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  • Three Early Novels: Collected Works Ii by Alfred Jarry
    Three Early Novels: Collected Works Ii (English, Paperback) Alfred Jarry

    In a short and legendary life, Alfred Jarry (1873-1907) created a unique and large body of work that included plays, novels, poetry, journalism and other less definable texts and speculations. His writings form the essential bridge between the European avant-garde of the 1890s (Symbolism) and those of the 20th century (Futurism, Dada, Surrealism). His science of Pataphysics has informed the recent...

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  • The Sacred Conspiracy by Georges Bataille
    The Sacred Conspiracy (English, Hardback) Georges Bataille $34.85
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  • A Mammal's Notebook by Erik Satie
    A Mammal's Notebook (English, Hardback) Erik Satie

    This is the largest selection, in any language, of the writings of Erik Satie. Although he was dismissed as an eccentric by many, Satie has come to be seen as a key influence on modern music. The appeal of his writings, however, go far beyond their musical value. He is revealed as one of the most beguiling of absurdists, in the mode of Lewis Carroll or Edward Lear, but with a strong streak of...

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  • Sam Dunn Is Dead by Rosa Rosa
    Sam Dunn Is Dead (English, Paperback) Rosa Rosa, Bruno Corra

    Sam Dunn is Dead was described by its author as a 'Futurist Novel', yet one will search in vain for any mention of this work in anthologies or histories of Futurism. Sam Dunn's erasure is doubtless because it is so unlike anything else produced by Futurism (so ardent, so masculine, so positive and so absurdly serious). Sam Dunn is, none of these, being, above all else, a great small masterpiece of...

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  • Anicet Or The Panorama by Louis Aragon
    Anicet Or The Panorama (English, Hardback) Louis Aragon

    This novel, much of it written amidst the horror of the trenches when Aragon was a medical orderly during the First World War, demonstrates the chasm that separates the works of the artists and writers of what would become Dadaism and those, say, of the English War poets. Aragon's precisely crafted and sardonic prose reveals a world that is no more than a tragic puppet show, with every scene...

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  • Journey To The Land Of The Real by Victor Segalen
    Journey To The Land Of The Real (English, Hardback) Victor Segalen $19.52
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  • Winter Journeys by Georges Perec
    Winter Journeys (English, Hardback) Georges Perec, The Oulipo

    The Oulipo's members have included luminaries of the calibre of Italo Calvino, Marcel Duchamp and Georges Perec. In 1979 Georges Perec wrote a brief entertainment for a publisher's catalogue: The Winter Journey. It became his most reprinted text, and revealed an extraordinary literary discovery, a secret concealed at the heart of modern French literature. Following Perec's death, the group began...

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  • 3 New York Dadas And The Blind Man by Marcel Duchamp
    3 New York Dadas And The Blind Man (English, Hardback) Marcel Duchamp, Henri-Pierre Roche

    Collects together a novel and a memoir of a triangular relationship during the early days of the Dada movement in New York along with its creative progeny, two magazines: The Blindman and Rongwrong. Henri-Pierre Roche is best known for his novel Jules et Jim, based on the three-sided relationship between himself, the artist Marcel Duchamp and the actress Beatrice Wood. A unique first-hand...

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  • Theory Of The Great Game by Dennis Duncan
    Theory Of The Great Game (English, Hardback) Dennis Duncan

    Between 1928 and 1930, the Paris magazine Le Grand Jeu (The Great Game) ran to three issues. During its brief period of activity, however, Le Grand Jeu was more than a little magazine that vanished in the orbit of the Surrealist movement. The journal was the public face of a tightly-bound group of artists and writers who since adolescence had systematically attacked their perceptions of reality by...

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  • The Last Up by Jimmy Vee
    The Last Up (English, Hardback) Jimmy Vee, Travis Miller $26.11 $27.95
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  • The Dust Of Suns by Raymond Roussel
    The Dust Of Suns (English, Paperback) Raymond Roussel

    This play by Roussel is not really a play, but a series of bizarre narratives cut up and distributed among the cast. It should be read as a novel, a novel as strange as anything he wrote, in other words very strange indeed.The Dust of Suns is the second of two plays Roussel wrote in response to heavy criticism of his previous 'adaptations'. Championed by Marcel Duchamp, yet still popularly...

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  • The Living Are Few, The Dead Many by Hans Henny Jahnn
    The Living Are Few, The Dead Many (English, Paperback) Hans Henny Jahnn

    The inter-war literary scene in Europe was ripe with Gothic Romanticism and modernist literary Expressionism a la Doblin and Joyce. Hans Henny Jahnn created a 'crazed marriage' between these two in his personal cries of existential horror and guilt. Jahnn had both a repulsion and a fascination for mortality, which was reinforced by his unconventional sexuality and by his philosophy that celebrated...

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  • Liberty Or Love! And Mourning For Mourning by Robert Desnos
    Liberty Or Love! And Mourning For Mourning (English, Hardback) Robert Desnos

    Originally published in 1924 to immediate and lasting acclaim, Liberty or Love! is the story of Sanglot the Corsair's pursuit of the siren Louise Lame. Written by one of the most important surrealist writers of all time, Robert Desnos, the novel is filled with virtue and bravura, mystery and the marvellous, adventure and the erotic. Characters appear and vanish according to whim and desire, they...

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  • Marcel Duchamp by Jacques Caumont
    Marcel Duchamp (English, Hardback) Jacques Caumont, Jennifer Gough-Cooper

    Illustrations by Andre Raffray A must for Duchamp devotees everywhere, this little introduction to the life and works of Marcel Duchamp was originally published to accompany a Duchamp retrospective at the Pompidou Centre. Modelled on a children's book, it contains 12 delicious dead-pan full-page colour illustrations of events in Duchamp's life with an equally tongue-in-cheek, but entirely...

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  • An Anecdoted Topography Of Chance by Daniel Spoerri
    An Anecdoted Topography Of Chance (English, Hardback) Daniel Spoerri, Robert Filliou

    An Anecdoted Topography of Chance is now acknowledged as the most important, and most entertaining artists' book of the post-war period, and this edition is the definitive appearance of a unique collaborative work by four artists associated with various avant-garde art movements, including Fluxus and Nouveau Realisme. From out of the banal detritus of the everyday a virtual autobiography emerges:...

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  • The Tutu by Leon Genonceaux
    The Tutu (English, Hardback) Leon Genonceaux

    The Tutu is a genuine literary mystery: a lost masterpiece. Published in 1891, it never made it to bookshops. Its existence was only revealed in 1966, by a famous literary hoaxer. It is the ultimate 'decadent novel', but also outlandishly modern; it is excessive, repellent, infantile and riotously funny. Yet despite its absurdities, its eccentricities and its extravagance, in the end it somehow...

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  • Cycle Of Violence by Grayson Perry
    Cycle Of Violence (English, Hardback) Grayson Perry

    Since winning the Turner Prize in 2003 and exhibiting at The British Museum in 2011, Grayson Perry seems doomed to become `a national treasure'. 'They're preparing the embroidered slippers,' he remarks. Now one of his virtually unknown works - the graphic novel Cycle of Violence - is available to the public in a beautiful case bound edition. Originally issued as a private publication in 1992, the...

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  • Semmelweiss by Louis-Ferdinand Celine
    Semmelweiss (English, Paperback) Louis-Ferdinand Celine

    Celine is best known for his early novels Journey to the End of the Night (1932) and Death on the Instalment Plan (1936), but this delirious, fanatical and unreasonable account of the life of Semmelweiss predates them both. Ignacz Semmelweiss (1818-1865) was a doctor, now regarded as the father of the cure to antisepsis. His fellow doctors rejected both his reasoning and his methods, thereby...

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  • Don't Tell Sybil by George Melly
    Don't Tell Sybil (English, Hardback) George Melly

    George Melly was an unignorable figure in the more louche cultural circles in London between the 1950s and 90s. He first came to notice as a Jazz singer, notable for risque songs performed with verve rather than with great technical ability. This is a supplementary volume of autobiography which treats in more detail Melly's long-lasting attraction to Surrealism, and his friendship with the...

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