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Book of the Week

Book of the Week: A Change is Gonna Come

August 16, 2017

Book of the Week: A Change is Gonna Come

A Change is Gonna Come is the groundbreaking new book that everyone is talking about - it’s even got its own hashtag on Twitter as #ChangeBook. This is an anthology of poetry and stories from BAME writers. Published side by side in this volume are established novelists and exciting new voices. From the vibrant cover design to the wealth of writing inside, this anthology is full of energy. Not only does it discuss and celebrate change, it inspires it.

There is still a huge disparity in our society between people of different colours, classes, and cultures. This book inspires hope that one day we will finally live in a society where everyone is treated fairly and with dignity, much like the 1964 song by Sam Cooke, from which this anthology takes its name. Although this book is aimed primarily at a younger audience, it is one that everyone can enjoy, and certainly one with a significance that everyone should appreciate.


"From larger-scale politics to individual battles, dystopia to history, anger to love, the collection houses an inspirational collection of voices - all of which are bound by the same energy and vigour, the same desire to bring about something new. I hope these stories will encourage others to put pen to paper and let their words soar out of their imagination into the world." -- Pooja Puri

"exactly the kind of writing that will help to create a better and more more open-minded world." -- Katy Goodwin-Bates

"One day I want to take the representation of BAME voices in YA for granted. I want every young person to find their reflection in a book and discover themselves through fiction. Bold and inspiring, this book leads the way." -- Mariam Khan

  • A Change Is Gonna Come by Various
    A Change Is Gonna Come

    An anthology of stories and poetry on the theme of change featuring Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic writers for Young Adults.

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