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  • The Sixth Window 2017 by Rachel Abbott
    The Sixth Window 2017 (English, Paperback) Rachel Abbott

    THE TRUTH HURTS. BUT LIES ARE DEADLY. The new DCI Tom Douglas thriller from bestseller Rachel Abbott.

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  • The Shape of Lies by Rachel Abbott
    The Shape of Lies (English, Paperback) Rachel Abbott

    WIFE, MOTHER, TEACHER, LIAR. The new psychological thriller from best-selling author Rachel Abbott

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  • Only the Innocent by Rachel Abbott
    Only the Innocent (Paperback) Rachel Abbott

    When Laura Fletcher approaches her home in Oxfordshire to find hordes of photographers crowding the gates, she knows there is something terribly wrong. She is faced with the shocking news that her husband is dead - brutally murdered - and according to Chief Inspector Tom Douglas, there is little doubt that the murderer is a woman. In a marriage that has taken her from the glamorous five star...

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  • Nowhere Child by Rachel Abbott
    Nowhere Child (Paperback) Rachel Abbott

    Eight months ago Tasha Joseph ran away, and her stepmother, Emma, has been searching for her ever since. She is desperate to give Tasha the home and security she deserves. The problem is, Emma isn't the only one looking for Tasha.

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  • The Backroad by Rachel Abbott
    The Backroad (Paperback) Rachel Abbott

    A girl lies close to death in a dark, deserted lane. A driver drags her body to the side of the road. A shadowy figure hides in the trees, watching and waiting. For Ellie Saunders last night's hit and run on the back road could destroy everything she has. She was out that night, but if she reveals where she was and why, her family will be torn apart. She is living on a knife-edge, knowing that her...

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  • Come a Little Closer by Rachel Abbott
    Come a Little Closer (English, Paperback) Rachel Abbott

    From the multi-million bestselling author of THE SIXTH WINDOW and SLEEP TIGHT, comes a dark, tense and creepy psychological thriller about manipulation, entrapment and the struggle for the truth.

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  • Sleep Tight by Rachel Abbott
    Sleep Tight (Paperback) Rachel Abbott $14.16
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  • Stranger Child by Rachel Abbott
    Stranger Child (Paperback) Rachel Abbott

    Stranger Child is a story of revenge. When Caroline Joseph is killed in a car crash, nobody can explain what has happened to the child who was travelling with her mother. The car is empty. Six years later, Caroline's husband has remarried and he has a new baby son. And then a stranger enters their lives, and their world falls apart.

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  • Kill Me Again by Rachel Abbott
    Kill Me Again (English, Paperback) Rachel Abbott $16.72
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