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  • M
    M Train (English, Paperback) Patti Smith Currently Unavailable More details
  • Confessions
    Confessions of an English Opium-Eater and Other Writings (English, Paperback) Thomas De Quincey

    Confessions of an English Opium-Eater, Suspiria de Profundis, and 'The English Mail-Coach' are De Quincey's finest essays in autobiography, published here with three appendices containing a wealth of related manuscript material and a comprehensive introduction and notes.

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  • The
    The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, or Gustavus Vassa, the African. Written by Himself (English, Paperback) Olaudah Equiano

    This is a memoir written by Olaudah Equiano, an influential African advocate of abolishing the slave trade in Britain during the late 18th century.

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  • Mom
    Mom and Me and Mom (English, Paperback) Maya Angelou

    For the first time, Maya Angelou - one of America's most celebrated memoirists and poets - shares the deepest personal story of her life: the story of her relationship with her mother.

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  • Sakhalin
    Sakhalin Island (English, Paperback) Anton Chekhov

    Highly valuable both as a detailed depiction of the Tsarist system of penal servitude and as an insight into Chekhov's motivations and objectives for visiting the colony and writing the expose, Sakhalin Island is a haunting work of tremendous importance which had a huge impact both on Chekhov's subsequent work and on Russian society.

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  • The
    The Story of Beatrix Potter (English, Hardback) Sarah Gristwood

    Historian Sarah Gristwood follows Potter from her constricted Victorian childhood to the success and tragedy of the years 1901-13, when she published nearly all her major books yet was denied love by the death of her fiance. Finally, she traces the last 30 years of Potter's life, when she abandoned books to become a working farmer and pioneer of the conservation movement in the early days of the...

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  • Living
    Living in Squares, Loving in Triangles (English, Paperback) Amy Licence

    Extraordinary lives, tangled relationships, innovative art: the story of sisters Vanessa Bell and Virginia Woolf and their Bloomsbury Group.

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  • Sylvia
    Sylvia Plath in Devon (English, Paperback) Elizabeth Sigmund, Gail Crowther

    An unique analysis of a crucial period in the life of this iconic writer, who tragically committed suicide just months later

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  • Lust
    Lust & Wonder (Paperback) Augusten Burroughs

    In chronicling the development and demise of the different relationships he's had while living in New York, Augusten Burroughs examines what it means to be in love, what it means to be in lust, and what it means to be figuring it all out.

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  • Always
    Always by My Side (English, Hardback) Edward Grinnan

    The editor-in-chief of Guideposts magazine describes how Millie, his Golden Retriever, taught him invaluable life lessons, deepened his faith and inspired him on a journey of recovery and also discusses the ways in which other dogs have positively impacted his life.

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  • The
    The Pigeon Tunnel (English, CD-Audio) John Le Carre

    "Out of the secret world I once knew, I have tried to make a theatre for the larger worlds we inhabit. First comes the imagining, then the search for reality. Then back to the imagining, and to the desk where I'm sitting now."         From his years serving in British Intelligence during the Cold War, to a career as a writer that took him from war-torn Cambodia to Beirut on the cusp of the...

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  • Goodbye
    Goodbye to All That (English, Hardback) Robert Graves

    It is the war memoir to end all war memoirs. Robert Graves's autobiographical masterpiece savages the conduct of the 1914-18 conflict in a searing satire that at once reviles the fighting and reveres the courage and resourcefulness of the servicemen caught up in it. As astonishingly fresh and readable as ever, Goodbye to All That chronicles this highly eccentric soldier-poet's early life from the...

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  • On
    On Writing (English, Paperback) Stephen King

    As close to an autobiography as Stephen King has yet written and a brilliant guide for the aspiring writer, selected by both Val McDermid and Jeremy Vine as one of their top books.

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  • The
    The Unexpected Professor (Hardback) John Carey

    Best known for his provocative take on cultural issues in The Intellectuals and the Masses and What Good Are the Arts?, the author describes the events that formed him - an escape from the London blitz to an idyllic rural village, army service in Egypt, an open scholarship to Oxford and an academic career that saw him elected.

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  • Ernest
    Ernest Hemingway (English, Hardback)

    A biography of Ernest Hemingway that places his life and art in the defining contexts of the women and places that were important to him, and the pattern of mental illness and suicide in his family.

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  • Tove
    Tove Jansson Life, Art, Words (Hardback) Boel Westin

    The definitive, authorised biography of the creator of The Moomins

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  • Benedict
    Benedict Cumberbatch Reads Ian Kelly's Casanova (English, CD-Audio) Ian Kelly

    A biography of the notorious libertine, Ian Kelly that draws on documents by Casanova, his friends and his lovers (male and female) in order to bring fresh insights to the man's life and world.

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  • I
    I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (English, Paperback) Maya Angelou

    The critically acclaimed author and poet recalls the anguish of her childhood in Arkansas and her adolescence in northern slums. Reissue.

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