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  • Very
    Very Heath Robinson (Hardback) Adam Hart-Davis

    Adam Hart-Davis explores the delightful work of William Heath Robinson, the prolific artist and humorist.

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  • Photograph
    Photograph Like a Thief (English, Paperback) Glyn Dewis

    No photographer works in a vacuum. Photographers, like all artists, stand on the shoulders of those who came before them, and they are informed and influenced by those working around them. If you are striving to find your own style, one of the most powerful exercises you can practice is to find influence and inspiration in the work of those around you, and then emulate that work in an effort to...

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  • Paint
    Paint by Sticker: Music Icons (English, Paperback) Workman Publishing

    A compelling activity for crafters and artists, doodlers and colourers of all ages, each Paint by Sticker book includes everything you need to create twelve vibrant, fuli-color "paintings." The original images are rendered in low-poly, a computer graphics style using geometric polygon shapes to create a 3D effect.

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  • Zen
    Zen Chic Inspired (English, Paperback) Brigitte Heitland

    Quilter and interior-design expert Brigitte Heitland shows you how to use the colors and decor elements in your rooms to make modern quilts.

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  • The
    The Grammar of Ornament (English, Hardback) Owen Jones

    First published in 1856, The Grammar of Ornament remains a design classic. Its inspiration came from pioneering British architect and designer Owen Jones (1809-1874), who produced a comprehensive design treatise for the machine age, lavishly illustrated in vivid chromolithographic color. Jones made detailed observations of decorative arts on his travels in Europe, the Middle East, and in his...

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  • Specimens
    Specimens of Chromatic Wood Type, Borders, and C. (English, Hardback) Esther K. Smith, Steven Heller

    Called the most beautiful book in the world by bibliophiles and designers around the world, this classic volume republished here for the first time is nothing short of spectacular.

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  • Honar"/
    Honar (English, Hardback) Sussan Babaie, Venetia Porter

    The first and only book on one of the finest private collections of contemporary Iranian art

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  • Chaos
    Chaos and Culture (English, Hardback) Victoria Newhouse

    In 2006 the Stavros Niarchos Foundation announced its gift of a new cultural center in Athens to house both Greek National Library and the Greek National Opera House within a forty-acre landscaped public park. Two years later, with designers and engineers in place and the project underway, the Greek economy collapsed.   In Chaos and Culture, Victoria Newhouse weaves a fascinating narrative...

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  • Giacometti"/
    Giacometti (Paperback) Frances Morris

    Alberto Giacometti is one of the few artists of the last century whose work is almost more recognisable than his name. His distinctive elongated figures are inescapably associated with the post-war climate of existentialist despair.

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  • The
    The Silver Way (English, Paperback) Stephen Silver

    The Silver Way: Techniques, Tips and Tutorials for Effective Character Design by Stephen Silver offers invaluable instruction from one of best teachers in the industry. Whether you’re a professional artist interested in improving your drawing skills, or an aspiring designer fresh out of high school looking to add to your portfolio, The Silver Way will help you build your confidence and strengthen...

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  • He-Man
    He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (English, Hardback) Val Staples, James Eatock

    This is the most comprehensive guide ever published, covering all things Masters of the Universe and Princess of Power from 1982 through today! The universe of He-Man and She-Ra is full of mystery. And thanks to over four thousand individual entries covering characters, beasts, vehicles, locations, weapons and magic, you can learn the secrets of this entire universe!

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  • Hokusai"/
    Hokusai (Hardback) Timothy Clark, Roger Keyes

    Hokusai created sublime works during the last thirty years of his life, right up to his death at the age of ninety. Publications have hitherto presented his long career as a chronological sequence. This book takes a fresh approach based on innovative scholarship: thematic groupings of works are related to the major spiritual and artistic quests of Hokusai's life. Hokusai's personal beliefs are...

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  • Nina
    Nina Chanel Abney (English, Paperback) Marshall N. Price

    This fully illustrated catalogue accompanies the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University's exhibition Nina Chanel Abney: Royal Flush.

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  • The
    The Unmaking of Home in Contemporary Art (English, Hardback) Claudette Lauzon

    Building on the scholarship of key art historians and theorists such as Judith Butler and Mieke Bal, Claudette Lauzon embarks upon a transnational analysis of contemporary artists who challenge the assumption that 'home' is a stable site of belonging.

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  • The
    The Book of Circles (English, Hardback) Manuel Lima

    In The Book of Circles, his companion volume to the popular Book of Trees, Manuel Lima takes us on a lively tour through millenia of information design.

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  • Giacometti"/
    Giacometti (English, Paperback) Lena Fritsch

    Alberto Giacometti (1901-66) is one of the most significant sculptors of the twentieth century, internationally acclaimed for his unique style and innovative vision. His distinctive elongated figures are inescapably associated with the post-war climate of existentialist despair and almost more recognisable than the artist's name.

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  • Making
    Making Magnificence (English, Hardback) Christine Casey

    This book tells the remarkable story of the craftsmen of Ticino, in Italian-speaking Switzerland, who took their prodigious skills as specialist decorative plasterworkers throughout Northern Europe in the 18th century, adorning classical architecture with their rich and fluent décor.  Their names are not widely known – Giuseppi Artari (c.1690–1771), Giovanni Battista...

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  • Holbein"/
    Holbein (English, Hardback) Norbert Wolf

    Renaissance presenceHans Holbein the Younger, portraitist extraordinaireReligion, Renaissance, and Reformation – these three ideologies shaped the world of 16th-century portraitist Hans Holbein the Younger (1497/98–1543), a pivotal figure of the Northern Renaissance, whose skills took him to Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, and England, and garnered patrons and subjects as prestigious as...

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  • Oxfordshire"/
    Oxfordshire (English, Hardback) Alan Brooks, Jennifer Sherwood

    This volume is a fully expanded and revised architectural guide to the greater part of Oxfordshire, based on Jennifer Sherwood’s 1970s account, full of new information and with specially commissioned photography.The vernacular architecture of the villages and farms is well represented here, as well as notable town architecture and the medieval parish churches for which the area is well known....

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