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Book of the Week

Book of the Week: SweetFreak

August 30, 2017

Book of the Week: SweetFreak

Bestselling author Sophie McKenzie is back with her latest offering, SweetFreak. Twice-nominated for the Carnegie Medal and best known for her novel Girl, Missing, McKenzie is a big name in Children’s writing so naturally there has been a lot of anticipation for her new book. SweetFreak is a gripping YA thriller that tackles the dangers of online anonymity, perfect for readers aged 12 and up.

“When everyone thinks you're a liar, how hard will you fight for the truth?”

Carey has been best friends with Amelia since forever. But when Amelia starts getting cyberbullied by SweetFreak, an anonymous user online, Carey is accused of being the one posting those vicious comments and threats. As a result, she is shunned by Amelia and ignored by her other friends. As the threats start creeping into real life, events start to spiral out of control and Carey is determined to clear her name and discover who is really behind the hateful messages. But can she find the real SweetFreak before it’s too late? This gripping page-turner will have you guessing until the last page...

"When it comes to YA thrillers, there's one name that defines the genre: Sophie McKenzie" - Amy Alward, author of The Potion Diaries

  • SweetFreak by Sophie McKenzie

    The bestselling author of Girl, Missing returns with more nail-biting suspense.

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