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Aubrey Burl

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  • A Guide to the Stone Circles of Britain, Ireland and Brittany by Aubrey Burl
    A Guide to the Stone Circles of Britain, Ireland and Brittany (English, Paperback)

    This practical and knowledgeable guidebook deals comprehensively with the stone circles of Britain and Ireland and with the cromlechs and megalithic "horseshoes" of Brittany. This new edition includes a section on "Druidical" circles, romantic creations of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries....

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  • Prehistoric Stone Circles by Aubrey Burl
    Prehistoric Stone Circles (English, Paperback)

    This little book has become a classic. Re-issued yet again with revisions and colour pictures, it provides an excellent introduction to stone circles, including Stonehenge, and shows how we are gradually coming to an understanding of their significance.

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  • Prehistoric Astronomy and Ritual by Aubrey Burl
    Prehistoric Astronomy and Ritual (English, Paperback)

    This book explains how people in the British Isles, four thousand or more years ago, identified life and death with the cycle of midwinter and midsummer and the risings and settings of the sun and moon.

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  • Great Stone Circles by Aubrey Burl
    Great Stone Circles (English, Hardback)

    An investigation of the legends surrounding prehistoric stone circles. Archaeologist Audrey Burl has selected a dozen rings, each of which illuminates a particular archaeological question, such as their purpose or construction, and presents explanations of their fascinating mysteries.

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  • The Stone Circles of Britain, Ireland, and Brittany by Aubrey Burl
    The Stone Circles of Britain, Ireland, and Brittany (English, Hardback)

    The stone circles of Western Europe have intrigued spectators through the ages. This book traces the ancestry, methods of construction and the eventual desertion of these megalithic rings. Revised and updated, it features new interpretations of Stonehenge and Callanish in Scotland.

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  • Prehistoric Henges by Aubrey Burl
    Prehistoric Henges (English, Paperback)

    Stonehenge is just one of almost a hundred vast circular earthworks built in the British Isles over four thousand years ago. Known as henges, they remain one of the mysteries of prehistoric Britain. With their overgrown banks and weathered ditches they attract few visitors.

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