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Bernard McGinn

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  • Thomas Aquinas's Summa theologiae by Bernard McGinn
    Thomas Aquinas's Summa theologiae (English, Hardback) Bernard McGinn

    Tells the story of the important theological work of the Middle Ages, the vast Summa theologiae of Thomas Aquinas, which holds a place in Western religion and philosophy. This book synthesizes an astonishing range of scholarship, covering hundreds of topics and containing more than a million and a half words.

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  • The Essential Writings Of Christian Mysticism by Bernard McGinn
    The Essential Writings Of Christian Mysticism (English, Paperback) Bernard McGinn

    This clear and comprehensive anthology, culled from the vast corpus of Christian mystical literature by the renowned theologian and historian Bernard McGinn, presents nearly one hundred selections, from the writings of Origen of Alexandria in the third century to the work of twentieth-century mystics such as Thomas Merton....

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  • Early Christian Mystics by Bernard McGinn
    Early Christian Mystics (English, Paperback) Bernard McGinn, Patricia Ferris McGinn

    The McGinns draw from the Presence of God series to take a closer, personal look at the mystical vision of 12 great spiritual masters living before the Reformation. 12 illustrations.

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  • The Complete Mystical Works of Meister Eckhart by Meister Eckhart
    The Complete Mystical Works of Meister Eckhart (English, Hardback) Meister Eckhart

    Now available in a single-volume edition, this exhaustive collection has been completely revised and includes a new introduction by a leading Eckhart scholar. Containing the entire text of all of Eckhart's vernacular, this treasury is the authoritative volume of Eckhart's enduring legacy to Christianity.

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  • Essential Sermons, Commentaries, Treatises and Defense by Meister Eckhart
    Essential Sermons, Commentaries, Treatises and Defense (English, Paperback) Meister Eckhart

    Meister Eckhart (c. 1260-1327) was a Dominican philosopher and spiritual master whose thought is among the most daring and difficult in the history of western mysticism.

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  • Meister Eckhart by Bernard McGinn
    Meister Eckhart (Multiple languages, Paperback) Bernard McGinn, etc.

    The most in-depth and scholarly panorama of Western spirituality ever attempted!In one series, the original writings of the universally acknowledged teachers of the Catholic, Protestant, Eastern Orthodox, Jewish, Islamic and Native American traditions have been critically selected, translated and introduced by internationally recognized scholars and spiritual leaders.The texts are first-rate, and...

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  • Everything as Divine by Meister Eckhart
    Everything as Divine (English, Paperback) Meister Eckhart

    This translation of The Wisdom of Meister Eckhart introduces to American readers the insights of a thinker who was doctrinally suspect in his lifetime, but who has become a shaper of modern religious consciounsess.

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  • Mysticism in the Golden Age of Spain (1500-1650) by Bernard McGinn
    Mysticism in the Golden Age of Spain (1500-1650) (English, Hardback) Bernard McGinn

    Provides the single most thorough history of the influence of Spain on Christian mysticism during the Reformation. This is a complete treatment of the subject, including extensive notes and references. Unlike general histories that have been written about the Reformation, McGinn's volume is rich in detail and provides a fascinating and intelligent review of mysticism in early Spain.

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  • The Mystical Thought of Meister Eckhart by Bernard McGinn
    The Mystical Thought of Meister Eckhart (English, Paperback) Bernard McGinn

    Centuries after his work as a preacher, philosopher, and spiritual guide, Meister Eckhart remains one of the most widely-read mystics of the Western tradition. Yet as he has come to be studied more closely in recent decades, a number of different Eckharts have emerged. This volume reviews and synthesizes the diverging views of Eckhart that have been presented in recent past.

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  • The Harvest of Mysticism in Medieval Germany by Bernard McGinn
    The Harvest of Mysticism in Medieval Germany (English, Paperback) Bernard McGinn

    The fourth volume in the acclaimed The Presence of God series, The Harvest of Mysticism is a tour-de-force study of medieval German mysticism from Thomas Aquinas and his master, Albert the Great to Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa, and including Jan van Ruusbroeck, Meister Eckhart, and John Tauler.

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  • The Flowering of Mysticism by Bernard McGinn
    The Flowering of Mysticism (English, Paperback) Bernard McGinn, Morton Yanow

    The year 1200 marked a dynamic turning point in the history of Christian mysticism. New forms of religious life provided the impetus for a new mysticism whose influence continues today. This book documents the spirited dialogue between men and women that made possible the richness of mysticism in the 13th and 14th centuries.

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  • Three Treatises On Man by Bernard McGinn
    Three Treatises On Man (English, Paperback) Bernard McGinn

    Three treatises by twelfth-century Cistercians, who reflect on the human person as the image of God and capax Dei, capable of God, of being reformed to the divine Image. Of the three 'Isaac of Stella, an anonymous Cistercian, and William of Saint Thierry ' only the last discusses the nature ('the physics') of the body as well as of the soul, giving us an insight into medieval medical theory as...

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  • The Encyclopedia of Apocalypticism: Apocalypticism in Western History and Culture v.2 by Bernard McGinn
    The Encyclopedia of Apocalypticism: Apocalypticism in Western History and Culture v.2 (English, Paperback) Bernard McGinn

    With contributions from 42 scholars, this encyclopedia in three volumes provides a comprehensive survey of the role of apocalyptic thought and study in Western history, from its origins down to the eve of the third millennium.

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  • Meister Eckhart and Beguine Mystics by Bernard McGinn
    Meister Eckhart and Beguine Mystics (English, Paperback) Bernard McGinn

    "A collection of scholarly essays on Marguerite Porete and other 14th-century Beguine mystics and the influence of these women on the thought of Meister Eckhart".--Common Boundary.

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  • Mysticism in the Reformation (1500-1650) by Bernard McGinn
    Mysticism in the Reformation (1500-1650) (English, Hardback) Bernard McGinn

    Mysticism in the Reformation, Part I of Volume 6 of The Presence of God Series, is the first full account of the role of the mystical element of Christianity in the Reformers who broke with Rome in the period 1500-1650. Although some modern Protestant theologians tried to distance the Reformation from any contact with mysticism, recent scholarship, by both Protestants and Catholics, has shown that...

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  • Visions of the End by Bernard McGinn
    Visions of the End (English, Paperback) Bernard McGinn

    From millenarists to Antichrist hunters, from the Sibyls to the Hussites, Visions of the End is a monumental compendium spanning the literature of the Christian apocalyptic tradition from the period A.D. 400 to 1500, masterfully selected and complete with a comprehensive introduction and new preface.

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  • The Renewal of Mystical Theology by Bernard McGinn
    The Renewal of Mystical Theology (English, Hardback) Bernard McGinn

    A memorial volume of important, original essays honouring the life and work of the late John N. Jones. Jones was a major figure in the renewal of mystical theology in the contemporary world, partly through his own writings, but especially through his generous help and sagacious care in soliciting, editing, and producing a wide range of books on spirituality and mysticism.

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  • The Varieties of Vernacular Mysticism by Bernard McGinn
    The Varieties of Vernacular Mysticism (English, Paperback) Bernard McGinn

    More than 25 years in the making, this magisterial volume uncovers the riches of one of the greatest periods of mystical wisdom in Christian history: the "vernacular" spirituality of the late medieval period in Europe. The compilation incorporates more than a century of new research from around the globe, demonstrating how this period gave rise to many mystical writers who remain influential even...

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  • Sermons on the Christian Year Volume One by Hugh McCaffery, OCSO
    Sermons on the Christian Year Volume One (English, Paperback) Hugh McCaffery, OCSO

    A scholar turned monk, Isaac combined the increasingly technical vocabulary of the cathedral schools with the spiritual tradition of the monastery. Dialectic is here combined with meditative reflection.

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  • Christian Spirituality by Bernard McGinn
    Christian Spirituality (English, Paperback) Bernard McGinn

    Essays in this volume discuss the early history of the church, gnostic spirituality, monasticism, the great fathers, sosteriology, the Trinity, anthropology, grace, Christian art, the sacraments, prayer and spiritual guidance.

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