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  • Joe Hill: The Iww & the Making of a Revolutionary Workingclass Counterculture
    Joe Hill: The Iww & the Making of a Revolutionary Workingclass Counterculture (English, Paperback) Franklin Rosemont

    Biography. This throrough biography chronicles the life and revolutionary ideas ofJoe Hill, the best-known figure in the heroic history of the Industrial Workers of the World (a.k.a. Wobblies). Unlike previous biographies, Franklin Rosemont's book sheds new light on the crime Hill was framed for and his martyrdom, but focuses overall on Hill's ideas and actvity. Here we see Hill as a songwriter,...

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  • Surrealist Experiences
    Surrealist Experiences (English, Hardback) Penelope Rosemont

    Essay. Focused on fortuitous encounters and their manysided magic, Rosemont in these essays explores the importance of play, the affinities of alchemy and anarchy, poetry in the comics, the revolutionary significance of a fairy tale, the game of Time-Travelers' Potlatch, and the future of surrealism. SURREALIST EXPERIENCES: 1001 DAWNS, 221MIDNIGHTS is Penelope Rosemont's first book of articles and...

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  • An Open Entrance to the Shut Palace of Wrong Numbers (English, Paperback) Franklin Rosemont

    Cultural Writing. Like everyone else, you dial and receive wrong numbers. But what do you make of them? And what do they make of you? Part treatise on umor (humor without the h), and part treasure-map to a utopia worth living in, this surrealist adventure reveals a whole kaleidescope of new worlds. Along the way we are introduced to many "Friends of Wrong Numbers" through the ages--Gnostics,...

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  • The Journal of an Artist
    The Journal of an Artist (English, Paperback) MR David Palladini $35.90
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  • Luna de Cal/Limestone Moon
    Luna de Cal/Limestone Moon (Multiple languages, Paperback) Olivia Maciel

    In Limestone Moon Olivia Maciel interrogates the inexpressible. Metaphor reaches into a realm of light and darkness to mysteriously converse with the silence enveloping the word. The tinging of this dark light which transcends borders, reveals a vehement and genuine interior, impregnated by the seed of the dream. With almost religious intensity, the poems yield a rare fruit, whose taste evokes the...

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  • The Forecast Is Hot! Tracts & Other Collective Declarations of the Surrealist Movement in U.S.
    The Forecast Is Hot! Tracts & Other Collective Declarations of the Surrealist Movement in U.S. (English, Paperback) Franklin Rosemont, Penelope Rosemont

    Essay Anthology. Organized in the summer of 1966 with the support of Andre Breton and the Surrealist Groups of France and other countries, the Chicago group quickly found supporters in other cities. As they expanded from coast to coast, the Chicago Surrealist Group became a significant factor in the global renewal of revolutionary thought and action that began in the Sixties. This book is a...

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  • Con las Debidas Licencias/With Leave And License
    Con las Debidas Licencias/With Leave And License (Multiple languages, Paperback) Leda Schiavo

    'Con las debidas licencias' is the Spanish version of 'imprimatur' or 'nihil obstat,' the Latin used for books published under Catholic censorship. In Spanish, the title plays with the semiotic richness of the word 'license,' meaning 'liberty of action conceded' and 'abuse of freedom.' The poems of With Leave and License strike the imagination with tenderness and nostalgia, powerful in this...

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