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  • Dsm-5 Overview
    Dsm-5 Overview (English, Poster) Barcharts Inc

    Overview of highly relevant aspects of the updated Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health Disorders ? Fifth Edition (DSM) handbook used by health care professionals as a guide to diagnosing mental disorders. Disorders are summarized to be useful for students and professionals as a handy reference to support the study of the DSM-5 manual or its use in practice....

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  • Medical Math
    Medical Math (English, Other book format) BarCharts, Inc.

    Essentials for students & professionals - calculations, formulas, measurements, dosages, rates, equivalents and more! 6-page guide includes detailed information on: ? basics ? calculations & formulas ? coding measurements ? pediatric definitions ? clinical indicators

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  • Robert's Rules of Order
    Robert's Rules of Order (English, Poster) Barcharts Inc $7.91
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  • Latin Grammar
    Latin Grammar (Multiple languages, Other book format) BarCharts, Inc.

    This 4-page Latin grammar guide is specially created for beginners to enhance their proficiency in Latin.

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  • Science Fundamentals: Environmental 5
    Science Fundamentals: Environmental 5 (English, Poster) Barcharts Inc

    Studying the relationship between organisms and their environment teaches students that all the sciences are interrelated. Science Fundamentals 5 will help middle-schoolers become more confident science students by understanding key concepts. It will also help them recognize the impact of human actions on, and develop strategies to restore, Earth 's ecosystems. Concise, easy-to-understand...

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  • TI-83 Calculator
    TI-83 Calculator (English, Poster) Barcharts Inc $7.38
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  • Spanish Fundamentals 1 Grammar
    Spanish Fundamentals 1 Grammar (Multiple languages, Poster) Barcharts Inc

    Covering the basics of Spanish grammar, our guide describes the various parts of speech in Spanish and their uses in sentences. The guide also covers several other basic grammar topics. Sections include: ...

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  • Common Grammar Pitfalls & Mistakes
    Common Grammar Pitfalls & Mistakes (English, Poster) Barcharts Inc

    Our 3-panel (6-page) guide offers a concise review of tips to help improve skills in English grammar and word usage, which is sure to make it a hit with grammarphobes and word lovers, alike. Jam-packed with information that is divided into separate sections on grammar pitfalls and usage pitfalls, including: ...

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  • Psychology
    Psychology (English, Poster) Barcharts Inc $10.54
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  • Finance Equations and Answers
    Finance Equations and Answers (English, Other book format) BarCharts, Inc.

    Students and business owners alike are sure to find that this 3-panel (6-page) guide is an invaluable source of comprehensive, up-to-date information regarding key financial principles and methodologies, as well as the formulas and equations that apply to them. Easy-to-use icons help users go right to the equations and formulas they need to learn, and call out helpful tips to use, common pitfalls...

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  • Microeconomics
    Microeconomics (English, Other book format) BarCharts, Inc.

    This 6-page laminated guide outlines concepts and principles of microeconomics in an easy to understand format. It contains information on: supply & demand, elasticity & production costs, perfect competition & monopoly, resource markets, wage determination & externalities, labor supply and much more.

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  • Nursing 2
    Nursing 2 (English, Paperback) Barcharts Inc $10.54
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  • Arabic Grammar
    Arabic Grammar (English, Other book format) BarCharts, Inc.

    This 6-page, laminated guide includes the basic grammar principles of Arabic. It contains information on: Pronunciation, alphabet, nouns, adjectives, pronouns, prepositions, verbs, numbers and much more

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  • Nursing Assessment
    Nursing Assessment (English, Poster) Barcharts Inc

    Our 3-panel (6-page) guide jam-packed with information provides a detailed review of a key aspect of the nursing profession: assessment. A perfect resource for nursing students or those already in the field who want to brush up on their skills, this guide covers the key concepts, skills and techniques essential to effective nursing assessment. Each section features The Nurse Knows summary of...

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  • Legal Research Reference Chart
    Legal Research Reference Chart (English, Poster) Barcharts Inc

    This guide may well be the two most important Guide we offer in this area. It doesnt matter how much law you know, or how much background you have, if you cant find what you need for each individual case, when you need it, the rest in meaningless. And, if you cant express it correctly, all the knowledge in the world wont help. These guide will!

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  • Spanish Fundamentals 2 Vocabulary
    Spanish Fundamentals 2 Vocabulary (Multiple languages, Poster) Barcharts Inc

    The guide presents beginning Spanish vocabulary and expressions that students can use in everyday situations inside and outside of the classroom. Whenever possible, the themes are introduced with a question that prompts use of the vocabulary words and encourages communication. Sections include: ...

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  • Mandarin Grammar
    Mandarin Grammar (Multiple languages, Other book format) BarCharts, Inc.

    Featuring Mandarin characters (ideograms), pinyin (Mandarin transliterated into the Latin alphabet) and English translations, this 3-panel guide provides grammar essentials for students, travelers and businesspeople.

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  • Nursing: Surgical
    Nursing: Surgical (English, Paperback) Barcharts Inc $7.80
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  • Spanish Fundamentals 3 Verbs
    Spanish Fundamentals 3 Verbs (English, Poster) Barcharts Inc

    An introduction to Spanish verbs, our guide covers the basic components of a verb and explains how conjugation works in Spanish. Presenting rules and examples for conjugating, this guide also provides lists of common verbs that have similar conjugations. Sections include: Regular, Irregular & Stem-changing Verbs Present, Past & Future Tenses Reflexive Verbs Commands And much more!

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