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  • Winter Journeys
    Winter Journeys (English, Hardback) Georges Perec, The Oulipo

    The Oulipo's members have included luminaries of the calibre of Italo Calvino, Marcel Duchamp and Georges Perec. In 1979 Georges Perec wrote a brief entertainment for a publisher's catalogue: The Winter Journey. It became his most reprinted text, and revealed an extraordinary literary discovery, a secret concealed at the heart of modern French literature. Following Perec's death, the group began...

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  • Anicet Or The Panorama
    Anicet Or The Panorama (English, Hardback) Louis Aragon

    This novel, much of it written amidst the horror of the trenches when Aragon was a medical orderly during the First World War, demonstrates the chasm that separates the works of the artists and writers of what would become Dadaism and those, say, of the English War poets. Aragon's precisely crafted and sardonic prose reveals a world that is no more than a tragic puppet show, with every scene...

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  • The Tutu
    The Tutu (English, Hardback) Leon Genonceaux

    The Tutu is a genuine literary mystery: a lost masterpiece. Published in 1891, it never made it to bookshops. Its existence was only revealed in 1966, by a famous literary hoaxer. It is the ultimate 'decadent novel', but also outlandishly modern; it is excessive, repellent, infantile and riotously funny. Yet despite its absurdities, its eccentricities and its extravagance, in the end it somehow...

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  • Journey To The Land Of The Real
    Journey To The Land Of The Real (English, Hardback) Victor Segalen $19.58
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  • Theory Of The Great Game
    Theory Of The Great Game (English, Hardback) Dennis Duncan

    Between 1928 and 1930, the Paris magazine Le Grand Jeu (The Great Game) ran to three issues. During its brief period of activity, however, Le Grand Jeu was more than a little magazine that vanished in the orbit of the Surrealist movement. The journal was the public face of a tightly-bound group of artists and writers who since adolescence had systematically attacked their perceptions of reality by...

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  • The Way Home
    The Way Home (English, Paperback) Harry Mathews

    This selection of Harry Mathews longer prose writings attests to his innivative genius in seven radically differing works. Includes Country Cooking in Central France, Singular Pleasures, The Orchard, Amenian Papers, Translation and the Oulipo, The Way Home and Autobiography.

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  • The Automatic Muse (English, Paperback) Michel Leiris, Robert Desnos

    & Peret, Benjamin Four Surrealist Novels Atlas Anti-Classics Collects together four remarkable novels from the early days of Surrealism when the group was experimenting with 'automatic writing' and other methods of 'forcing inspiration'.

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  • Death to the Pigs
    Death to the Pigs (English, Paperback) Benjamin Peret

    Death to the Pigs & Other Works The definitive selection of works by one of the greatest writers of Surrealism.

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  • The Automatic Message
    The Automatic Message (English, Paperback) Andre Breton, Philippe Soupault

    The most famous literary experiments conducted by the surrealist group in Paris in its early days were centred around the idea of 'Automatic Writing'. This book collects together the two most important texts produced using this method: 'The Magnetic Fields' and 'The Immaculate Conception'. They are prefaced by an essay by Breton which discusses the issues raised by automatism, its history and...

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  • The Doll
    The Doll (English, Paperback) Hans Bellmer

    Hans Bellmer is one of the most illustrious names in the field of erotic art and Surrealism. The Doll comprises a series of photographs that have acquired iconic status and which exemplify the Surrealists' conception of 'convulsive beauty'. They are accompanied by a body of theoretical, poetic and speculative texts written between the 1930s and early 1960s, which reveal Bellmer as one whose ideas...

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