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  • Significant Figures
    Significant Figures (English, Hardback) Ian Stewart

    A celebrated mathematician traces the history of math through the lives and work of twenty-five pioneering mathematicians...

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  • Osman's Dream
    Osman's Dream (English, Paperback) Caroline Finkel

    The complete history of the Ottoman empire, written for the general reader

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  • Adam Spencer's Book of Numbers
    Adam Spencer's Book of Numbers (English, Paperback) Adam Spencer

    How many people do you need in a room before there'll be a birthday in common? Why is 70 weird, and what can we do about it? How can 56 people eat 1 pizza? In 100 bite-size chapters of no more than three pages each, Adam Spencer gives each number, 1 to 100, its place in the limelight. For example, take 65. It's the constant of a 5 x 5 "magic square" -- a square that contains the numbers 1 to 25, where all the rows and columns and each diagonal add up to 65. Elizabeth Taylor had 65 costume changes in Cleopatra. And sharks can travel up to 65 kilometers per hour (about 40 mph). After reading Adam Spencer's Book of Numbers, readers will never look at numbers the same way again.

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  • How to Be a Stoic
    How to Be a Stoic (English, Hardback) Massimo Pigliucci

    In the tradition of How to Live and How Proust Can Change Your Life, a philosopher asks how ancient Stoicism can help us flourish today...

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  • Special Relativity and Classical Field Theory
    Special Relativity and Classical Field Theory (English, Hardback) Leonard Susskind

    The third volume in the bestselling physics series cracks open Einstein's special relativity and field theory...

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  • Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?
    Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria? (English, Paperback) Beverly Daniel Tatum

    The classic, bestselling book on the psychology of racism--now fully revised and updated ...

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  • Passchendaele
    Passchendaele (English, Hardback) Nick Lloyd

    The definitive account of Passchendaele, the months-long battle that epitomizes the immense tragedy of the First World War...

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  • The Rise and Fall of Modern Medicine
    The Rise and Fall of Modern Medicine (English, Paperback) James Le Fanu

    In the years following World War II, medicine won major battles against smallpox, diphtheria, and polio. In the same period it also produced treatments to control the progress of Parkinson's, rheumatoid arthritis, and schizophrenia. It made realities of open-heart surgery, organ transplants, test-tube babies. Unquestionably, the medical accomplishments of the postwar years stand at the forefront of human endeavor, yet progress in recent decades has slowed nearly to a halt. In this judicious examination of medicine in our times, which has won the Los Angeles Times Book Prize, medical doctor and columnist James Le Fanu both surveys the glories of medicine in the postwar years and analyzes the factors that for the past twenty-five years have increasingly widened the gulf between achievement and advancement: the social theories of medicine, ethical issues, and political debates over health care that have hobbled the development of vaccines and discovery of new ?miracle? cures. While fully demonstrating the extraordinary progress effected by medical research in the latter half of the twentieth century, Le Fanu also identifies the perils that confront medicine in the twenty-first. 16 pages of black-and-white photographs add to what the Los Angeles Times cited as ?a sobering, contrarian challenge? to the ?nostrum of medicine as a never-ending font of ?miracle cures'.? ?[From] a respected science writer ... important information that ... has been overlooked or ignored by many physicians.??New Republic ?Provocative and engrossing and informative.??Houston Chronicle ?Marvelously written, meticulously researched ... one of the most thought-provoking and important works to appear in recent years.??Choice

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  • We Who Dared to Say No to War
    We Who Dared to Say No to War (English, Paperback) Murray Polner, Thomas E. Woods

    The first-ever anthology of American antiwar writing: from 1812 to the present, covering the entire political spectrum and the complete history of U.S. wars.

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  • The Klondike Fever
    The Klondike Fever (English, Paperback) Pierre Berton

    In 1897 a grimy steamer docked in Seattle and set into epic motion the incredible succession of events that Pierre Berton's exhilarating The Klondike Fever chronicles in all its splendid and astonishing folly. For the steamer Portland bore two tons of pure Klondike gold. And immediately, the stampede north to Alaska began. Easily as many as 100,000 adventurers, dreamers, and would-be miners from all over the world struck out for the remote, isolated gold fields in the Klondike Valley, most of them in total ignorance of the long, harsh Alaskan winters and the territory's indomitable terrain. Less than a third of that number would complete the enormously arduous mountain journey to their destination. Some would strike gold. Berton's story belongs less to the few who would make their fortunes than to the many swept up in the gold mania, to often unfortunate effects and tragic ends. It is a story of cold skies and avalanches, of con men and gamblers and dance hall girls, of sunken ships, of suicides, of dead horses and desperate men, of grizzly old miners and millionaires, of the land its exploitation and revenge. It is a story of the human capacity to dream, and to endure.

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  • Game of Queens
    Game of Queens (English, Paperback) Sarah Gristwood

    "Sarah Gristwood has written a masterpiece that effortlessly and enthrallingly interweaves the amazing stories of women who ruled in Europe during the Renaissance period."--Alison Weir ...

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  • The Revenge of Gaia
    The Revenge of Gaia (English, Paperback) James Lovelock

    A call to address a major threat to our collective future

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  • The Taste of Empire
    The Taste of Empire (English, Hardback) Lizzie Collingham

    A history of the British Empire told through twenty meals eaten around the world...

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  • Jefferson's Secrets
    Jefferson's Secrets (English, Paperback) Andrew Burstein

    Beginning with Jefferson's last days, Burstein shows how Jefferson confronted his own mortality. The result is a profound and nuanced portrait of the most complex of the Founding Fathers.

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  • The Battle of Dienbienphu
    The Battle of Dienbienphu (English, Paperback) Jules Roy

    Forty years ago, France's war with the anticolonial Communist-led Vietminh insurgency climaxed in the bloody battle for the valley of Dienbienphu. The Vietminh's victory put the 17 million people of North Vietnam under Communist rule and would, in two years, induce America's attempt to save South Vietnamwithout heeding the French army's catastrophic defeat. That defeat, former French soldier Jules Roy explains, occurred not because of a shortage of arms or troops, but more important, less tangible reasons. Hungry for a textbook victory, the French military command occupied the valley in a plan to lure the Vietminh down from the hills to destroy them with supposedly superior artillery. Roy vividly shows how French political infighting in Paris and rivalry in the high command left a few romantic professional officers and soldiers of the French Expeditionary Corps and the Foreign Legion to be surrounded and then overwhelmed by totally dedicated and resourceful enemy forces. Roy also profiles Vietminh soldiers and commanders and how they ended over eighty years of French colonial rule in North Vietnam. 16 pages of black-and-white photographs add to a moving and dramatic? (New York Times Book Review) account of the battle that led to America's involvement the Vietnam War. Roy relates the basic facts perceptively and brilliantly. Americans concerned with Vietnam should read The Battle of Dienbienphu.? New York Times Book Review (front page) A searing portrait of France's failure in Vietnam...? Philadelphia Inquirer

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  • Men of Fire
    Men of Fire (English, Paperback) Jack Hurst

    Deep in the winter of 1862, on the border between Kentucky and Tennessee, two extraordinary military leaders faced each other in an epic clash that would transform them both and change the course of American history forever....

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  • Alva Myrdal
    Alva Myrdal (English, Paperback) Sissela Bok

    A poignant, candid, and inspiring account of the influential and exuberantly rich life of Alva Myrdal, a diplomat, feminist, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, and one of the founders of the Swedish welfare state.

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  • Lost Kingdom
    Lost Kingdom (English, CD-Audio) Serhii Plokhy $38.93
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  • Cry Havoc
    Cry Havoc (English, Paperback) Joseph Maiolo

    A leading military historian chronicles the global arms race of the 1930s as it led inexorably to the unleashing of the dogs of war

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  • How to Be a Stoic
    How to Be a Stoic (English, CD-Audio) Massimo Pigliucci $28.07 $35.00
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