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Binette Schroeder

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  • The Frog Prince by The Brothers Grimm
    The Frog Prince (English, Hardback) The Brothers Grimm, Binette Schroeder

    ?ONCE, IN OLDEN TIMES, when wishes still had power, there lived a king. All of his daughters were beautiful, but the youngest was the loveliest of all. The sun itself, which sees so much, was dazzled when its light shone on her face.? Thus begins The Frog Prince, the classic fairy tale, best known in the version set down by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. When a young princess meets a frog after she drops her favorite toy into a well, she thoughtlessly makes a promise to love him if he retrieves it. But once the frog fetches her toy, she runs away?until the king insists that she keeps her word. Frightened and repulsed by the frog, she is forced to let him share her meal and must then let him share her room ? Part of NorthSouth Books program of classic fairy tales, featuring the original stories of the Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen?never watered down or ?Disney-fied? and always paired with tremendous art from celebrated European illustrators. ? The Frog Prince is one of Grimm's most beloved tales. ? The larger theme of Frog Prince, to look beyond outward appearance, is timely and important.

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  • Lupinchen by Binette Schroeder
    Lupinchen (German, Hardback) Binette Schroeder

    Die Puppe Lupinchen ist sehr einsam und sehr traurig. Um sie aufzuheitern, lädt ihr Freund Vogel Robert zwei seiner besten Freunde ein, den siebengescheiten Schachtelmann Herrn Klappaufundzu und Mister Humpty Dumpty, den scheuen Engländer in Eierform. Klappaufundzu schnippelt prahlerisch ein Haus aus Papier, in dem sie ein Fest feiern wollen. Als aber ein Sturm aufkommt und sie alle in Gefahr...

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