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Barry Mazur

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  • Imagining Numbers by Barry Mazur
    Imagining Numbers (English, Paperback) Barry Mazur

    A tour of the creative side of mathematics describes the first use of imaginary numbers in sixteenth-century Italy and the subsequent two-hundred-year effort to perfect the process, citing the works and writings of key Renaissance thinkers. Reprint.

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  • Prime Numbers and the Riemann Hypothesis by Barry Mazur
    Prime Numbers and the Riemann Hypothesis (English, Paperback) Barry Mazur, William Stein

    This book introduces prime numbers and explains the famous unsolved Riemann hypothesis.

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  • Infinity by Lillian Lieber
    Infinity (English, Paperback) Lillian Lieber, Barry Mazur

    This elegant, accessible artfully illuminates the concept of infinity with its striking drawings.

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  • Circles Disturbed by Apostolos Doxiadis
    Circles Disturbed (English, Hardback) Apostolos Doxiadis

    Recalls the last words of the great Greek mathematician Archimedes before he was slain by a Roman soldier - "Don't disturb my circles" - words that seem to refer to two radically different concerns: that of the practical person living in the concrete world of reality, and that of the theoretician lost in a world of abstraction.

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