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Ben Pastor

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  • The Horseman's Song by Ben Pastor
    The Horseman's Song (English, Paperback) Ben Pastor

    Spain, summer 1937, the civil war rages. A Wehrmacht officer assigned to Franco's Spanish Foreign Legion investigates the murder of the poet Frederico Garcia Lorca, as does his opponent, an American member of the International Brigades.

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  • Liar Moon by Ben Pastor
    Liar Moon (English, Paperback) Ben Pastor

    A German army officer investigates the murder of an Italian fascist amid the horrors of a brutal regime.

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  • A Dark Song of Blood by Ben Pastor
    A Dark Song of Blood (English, Paperback) Ben Pastor

    The third in the Martin Bora series. Rome, 1944, the last days of Nazi occupation. Wehrmacht officer Martin von Bora investigates three murders in a city drenched in the violence of partisan attacks followed by mass SS reprisals.

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  • The Road to Ithaca by Ben Pastor
    The Road to Ithaca (English, Paperback) Ben Pastor

    Occupied Crete 1941. A Wehrmacht officer investigates the murder of a Swiss Red Cross representative, a friend to SS-Chief Himmler.

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  • Tin Sky by Ben Pastor
    Tin Sky (English, Paperback) Ben Pastor

    Afte Stalingrad, Major Martin Bora is still serving on the Russian front as a German counterintelligence officer. Two Russian generals die in German custody. Everything appears to exclude the likelihood of foul play, but Bora begins an investigation.

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  • Lumen by Ben Pastor
    Lumen (English, Paperback) Ben Pastor

    Nazi occupied Poland. A German army officer investigates the murder of an abbess amid the horrors of brutal occupation.

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