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  • Information Security Management Principles by David Alexander
    Information Security Management Principles (English, Paperback) David Alexander, Amanda Finch

    In today's technology-driven environment, there is an ever-increasing demand for information delivery. A compromise has to be struck between security and availability. This book is a pragmatic guide to information assurance for both business professionals and technical experts. This second edition includes the security of cloud-based resources.

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  • Project Management for IT-Related Projects by Bob Hughes
    Project Management for IT-Related Projects (English, Paperback) Bob Hughes, Roger Ireland

    Ideal for IT practitioners with project management responsibility, this book explains the principles of IT-related project management, covering key areas such as project planning, monitoring and control, change and risk management and communication between project stakeholders. It includes new material on risk assessment and agile approaches.

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  • Professional Issues in Information Technology by Frank Bott
    Professional Issues in Information Technology (English, Paperback) Frank Bott

    This book addresses the social, legal, financial, organisational and ethical issues relevant to IT professionals. It is designed to accompany the BCS HEQ `Diploma in IT' core module: Professional Issues in Information Systems Practice. This new edition covers the social and legal implications of recent changes to legislation and technology.

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  • BCS glossary of computing by BCS Academy Glossary Working Party
    BCS glossary of computing (Paperback) Arnold Burdett, Dan Bowen

    This unrivalled study aid and reference tool is divided into themed sections making it much more than just a list of definitions. It is designed to support those taking computer courses or courses where computers are used, including GCSE, A-Level and 14-19 Functional Skills qualifications, in schools and further education colleges.

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  • Growing Yourself As A Leader by Brian Sutton
    Growing Yourself As A Leader (Paperback) Brian Sutton, Robina Chatham

    In this book, management experts Brian Sutton and Robina Chatham describe six management techniques to help you develop your leadership capabilities and grow as a leader. With real life examples, tips and mini exercises, you'll also boost your soft skills as you progress your personal and professional development.

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  • Delivering Benefit by Brian Sutton
    Delivering Benefit (Paperback) Brian Sutton, Robina Chatham

    In this book, management experts Brian Sutton and Robina Chatham describe six management techniques to help you develop your leadership capabilities and deliver benefit to your customers, team and organisation. With real life examples, tips and mini exercises, you'll also boost your soft skills as you improve your professional value.

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  • Principles of Data Management by Keith Gordon
    Principles of Data Management (English, Paperback) Keith Gordon

    Data is a valuable corporate asset and its effective management can be vital to success. This professional guide covers all the key areas of data management, including database development and corporate data modelling. The new edition covers web technology and its relation to databases and includes material on the management of master data.

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  • Modelling Business Information by Keith Gordon
    Modelling Business Information (Paperback) Keith Gordon

    This is an essential guide to entity relationship and class modelling for business analysts in line with, and beyond, the BCS Data Analysis syllabus.

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  • Hands-on Incident Response and Digital Forensics by Mike Sheward
    Hands-on Incident Response and Digital Forensics (Paperback) Mike Sheward

    In this practical guide, the relationship between incident response and digital forensics is explored and you will learn how to undertake each and balance them to meet the needs of an organisation in the event of an information security incident. Best practice tips and real-life examples are included throughout.

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  • Agile Testing Foundations by Rex Black
    Agile Testing Foundations (Paperback) Rex Black, Gerry Coleman

    Agile testing brings many advantages to teams, from increasing overall product quality to providing greater scope for flexibility. Building on the ISTQB Foundation Level Agile Tester syllabus, this book covers Agile principles, methods and tools, showing you exactly how Agile testing can help you and your team.

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  • Business Analysis by James Cadle
    Business Analysis (English, Paperback) James Cadle, Malcolm Eva

    Business analysts must respond to today's challenges by developing practical, creative and financially sound solutions. They need look no further for the necessary tools. This new edition of the bestselling BA guide includes the impact of Agile, an introduction to business architecture and expanded material on gap analysis and benefits management.

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  • Project Manager by Elizabeth Harrin
    Project Manager (Paperback) Elizabeth Harrin

    This book is a highly accessible guide to being a project manager (PM), particularly a project manager working within an IT field. The role is set out with reference to required skills, competencies and responsibilities. Tools, methods and techniques for project managers are covered, including Agile approaches.

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  • Computational Thinking by Karl Beecher
    Computational Thinking (Paperback) Karl Beecher

    Computational thinking (CT) is a timeless, transferable skill that enables you to think more clearly and logically, as well as a way to solve specific problems. With this book you'll learn to apply computational thinking in the context of software development to give you a head start on the road to becoming an experienced and effective programmer.

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  • Agile and Business Analysis by Lynda Girvan
    Agile and Business Analysis (Paperback) Lynda Girvan, Debra Paul

    Adopting an Agile approach can revolutionize the way business analysts work. This book provides a comprehensive introduction to Agile methodologies and how these can be applied to business analysis.

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  • Cyber Security by David Sutton
    Cyber Security (Paperback) David Sutton

    Cyber security is more essential today than ever, not just in the workplace but at home too. This book covers the various types of cyber threat and explains what you can do to mitigate these risks and keep your data secure.

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  • Business Analysis Techniques by James Cadle
    Business Analysis Techniques (English, Paperback) James Cadle, Debra Paul

    The development of business analysis as a professional discipline has extended the role of the business analyst who now needs the widest possible array of tools and the skills and knowledge to be able to use each when and where it is required. This new edition provides 99 possible techniques and practical guidance on how and when to apply them.


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  • Software Testing by Angelina Samaroo
    Software Testing (English, Paperback) Angelina Samaroo, Peter Morgan

    This practical guide provides insight into software testing, explaining the basics of the testing process and how to perform effective tests. It provides an overview of different techniques and how to apply them. It is the best-selling official textbook of the ISTQB-BCS Certified Tester Foundation Level.

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  • IT-Enabled Business Change by Sharm Manwani
    IT-Enabled Business Change (English, Paperback) Sharm Manwani

    The high-profile failure of major IT-related projects in both private and public sectors underlines the need for stringent change management. This book examines the types of business change processes that involve the use of IT, from the reasons organisations change the way they work, to how that change is identified, managed and implemented.

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  • Agile Foundations by Peter Measey
    Agile Foundations (English, Paperback) Peter Measey

    Agile practices transform the way organisations carry out business and respond to change. But to realise success, an Agile mindset needs to be adopted throughout an organisation. This book gives a comprehensive introduction to Agile principles and methodologies.


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  • Information Risk Management by David Sutton
    Information Risk Management (English, Paperback) David Sutton

    Information risk management (IRM) is about identifying, assessing and prioritising risks to keep information secure and available. This accessible book provides practical guidance to the principles and development of a strategic approach to an IRM programme. The only textbook for the BCS Practitioner Certificate in Information Risk Management.

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