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Author Interview with Abubakar Adam Ibrahim

May 27, 2016

Author Interview with Abubakar Adam Ibrahim

Firstly, congratulations on the UK publication of your novel Season of Crimson Blossoms, Abubakar! Where did you get the inspiration for this novel? 

Thank you very much. The inspiration for this was intrinsic. The first paragraph just zapped into my head and stayed there and just refused to go. So I sat down and wrote it out and I thought it would be interesting to follow these characters and see what their story is. The social and cultural context in which these characters are situated threw up a lot of issues I had to weave into the story. But essentially I was just happy to follow them and see where they wanted to go with their lives and how things turned out for them.

But then again, I have always been interested in age and relationships. We have always heard of older men dating younger girls, so I was curious to see what would happen if an older woman fell for a younger bad boy in a very conservative society.

What’s your favourite line from Season of Crimson Blossoms?

Off the top of my head, this: He took her things and left, having sown in her the seed of awakening that would eventually sprout into a corpse flower, the stench of which would resonate far beyond her imagining.

There are others, of course, but this one always sticks with me.

Are you planning a sequel to Season of Crimson Blossoms or writing something new?

God! No! No sequel. It was uncomfortable enough writing this with all that sex and whatnot and having this respectable woman caught up in such a scandal. I am currently writing something new. Different.

What do you plan to read this summer?

I plan to do a lot more writing than reading this summer, as I am keen to finish the new manuscript and several other projects I am working on at the moment. When I want to catch a break, I will reach for the pile of books by my bedside, which continues to grow with the addition of new titles, and read anything that catches my fancy at the time.

What’s your top tip for overcoming writer’s block for aspiring writers?

I see my characters sometimes as moody children. Some are loquacious and vibrant and full of energy and they just want to talk and they want their stories told immediately. Others are easily distracted. One minute they want to tell you their story, and the next they are doing something else. You can’t force a good story. I make sure I am there when they want to talk and when they become moody or go quiet, I live my life. I have fun. I read books and play games and experience life and listen to people that actually exist.

  • Season of Crimson Blossoms by Abubakar Adam Ibrahim
    Season of Crimson Blossoms

    An affair between 55-year-old widow Binta Zubairu and 25-year-old weed dealer Reza was bound to provoke condemnation inconservative Northern Nigeria. Brought together in unusual circumstances, Binta and Reza faced a need they could only satisfy in each other.

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