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Book of the Week

Book of the Week: Britain by the Book

November 8, 2017

Book of the Week: Britain by the Book

Britain by the Book explores the history of literary Britain. Oliver Tearle, author of The Secret Library, takes readers on a journey through strange events and interesting facts about the British book world.

What caused Dickens to leap out of bed one night and walk 30 miles from London to Kent?

How did a small town on the Welsh borders become the second-hand bookshop capital of the world?

Why did a jellyfish persuade Evelyn Waugh to abandon his suicide attempt in North Wales? 

A multitude of curious questions are answered in Britain by the Book, a fascinating travelogue with a literary theme, taking in unusual writers' haunts and the surprising places that inspired some of our favourite fictional locations. We'll learn why Thomas Hardy was buried twice, how a librarian in Manchester invented the thesaurus as a means of coping with depression, and why Agatha Christie was investigated by MI5 during the Second World War. The map of Britain that emerges is one dotted with interesting literary stories and bookish curiosities.

  • Britain by the Book by Oliver Tearle
    Britain by the Book

    A fascinating literary tour of Britain from the author of The Secret Library

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