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  • The Boomer Generation by Carole McCall
    The Boomer Generation (English, Paperback) Carole McCall

    The Baby Boomer Generation had everything including freedom, music, power and enough excitement to power a fleet of rocket ships. Easy access to the professions, inexpensive housing and a voice to be heard came with the territory.That sense of eternal sunshine that made everything glow and gleam, seemed like an everlasting reality. We did not think twice as we chased the mirage of unattainable...


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  • The Rise and Fall of Art Needlework by Linda Cluckie
    The Rise and Fall of Art Needlework (English, Paperback) Linda Cluckie

    In the nineteenth century a new needlework style 'Art Embroidery' gave rise to major commercial ventures of the time. This book explores the significance of these ventures, particularly the contribution made by women employed in the industry; auditing their working practices, then relating this to our understanding of gender history.

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  • The Lotus Generation by Carole McCall
    The Lotus Generation (English, Paperback) Carole McCall

    In mid-life the author decided to go and live and work in Spain for a while and then travelled extensively around the world. Although it was lots of fun it was also filled with some difficult soul-searching. This is her story of that phase of life after children have flown the nest and it involves change and challenge.


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  • The Fourth Generation by Carole McCall
    The Fourth Generation (English, Paperback) Carole McCall

    There are no exceptions and therefore there are no choices. Are the rules and boundaries we set for ourselves much stronger than the rules that other people set for us? This book is about the choices people make: the limitations we set for ourselves and the solutions we never stand by because we feel there aren't any.

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  • A Short History of Human Error by Oliver Thomson
    A Short History of Human Error (English, Paperback) Oliver Thomson

    A candid, sometimes controversial study of the psychological or other flaws of political, religious and economic leaders from ancient times onwards: from Rameses II to Colonel Gaddafi, from Genghis Khan to Stalin and Hitler, from Buddha or Saint Paul to Martin Luther or Ron Hubbard, from sex-addicted presidents to alcoholic prime ministers.

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  • Pawn's Gambit by Harry Armstrong
    Pawn's Gambit (English, Paperback) Harry Armstrong

    Kate Kimball returns from a business trip in California to find that her partner, Paul Emmerson, a Professor at Oxford University has mysteriously disappeared. Kate realises that if she is to discover what really happened, she must carry out her own investigation. With only a minor clue to go on the task at first seems insurmountable.

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  • Deadly Encounters by Peter Curson
    Deadly Encounters (English, Paperback) Peter Curson

    This book combines elements of Medical Demography, Public Health, History and Geography. It offers much to the field of Public Health, to the Disasters literature, to those interested in how the media moulds public opinion and to historians, social scientists and geographers interested in how societies and governments behave during epidemic crises.

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  • The Communication Generation by Carole McCall
    The Communication Generation (English, Paperback) Carole McCall

    A true story of a capable and cheerful woman's slow and sometimes hilarious ascent all the way back from a real, fully fledged, all singing and all dancing breakdown that she really did not see coming her way, not in a month of Sundays.

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  • The Politics of the Rope by Neville Twitchell
    The Politics of the Rope (English, Paperback) Neville Twitchell

    A study that offers an account of the campaign to abolish capital punishment in the period 1955-69. It examines the effect on the campaign of fluctuations in public opinion, and of controversial murder cases such as those of Timothy Evans, Derek Bentley, Ruth Ellis and James Hanratty, which in turn often informed the state of public opinion.

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  • Better Criticism by Chris Tookey
    Better Criticism (Paperback) Chris Tookey

    An analysis of literary and film criticism as it exists today and the decline of critical standards and an appeal for restoring them.

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  • A Question of Belonging by Tangea Tansley
    A Question of Belonging (Paperback) Tangea Tansley

    A novel set in Northern Transvaal, South Africa, describing the tribulations of a widow with a young son, and the problems of an inheritance and managing a remote farm in a politically unstable period and territory around 1978 and after.

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  • An Animated Son of Liberty by Walter McGinty
    An Animated Son of Liberty (English, Paperback) Walter McGinty

    Deals with the life of a leading 18th century Scottish academic and churchman who was invited over to the American colonies as one of the first Presidents of what was eventually to become Princeton University. This biography gives insight into the interesting aspects of an important age.

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  • Joyful Darkness by Doug Clelland
    Joyful Darkness (Paperback) Doug Clelland

    This book is about the Invisible apparent: its narratives investigating what is to be alive with the concealed, i.e., its anchors, caresses, respect, stains, tests, threats and zaps entangling us in myriad ways.

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  • Brexit: The Quest for Freedom by Norman Johnsen
    Brexit: The Quest for Freedom (English, Paperback) Norman Johnsen

    A critique of Britain's relationship with the EU and the necessity for Brexit in retaining the cultural and economic integrity of our heritage and in avoiding the collapse of living standards.

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  • Death in Riyadh by Robert Corfe
    Death in Riyadh (English, Paperback) Robert Corfe

    The true story of a public execution in Saudi Arabia interspaced with a businessman's observations on the culture of Arab and Islamic life throughout the Gulf region, and its impact on the ex-pat population and peoples further afield.

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  • Border Conflicts in a German African Colony by P. H. Curson
    Border Conflicts in a German African Colony (English, Paperback) P. H. Curson

    Records the adventure, sacrifice, deception and betrayal touching on major themes dominating the history of Southern Africa in the early years of the 20th century. This book describes the Herero and Nama rebellions against the Germans in 1903-1907, and the aftermath of concentration, death and work camps and the German policy of genocide.

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  • The Curse of the Great Train Robbery by Jon Fordham
    The Curse of the Great Train Robbery (English, Paperback) Jon Fordham

    The Curse of the Great Train Robbery tells the thrilling story of the robbery and reveals the series of subsequent events which will leave readers to ponder whether this was a crime which was both cursed and doomed to fail from the very outset.

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  • The Liberal Delusion by John Marsh
    The Liberal Delusion (English, Paperback) John Marsh

    Is western civilisation based on a mistaken understanding of humanity? Fundamental to any society is its comprehension of human nature. It shapes attitudes and policies on a whole range of issues: interpersonal relations, child-rearing, discipline and punishment, economics and welfare. This book deals with this topic.

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  • Bertuna's Children by Sue Spiller
    Bertuna's Children (Paperback) Sue Spiller

    The history of a school in Great Barton, Suffolk, and of education in the region from early times until the present, and the story of those associated with that school who were either pupils or members of staff.

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  • Build Over There by Hamish Barrell
    Build Over There (Paperback) Hamish Barrell

    'Build Over There' challenges our conception of the forces that shape and control our cities, why we have deemed it necessary to publicly regulate and invest in them, and what lies at stake for us and our communities with the changes arising from de-industrialisation, political polarisation, privatisation, climate change and social insecurity.

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