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Book of the Week

Book of the Week: Admissions

May 31, 2017

Book of the Week: Admissions

Henry Marsh has been one of Britain’s leading neurosurgeons for decades. His first memoir, Do No Harm, was a huge success because it offered a rare glimpse into the world of neurosurgery and the difficult decisions that have to be made.

“A truly extraordinary account”

Admissions is similarly taking critics by storm on account of Marsh’s striking honesty and the surprising craftsmanship of his writing. His retirement from the NHS and continued work in Ukraine and Nepal prompted this reflection on the last forty years, which includes various encounters with patients around the world as well as his own frustrations at the neglect of and interference with the NHS at the hands of politicians. Marsh reveals a deeply emotional side of the cool and clinical doctor as he recounts his experiences from young man to world-leading expert.

“A truly extraordinary account. Henry Marsh's honesty and simple pragmatism underpin an amazing life of tantalising curiosity and contact with the most complex organ in the known universe. […] It is tempting to try and find a magic in the mystery, but in fact this is a celebration of the magnificence of the brain.” -- Chris Packham

“[...] honesty is abundantly apparent here - a quality as rare and commendable in elite surgeons as one suspects it is in memoirists” -- Gavin Francis, THE GUARDIAN

  • Admissions by Henry Marsh

    A provocative and heartfelt new memoir from the brain surgeon and bestselling author of Do No Harm

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