor and the parish priest to the people who built the church itself.

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  • The Poetics of Space
    The Poetics of Space (English, Paperback) Gaston Bachelard

    Beloved and contemplated by philosophers, architects, writers, and literary theorists alike, this book examines the places in which we place our conscious and unconscious thoughts and guides us through a stream of cerebral meditations on poetry, art, and the blooming of consciousness itself.

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  • The Destruction of Memory
    The Destruction of Memory (English, Paperback) Robert Bevan

    Now available in an expanded 2nd Edition, this is a polemical account of the destruction of architecture in war.

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  • Rice's Architectural Primer
    Rice's Architectural Primer (English, Hardback) Matthew Rice

    A beautifully packaged, idiosyncratic introduction to British building styles, by the acclaimed illustrator and architectural enthusiast Matthew Rice.

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  • Elements of Venice
    Elements of Venice (English, Paperback) Giulia Foscari

    The metamorphic nature of Venice, a city in which most buildings underwent throughout the centuries substantial volumetric and formal transformations informed by political and cultural shifts, is revealed in Elements of Venice through the analysis of single architectural elements includes a foreword by Rem Koolhaas.

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